Cannon (Cannon) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. The Salinas Jackpot (The Salinas Jackpot)
3. Death Chain (Death Chain)
4. Call Unicorn (Call Unicorn)
5. Country Blues (Country Blues)
6. Scream of Silence (Scream of Silence)
7. Fool's Gold (Fool's Gold)
8. Girl in the Electric Coffin (Girl in the Electric Coffin)
9. Dead Pigeon (Dead Pigeon)
10. A Lonely Place to Die (A Lonely Place to Die)
11. No Pockets in a Shroud (No Pockets in a Shroud)
12. Stone, Cold Dead (Stone, Cold Dead)
13. Death Is a Double-Cross (Death Is a Double-Cross)
14. The Nowhere Man (The Nowhere Man)
15. Flight Plan (Flight Plan)
16. Devil's Playground (Devil's Playground)
17. Treasure of San Ignacio (Treasure of San Ignacio)
18. Blood on the Vine (Blood on the Vine)
19. To Kill a Guinea Pig (To Kill a Guinea Pig)
20. The Island Caper (The Island Caper)
21. A Deadly Quiet Town (A Deadly Quiet Town)
22. A Flight of Hawks (A Flight of Hawks)
23. The Torch (The Torch)
24. Cain's Mark (Cain's Mark)
25. Murder by Moonlight (Murder by Moonlight)
2. série
1. Bad Cats and Sudden Death (Bad Cats and Sudden Death)
2. Sky Above, Death Below (Sky Above, Death Below)
3. Bitter Legion (Bitter Legion)
4. That Was No Lady (That Was No Lady)
5. Stakeout (Stakeout)
6. The Predators (The Predators)
7. A Long Way Down (A Long Way Down)
8. The Rip Off (The Rip Off)
9. Child of Fear (Child of Fear)
10. The Shadow Man (The Shadow Man)
11. Hear No Evil (Hear No Evil)
12. The Endangered Species (The Endangered Species)
13. Nobody Beats the House (Nobody Beats the House)
14. Hard Rock Roller Coaster (Hard Rock Roller Coaster)
15. The Dead Samaritan (The Dead Samaritan)
16. Death of a Stone Seahorse (Death of a Stone Seahorse)
17. Moving Target (Moving Target)
18. Murder for Murder (Murder for Murder)
19. To Ride a Tiger (To Ride a Tiger)
20. Prisoners (Prisoners)
21. The Seventh Grave (The Seventh Grave)
22. Catch Me If You Can (Catch Me If You Can)
23. Press Pass to the Slammer (Press Pass to the Slammer)
24. Deadly Heritage (Deadly Heritage)
3. série
1. He Who Digs a Grave (He Who Digs a Grave)
2. Memo from a Dead Man (Memo from a Dead Man)
3. Hounds of Hell (Hounds of Hell)
4. Target in the Mirror (Target in the Mirror)
5. Murder by Proxy (Murder by Proxy)
6. Night Flight to Murder (Night Flight to Murder)
7. Come Watch Me Die (Come Watch Me Die)
8. Perfect Alibi (Perfect Alibi)
9. Dead Lady's Tears (Dead Lady's Tears)
10. The Limping Man (The Limping Man)
11. Trial by Terror (Trial by Terror)
12. Murder by the Numbers (Murder by the Numbers)
13. Valley of the Damned (Valley of the Damned)
14. A Well Remembered Terror (A Well Remembered Terror)
15. Arena of Fear (Arena of Fear)
16. Photo Finish (Photo Finish)
17. Duel in the Desert (Duel in the Desert)
18. Where's Jennifer? (Where's Jennifer?)
19. Blood Money (Blood Money)
20. Death of a Hunter (Death of a Hunter)
21. The Cure That Kills (The Cure That Kills)
22. Bobby Loved Me (Bobby Loved Me)
23. Triangle of Terror (Triangle of Terror)
24. The Stalker (The Stalker)
4. série
1. Kelly's Song (Kelly's Song)
2. The Hit Man (The Hit Man)
3. Voice from the Grave (Voice from the Grave)
4. Lady in Red (Lady in Red)
5. The Deadly Trail (The Deadly Trail)
6. The Exchange (The Exchange)
7. The Avenger (The Avenger)
8. A Killing in the Family (A Killing in the Family)
9. Flashpoint (Flashpoint)
10. The Man Who Couldn't Forget (The Man Who Couldn't Forget)
11. The Sounds of Silence (The Sounds of Silence)
12. The Prisoner (The Prisoner)
13. Daddy's Little Girl (Daddy's Little Girl)
14. The Conspirators (The Conspirators)
15. Coffin Corner (Coffin Corner)
16. Perfect Fit for a Frame (Perfect Fit for a Frame)
17. Killer on the Hill (Killer on the Hill)
18. Missing at FL307 (Missing at FL307)
19. The Set Up (The Set Up)
20. The Investigator (The Investigator)
21. Lady on the Run (Lady on the Run)
22. Vengeance (Vengeance)
23. Tomorrow Ends at Noon (Tomorrow Ends at Noon)
24. Search and Destroy (Search and Destroy)
5. série
1. Nightmare (Nightmare)
2. The Deadly Conspiracy (The Deadly Conspiracy)
3. The Wrong Medicine (The Wrong Medicine)
4. The Iceman (The Iceman)
5. The Victim (The Victim)
6. The Man Who Died Twice (The Man Who Died Twice)
7. A Touch of Venom (A Touch of Venom)
8. Man in the Middle (Man in the Middle)
9. Fall Guy (Fall Guy)
10. The Melted Man (The Melted Man)
11. The Wedding March (The Wedding March)
12. The Hero (The Hero)
13. To Still the Voice (To Still the Voice)
14. The Star (The Star)
15. The Games Children Play (The Games Children Play)
16. The Reformer (The Reformer)
17. The House of Cards (The House of Cards)
18. Revenge (Revenge)
19. Cry Wolf (Cry Wolf)
20. The Quasar Kill (The Quasar Kill)
21. Snapshot (Snapshot)
22. Point After Death (Point After Death)
23. Bloodlines (Bloodlines)
24. Madman (Madman)