Cops (Cops)
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25. série
3. Street Arrests #3 (Street Arrests #3)
4. Chases... and Cars #2 (Chases... and Cars #2)
5. Liar Liar #6 (Liar Liar #6)
6. Busted #2 (Busted #2)
7. Wild and Crazy #2 (Wild and Crazy #2)
8. Caught in a Lie (Caught in a Lie)
9. Street Patrol #3 (Street Patrol #3)
10. Dazed and Confused #5! Special Edition (Dazed and Confused #5! Special Edition)
11. Stupid Behavior #5! Special Edition (Stupid Behavior #5! Special Edition)
12. TBA (TBA)
13. Taken Into Custody #3 (Taken Into Custody #3)
14. Coast to Coast 183 (Coast to Coast 183)
15. Fight Night (Fight Night)
16. Busted #3 (Busted #3)
26. série
1. Fight and Flight (Fight and Flight)
2. Who Let The Dogs Out? (Who Let The Dogs Out?)
3. Dead Man Flushing (Dead Man Flushing)
4. Pistol Packin' Families (Pistol Packin' Families)
5. Grown Men Gone Wild (Grown Men Gone Wild)
6. Kill 'em With Kindness (Kill 'em With Kindness)
7. The Fighting Kind (The Fighting Kind)
8. Cell Phone Secrets (Cell Phone Secrets)
9. Guns, Hash, and Fire Hydrants (Guns, Hash, and Fire Hydrants)
10. Get Off My Roof (Get Off My Roof)
11. This Man Stabbed Me (This Man Stabbed Me)
12. Blood and Scars, Bro! (Blood and Scars, Bro!)
13. My Jewelry's Fragile (My Jewelry's Fragile)
14. Fast Food Escape (Fast Food Escape)
15. Late Night Snacks (Late Night Snacks)
16. 900th Episode: We Run the Show (900th Episode: We Run the Show)
17. Doggie Paddle (Doggie Paddle)
18. Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Wrong Place, Wrong Time)
19. You Didn't Get Very Far (You Didn't Get Very Far)
20. TBA (TBA)
21. Hands Off The Junk (Hands Off The Junk)
22. Dealt a Bad Hand (Dealt a Bad Hand)
27. série
1. Mohawked Cleaning Service (Mohawked Cleaning Service)
2. Batter Up (Batter Up)
3. The Runaways (The Runaways)
4. Perfume Takedown (Perfume Takedown)
5. Put Your Clothes Back On (Put Your Clothes Back On)
6. Tazed and Confused (Tazed and Confused)
7. Cruisin' the Neighborhood (Cruisin' the Neighborhood)
8. Step Away From the Cutlery (Step Away From the Cutlery)
10. Love Bites (Love Bites)
11. Running in Traffic (Running in Traffic)
12. Taser Proof (Taser Proof)
13. You'll Shoot Your Eye Out (You'll Shoot Your Eye Out)
14. I'll Raise My Voice Right Back! (I'll Raise My Voice Right Back!)
15. We Know Who You Are (We Know Who You Are)
17. Familiar Faces (Familiar Faces)
18. Facebook Fury (Facebook Fury)
19. Without a Paddle (Without a Paddle)
20. Strange Encounters (Strange Encounters)
21. Sucker Punch (Sucker Punch)
22. On Thin Ice (On Thin Ice)
23. Turbo Charged (Turbo Charged)
24. Pass the Rock (Pass the Rock)
25. Not My Crack (Not My Crack)
27. Eye in the Sky (Eye in the Sky)
28. Drunk in Love (Drunk in Love)
29. Tell It to My Wife (Tell It to My Wife)
30. Crash Landing (Crash Landing)
31. The One Dollar Shoe (The One Dollar Shoe)
32. Getting Funcky (Getting Funcky)
33. Hit and Run (Hit and Run)
34. Be Careful What You Ask For (Be Careful What You Ask For)
28. série
1. Cats and Dogs (Cats and Dogs)
2. Sittin' in the Dark (Sittin' in the Dark)
3. The Blame Game (The Blame Game)
4. Brotherly Love (Brotherly Love)
5. That's My Grill (That's My Grill)
6. Drive and Dash (Drive and Dash)
7. Think as Thieves (Think as Thieves)
8. Pinky Promise (Pinky Promise)
9. Dead End Dash (Dead End Dash)
10. Four Felonies and a Flat Tire (Four Felonies and a Flat Tire)
11. Pants Party (Pants Party)
12. Smooth Move (Smooth Move)
13. Highway to Jail (Highway to Jail)
14. Dishonest Dudes (Dishonest Dudes)
15. Fighting to Lose (Fighting to Lose)
16. Mom Still Loves You (Mom Still Loves You)
17. The Young and the Reckless (The Young and the Reckless)
18. Too Many Cooks (Too Many Cooks)
19. Second Time Around (Second Time Around)
20. Party in a Box (Party in a Box)
21. Two in the Bush (Two in the Bush)
22. Undeniably Fishy (Undeniably Fishy)
23. Nothing to See Here (Nothing to See Here)
24. Bible Buddies (Bible Buddies)
25. Shaking Like a Paint Mixer (Shaking Like a Paint Mixer)
26. Love Gone Bad (Love Gone Bad)
27. Crying Over Spilled Milk (Crying Over Spilled Milk)
28. Front Door Felony (Front Door Felony)
29. What's in the Box (What's in the Box)
30. Trouble in Paradise (Trouble in Paradise)
31. Carjacked Up (Carjacked Up)
32. No Helmet, No Ride (No Helmet, No Ride)
33. Sidewalk Licker (Sidewalk Licker)
29. série
1. From Sixty to Zero (From Sixty to Zero)
2. First Time Caller (First Time Caller)
3. Kicking and Screaming (Kicking and Screaming)
4. Mixed Emotions (Mixed Emotions)
5. Better Safe Than Sorry (Better Safe Than Sorry)
6. Funny Money (Funny Money)
7. Pants Down, Hit The Ground (Pants Down, Hit The Ground)
8. British Invasion (British Invasion)
9. One, Two, Three (One, Two, Three)
10. Wake Up Call (Wake Up Call)
11. Just Hanging Out (Just Hanging Out)
12. Bail Me Out, Boss (Bail Me Out, Boss)
13. Thanks For Nothing, Mom (Thanks For Nothing, Mom)
14. Clueless (Clueless)
15. Organized Crime (Organized Crime)
16. Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Out of Sight, Out of Mind)
17. Two Doors Down (Two Doors Down)
18. One Headlight (One Headlight)
19. Between a Bush and a Hard Place (Between a Bush and a Hard Place)
20. Manic Monday (Manic Monday)
21. Gun in the Front, Rifle in the Back (Gun in the Front, Rifle in the Back)
22. Heat of the Moment (Heat of the Moment)
23. Cookies and Contraband (Cookies and Contraband)
24. Odd Man Out (Odd Man Out)
25. Bikini Brawl (Bikini Brawl)
26. A Man Without a Plan (A Man Without a Plan)
27. The Truth is Key (The Truth is Key)
28. Mother Knows Best (Mother Knows Best)
29. The Naked Truth (The Naked Truth)
30. Rock Star (Rock Star)
31. Window of Opportunity (Window of Opportunity)
32. Mommy's Tears (Mommy's Tears)
33. Running Scared (Running Scared)
34. On The Dean's List (On The Dean's List)
35. Dog Treats And Delinquents (Dog Treats And Delinquents)
36. Surprise Guest (Surprise Guest)
30. série
1. On The Dean's List (On The Dean's List)
2. Dog Treats And Delinquents (Dog Treats And Delinquents)
3. Surprise Guest (Surprise Guest)
4. On the Fence (On the Fence)
5. Do Not Pass Go (Do Not Pass Go)
6. Pants On Fire (Pants On Fire)
7. Dirty Laundry (Dirty Laundry)
8. Jumping the Gun (Jumping the Gun)
9. Wrong Way Home (Wrong Way Home)
10. Beyond The Bust (Beyond The Bust)
11. Bad Business (Bad Business)
12. Crawl Space Catnap (Crawl Space Catnap)
13. Set in His Ways (Set in His Ways)
14. Wedding Car Crasher (Wedding Car Crasher)
15. Fake Friends (Fake Friends)
16. Nowhere To Hide (Nowhere To Hide)
17. Loaded Up And Trucking (Loaded Up And Trucking)
18. It's Nothing Personal (It's Nothing Personal)
19. Run And Gun (Run And Gun)
20. Face The Music (Face The Music)
21. Scaredy Cat (Scaredy Cat)
22. Fake Cash And Whiplash (Fake Cash And Whiplash)