Charles in Charge

Charles in Charge (Charles in Charge) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Extracurricular Activity (Extracurricular Activity)
3. Another Saturday Night (Another Saturday Night)
4. War (War)
5. Cousin Elliot (Cousin Elliot)
6. Slumber Party (Slumber Party)
7. Discipline (Discipline)
8. Trick or Treat (Trick or Treat)
9. A Date with Enid (A Date with Enid)
10. Friends & Lovers (Friends & Lovers)
11. Home for the Holidays (Home for the Holidays)
12. Accidental Puppy (Accidental Puppy)
13. The Commotion (The Commotion)
14. Mr. President (Mr. President)
15. Jill's Decision (Jill's Decision)
16. Pressure from Grandma (Pressure from Grandma)
17. Snowed In (Snowed In)
18. Charles 'R' Us (Charles 'R' Us)
19. Charles' Spring Break (Charles' Spring Break)
20. The Wrong Guy (The Wrong Guy)
21. Mr. Brilliant (Mr. Brilliant)
22. Meet Grandpa (Meet Grandpa)
2. série
1. Amityville (Amityville)
2. The Naked Truth (The Naked Truth)
3. Feud for Thought (Feud for Thought)
4. The Egg and Us (The Egg and Us)
5. The Loan Arranger (The Loan Arranger)
6. American Teen (American Teen)
7. Buddy Comes to Dinner (Buddy Comes to Dinner)
8. A Fox in the Henhouse (A Fox in the Henhouse)
9. Pizza Parlor Protest (Pizza Parlor Protest)
10. Trade Off (Trade Off)
11. Dating (Dating)
12. Music, Music, Mayhem (Music, Music, Mayhem)
13. Buddy in Charge (Buddy in Charge)
14. Isn't That What's Her Face? (Isn't That What's Her Face?)
15. A Date from Heck (A Date from Heck)
16. Mama Mia (Mama Mia)
17. Weekend Weary (Weekend Weary)
18. The Case of the Mock Turtle Mystery (The Case of the Mock Turtle Mystery)
19. U. F. Oh No! (U. F. Oh No!)
20. Twice Upon a Time: Part 1 (Twice Upon a Time: Part 1)
21. Twice Upon a Time: Part 2 (Twice Upon a Time: Part 2)
22. A Job from Heck (A Job from Heck)
23. Baby Doll (Baby Doll)
24. Lillian Putts Around (Lillian Putts Around)
25. Her Brother's Keeper (Her Brother's Keeper)
26. The Undergraduate (The Undergraduate)
3. série
1. Yule Laff (Yule Laff)
2. Piece of Cake (Piece of Cake)
3. Dorm Warnings (Dorm Warnings)
4. Speechless (Speechless)
5. Infatuation (Infatuation)
6. Role Model (Role Model)
7. The Extremely Odd Couple (The Extremely Odd Couple)
8. Poppa, the Sailor Man (Poppa, the Sailor Man)
9. Bottle Baby (Bottle Baby)
10. Dear Charles (Dear Charles)
11. The Pickle Plot (The Pickle Plot)
12. The Buddy System (The Buddy System)
13. Sarah Steps Out (Sarah Steps Out)
14. Trading Papers (Trading Papers)
15. Five Easy Pizzas (Five Easy Pizzas)
16. Getting In (Getting In)
17. Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow (Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow)
18. Dutiful Dreamer (Dutiful Dreamer)
19. Berkling Up Is Hard to Do (Berkling Up Is Hard to Do)
20. Runaround Charles (Runaround Charles)
21. Where the Auction Is (Where the Auction Is)
22. The Boy Who Loved Women (The Boy Who Loved Women)
23. The Blackboard Bungle (The Blackboard Bungle)
24. The Heart Burglar (The Heart Burglar)
25. May the Best Man Lose (May the Best Man Lose)
26. Barbelles (Barbelles)
4. série
1. No Nukes Is Good Nukes (No Nukes Is Good Nukes)
2. Ninny and the Professor (Ninny and the Professor)
3. Duelling Presleys (Duelling Presleys)
4. Adam See, Adam Do (Adam See, Adam Do)
5. Yesterday Cafe (Yesterday Cafe)
6. Fatal Obsession (Fatal Obsession)
7. Walter Gets a Dodo (Walter Gets a Dodo)
8. Ladies' Night Out (Ladies' Night Out)
9. Chargin' Charles (Chargin' Charles)
10. A Fish Called Buddy (A Fish Called Buddy)
11. Second Banana (Second Banana)
12. Still at Large (Still at Large)
13. Poetic License (Poetic License)
14. Charles Splits: Part 1 (Charles Splits: Part 1)
15. Charles Splits: Part 2 (Charles Splits: Part 2)
16. Curing the Common Cult (Curing the Common Cult)
17. Room at the Bottom (Room at the Bottom)
18. A Sting of Pearls (A Sting of Pearls)
19. Walter's War (Walter's War)
20. The Organization Man (The Organization Man)
21. Buddy's Daddy (Buddy's Daddy)
22. Triple Threat (Triple Threat)
23. Aunt Vanessa (Aunt Vanessa)
24. It's a Blunderfull Life (It's a Blunderfull Life)
25. Bad Boy (Bad Boy)
26. Big Bang (Big Bang)
5. série
1. Summer Together, Fall Apart (Summer Together, Fall Apart)
2. Get Thee to a Nuttery (Get Thee to a Nuttery)
3. Three Dates & A Walnut (Three Dates & A Walnut)
4. Out with the in Crowd (Out with the in Crowd)
5. There's a Girl in My Ficus (There's a Girl in My Ficus)
6. Judge Not Lest Ye Beheaded (Judge Not Lest Ye Beheaded)
7. Baby Bummer (Baby Bummer)
8. Paper Covers Rock (Paper Covers Rock)
9. Child Hoods (Child Hoods)
10. Advice and Contempt (Advice and Contempt)
11. Daffy Doc (Daffy Doc)
12. Buddy Flips a Disc (Buddy Flips a Disc)
13. Brain Man (Brain Man)
14. Don't Rock the Vote (Don't Rock the Vote)
15. Let's Quake a Deal (Let's Quake a Deal)
16. Up Your I.Q. (Up Your I.Q.)
17. All That Chaz (All That Chaz)
18. Frankie and Mommy (Frankie and Mommy)
19. Lost Resort (Lost Resort)
20. Dead Puck Society (Dead Puck Society)
21. La Cage Aux Fools (La Cage Aux Fools)
22. Teacher's Pest (Teacher's Pest)
23. Almost Family (Almost Family)
24. Seeing Is Believing (Seeing Is Believing)
25. Fair Exchange (Fair Exchange)
26. Charles Be DeMille (Charles Be DeMille)