Dobrá trefa

Dobrá trefa (Hang Time) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Trouble in Paradise (Trouble in Paradise)
3. Full Court Press (Full Court Press)
4. Will the Real Michael Maxwell Please Stand Up (Will the Real Michael Maxwell Please Stand Up)
5. Oh Captain, My Captain (Oh Captain, My Captain)
6. Earl Makes the Grade (Earl Makes the Grade)
7. Let's Get Ready to Rumble (Let's Get Ready to Rumble)
8. The Candidate (The Candidate)
9. Stranded (Stranded)
10. The Sweat Shack (The Sweat Shack)
11. The Bachelor Pad (The Bachelor Pad)
12. Poetic Justice (Poetic Justice)
13. Game Day (Game Day)
2. série
1. Winning Isn't Everything (Winning Isn't Everything)
2. Just One of the Guys (Just One of the Guys)
3. Harvest Moon (Harvest Moon)
4. The Sure Thing (The Sure Thing)
5. War of the Rose (War of the Rose)
6. Short Cuts (Short Cuts)
7. Fake ID-ology (Fake ID-ology)
8. When Loss Is Gain (When Loss Is Gain)
9. Style Before Substance (Style Before Substance)
10. Son-in-Law (Son-in-Law)
11. Superman Brodis (Superman Brodis)
12. Green-Eyed Julie (Green-Eyed Julie)
13. The Best Game of the Season (The Best Game of the Season)
3. série
1. Team Captain (Team Captain)
2. Sexual Harrassment (Sexual Harrassment)
3. First Game of the Season (First Game of the Season)
4. Fighting Words (Fighting Words)
5. No Smoking (No Smoking)
6. Coach Fullers Car (Coach Fullers Car)
7. Julie's Guy (Julie's Guy)
8. Playing with Pain (Playing with Pain)
9. Not a D'Amata (Not a D'Amata)
10. Kristy's Other Mother (Kristy's Other Mother)
11. The Hustlers (The Hustlers)
12. Fuller's Rival (Fuller's Rival)
13. The Perfect Girl (The Perfect Girl)
14. Blood Drive (Blood Drive)
15. Teen Mom (Teen Mom)
16. Midnight Basketball (Midnight Basketball)
17. Mary Beth's Parents (Mary Beth's Parents)
18. The Laugh Riot (The Laugh Riot)
19. Love on the Rockies (Love on the Rockies)
20. Fuller's Camp (Fuller's Camp)
21. Kristy Connor (Kristy Connor)
22. Game Point (Game Point)
23. Twister (Twister)
24. Goodnight Vince (Goodnight Vince)
25. The Curfew (The Curfew)
26. Fuller's Big Offer (Fuller's Big Offer)
4. série
1. A Whole New Ballgame (A Whole New Ballgame)
2. Team Players (Team Players)
3. Let Them Play (Let Them Play)
4. Lend a Helping Hammer (Lend a Helping Hammer)
5. S.A.T. Blues (S.A.T. Blues)
6. Easy Credit (Easy Credit)
7. Assault and Pepper Spray (Assault and Pepper Spray)
8. High Hoops (High Hoops)
9. Love Triangle (Love Triangle)
10. Texas Rose (Texas Rose)
11. Restless Mary Beth (Restless Mary Beth)
12. Shoot Out (Shoot Out)
13. Nothing in Common (Nothing in Common)
14. And Then There Were Nuns (And Then There Were Nuns)
15. The Tall and the Short of It (The Tall and the Short of It)
16. Just Friends (Just Friends)
17. Sharing the Spotlight (Sharing the Spotlight)
18. New Girl in Town (New Girl in Town)
19. Rocky Road to the Playoffs (Rocky Road to the Playoffs)
20. Kristy Nightingale (Kristy Nightingale)
21. Phenom Blues (Phenom Blues)
22. New York Nick (New York Nick)
23. Breaks of the Game (Breaks of the Game)
24. Window of Opportunity (Window of Opportunity)
25. Christmas in New York (Christmas in New York)
26. Waiting for Mary Beth (Waiting for Mary Beth)
5. série
1. Hello and Goodbye (Hello and Goodbye)
2. Managing Michael (Managing Michael)
3. Beer Pressure (Beer Pressure)
4. Extreme Eugene (Extreme Eugene)
5. Too Good to Be True (Too Good to Be True)
6. Shall We Dance? (Shall We Dance?)
7. Joint Venture (Joint Venture)
8. Revolver, Problem Solver? (Revolver, Problem Solver?)
9. Tolerance (Tolerance)
10. Big Brother Blues (Big Brother Blues)
11. Finals Fury (Finals Fury)
12. The Upset (The Upset)
13. Fighting for Your Dreams (Fighting for Your Dreams)
14. My Family (My Family)
6. série
1. (
2. That '60s Show (That '60s Show)
3. The Gospel According to Silk (The Gospel According to Silk)
4. The Enforcer (The Enforcer)
5. Have No Fear (Have No Fear)
6. At the Movies (At the Movies)
7. Life 101 (Life 101)
8. Secrets and Lies (Secrets and Lies)
9. For the Love of the Game (For the Love of the Game)
10. A Night to Remember (A Night to Remember)
11. High School Confidential (High School Confidential)
12. Graduation on Three (Graduation on Three)