Dinosaurové (Dinosaurs)
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1. série
1. The Mighty Megalosaurus (The Mighty Megalosaurus)
2. The Mating Dance (The Mating Dance)
3. Hurling Day (Hurling Day)
4. High Noon (High Noon)
5. The Howling (The Howling)
2. série
1. The Golden Child (The Golden Child)
2. Family Challenge (Family Challenge)
3. I Never Ate for My Father (I Never Ate for My Father)
4. Charlene's Tale (Charlene's Tale)
5. Endangered Species (Endangered Species)
6. Employee of the Month (Employee of the Month)
7. When Food Goes Bad (When Food Goes Bad)
8. Career Opportunities (Career Opportunities)
9. Unmarried... with Children (Unmarried... with Children)
10. How to Pick Up Girls (How to Pick Up Girls)
11. Switched at Birth (Switched at Birth)
12. Refrigerator Day (Refrigerator Day)
13. What 'Sexual Harris' Meant (What 'Sexual Harris' Meant)
14. Fran Live (Fran Live)
15. Power Erupts (Power Erupts)
16. The Clip Show (The Clip Show)
17. A New Leaf (A New Leaf)
18. The Last Temptation of Ethel (The Last Temptation of Ethel)
19. Nuts to War (Nuts to War)
20. Nuts to War (Nuts to War)
21. And the Winner Is... (And the Winner Is...)
22. Slave to Fashion (Slave to Fashion)
23. Leader of the Pack (Leader of the Pack)
24. Wesayso Knows Best (Wesayso Knows Best)
3. série
1. Nature Calls (Nature Calls)
2. Baby Talk (Baby Talk)
3. Network Genius (Network Genius)
4. The Discovery (The Discovery)
5. Little Boy Boo (Little Boy Boo)
6. Germ Warfare (Germ Warfare)
7. Hungry for Love (Hungry for Love)
8. License to Parent (License to Parent)
9. Charlene's Flat World (Charlene's Flat World)
10. Wilderness Weekend (Wilderness Weekend)
11. The Son Also Rises (The Son Also Rises)
12. Getting to Know You (Getting to Know You)
13. Green Card (Green Card)
14. Out of the Frying Pan (Out of the Frying Pan)
15. Steroids to Heaven (Steroids to Heaven)
16. Honey, I Miss the Kids (Honey, I Miss the Kids)
17. Swamp Music (Swamp Music)
18. Dirty Dancin' (Dirty Dancin')
19. If I Were a Tree (If I Were a Tree)
20. We Are Not Alone (We Are Not Alone)
21. Charlene and Her Amazing Humans (Charlene and Her Amazing Humans)
22. The Clip Show II (The Clip Show II)
4. série
1. Monster Under the Bed (Monster Under the Bed)
2. Earl, Don't Be a Hero (Earl, Don't Be a Hero)
3. The Greatest Story Ever Sold (The Greatest Story Ever Sold)
4. Driving Miss Ethyl (Driving Miss Ethyl)
5. Earl's Big Jackpot (Earl's Big Jackpot)
6. Terrible Twos (Terrible Twos)
7. Changing Nature (Changing Nature)
8. Scent of a Reptile (Scent of a Reptile)
9. Earl and Pearl (Earl and Pearl)
10. Life in the Faust Lane (Life in the Faust Lane)
11. Variations on a Theme Park (Variations on a Theme Park)
12. Working Girl (Working Girl)
13. Into the Woods (Into the Woods)
14. Georgie Must Die (Georgie Must Die)