Detektiv Duck

Detektiv Duck (Darkwing Duck)
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1. série
1. Darkly Dawns the Duck: Part 1 (Darkly Dawns the Duck: Part 1)
2. Darkly Dawns the Duck: Part 2 (Darkly Dawns the Duck: Part 2)
3. Beauty and the Beet (Beauty and the Beet)
4. Getting Antsy (Getting Antsy)
5. Night of the Living Spud (Night of the Living Spud)
6. Apes of Wrath (Apes of Wrath)
7. Dirty Money (Dirty Money)
8. Duck Blind (Duck Blind)
9. Comic Book Capers (Comic Book Capers)
10. Water Way to Go (Water Way to Go)
11. Paraducks (Paraducks)
12. Easy Comes, Easy Grows (Easy Comes, Easy Grows)
13. A Revolution in Home Appliances (A Revolution in Home Appliances)
14. Trading Faces (Trading Faces)
15. Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlatan (Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlatan)
16. Can't Bayou Love (Can't Bayou Love)
17. Bearskin Thug (Bearskin Thug)
18. You Sweat Your Life (You Sweat Your Life)
19. Days of Blunder (Days of Blunder)
20. Just Us Justice Ducks: Part 1 (Just Us Justice Ducks: Part 1)
21. Just Us Justice Ducks: Part 2 (Just Us Justice Ducks: Part 2)
22. Double Darkwings (Double Darkwings)
23. Aduckyphobia (Aduckyphobia)
24. When Aliens Collide (When Aliens Collide)
25. Jurassic Jumble (Jurassic Jumble)
26. Cleanliness Is Next to Badliness (Cleanliness Is Next to Badliness)
27. Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet (Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet)
28. All's Fahrenheit in Love and War (All's Fahrenheit in Love and War)
29. Whiffle While You Work (Whiffle While You Work)
30. Ghoul of My Dreams (Ghoul of My Dreams)
31. Adopt-a-Con (Adopt-a-Con)
32. Toys Czar Us (Toys Czar Us)
33. The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck (The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck)
34. Up, Up, and Awry (Up, Up, and Awry)
35. Life, the Negaverse and Everything (Life, the Negaverse and Everything)
36. Dry Hard (Dry Hard)
37. Heavy Mental (Heavy Mental)
38. Disguise the Limit (Disguise the Limit)
39. Planet of the Capes (Planet of the Capes)
40. Darkwing Doubloon (Darkwing Doubloon)
41. It's a Wonderful Leaf (It's a Wonderful Leaf)
42. Twitching Channels (Twitching Channels)
43. Dances with Bigfoot (Dances with Bigfoot)
44. Twin Beaks (Twin Beaks)
45. The Incredible Bulk (The Incredible Bulk)
46. My Valentine Ghoul (My Valentine Ghoul)
47. Dead Duck (Dead Duck)
48. A Duck by Any Other Name (A Duck by Any Other Name)
49. Let's Get Respectable (Let's Get Respectable)
50. In Like Blunt (In Like Blunt)
51. Quack of Ages (Quack of Ages)
52. Time and Punishment (Time and Punishment)
53. Stressed to Kill (Stressed to Kill)
54. The Darkwing Squad (The Darkwing Squad)
55. Inside Binkie's Brain (Inside Binkie's Brain)
56. The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain (The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain)
57. Slime OK, You're OK (Slime OK, You're OK)
58. Whirled History (Whirled History)
59. U.F. Foe (U.F. Foe)
60. A Star Is Scorned (A Star Is Scorned)
61. The Quiverwing Quack (The Quiverwing Quack)
62. Jail Bird (Jail Bird)
63. Dirtysomething (Dirtysomething)
64. Kung Fooled (Kung Fooled)
65. Bad Luck Duck (Bad Luck Duck)
2. série
1. That Sinking Feeling (That Sinking Feeling) 19. 12. 2015
2. Film Flam (Film Flam) 20. 12. 2015
3. Negaduck (Negaduck) 2. 1. 2016
4. Fungus Amongus (Fungus Amongus) 3. 1. 2016
5. Slaves to Fashion (Slaves to Fashion) 9. 1. 2016
6. Something Fishy (Something Fishy) 10. 1. 2016
7. Tiff of the Titans (Tiff of the Titans) 16. 1. 2016
8. Calm a Chameleon (Calm a Chameleon) 17. 1. 2016
9. Battle of the Brainteasers (Battle of the Brainteasers) 23. 1. 2016
10. Bad Tidings (Bad Tidings) 24. 1. 2016
11. Going Nowhere Fast (Going Nowhere Fast) 30. 1. 2016
12. A Brush with Oblivion (A Brush with Oblivion) 31. 1. 2016
13. The Merchant of Menace (The Merchant of Menace) 9. 2. 2016
3. série
1. Monsters R Us (Monsters R Us)
2. Inherit the Wimp (Inherit the Wimp)
3. The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too! (The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too!)
4. Star Crossed Circuits (Star Crossed Circuits)
5. Steerminator (Steerminator)
6. The Frequency Fiends (The Frequency Fiends)
7. Paint Misbehavin' (Paint Misbehavin')
8. Hot Spells (Hot Spells)
9. Fraudcast News (Fraudcast News)
10. Clash Reunion (Clash Reunion)
11. Mutancy on the Bouncey (Mutancy on the Bouncey)
12. Malice's Restaurant (Malice's Restaurant)
13. Extinct Possibility (Extinct Possibility)