Doc (Doc) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot: Part 1 (Pilot: Part 1)
2. Pilot: Part 2 (Pilot: Part 2)
3. Family Matters (Family Matters)
4. All in a Day's Work (All in a Day's Work)
5. You Gotta Have Heart (You Gotta Have Heart)
6. The Ride (The Ride)
7. Captain Supremo: Have Tights, Will Travel (Captain Supremo: Have Tights, Will Travel)
8. The Art of Medicine (The Art of Medicine)
9. You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello (You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello)
10. Love or Money (Love or Money)
11. Face in the Mirror (Face in the Mirror)
2. série
1. Blind Alley (Blind Alley)
2. I've Got a Secret (I've Got a Secret)
3. Second Opinion (Second Opinion)
4. Home Is Where the Heart Is (Home Is Where the Heart Is)
5. Easy Money (Easy Money)
6. Garbage In, Garbage Out (Garbage In, Garbage Out)
7. First Impressions (First Impressions)
8. No Time Like the Present (No Time Like the Present)
9. Some Gave All: Part 1 (Some Gave All: Part 1)
10. Some Gave All: Part 2 (Some Gave All: Part 2)
11. Gypsies, Janitors and Thieves (Gypsies, Janitors and Thieves)
12. Tis the Season (Tis the Season)
13. All in the Family (All in the Family)
14. Busy Man (Busy Man)
15. My Boyfriend's Back (My Boyfriend's Back)
16. Fearless (Fearless)
17. Queen of Denial (Queen of Denial)
18. Citizen Crane (Citizen Crane)
19. Love of the Game (Love of the Game)
20. Karate Kid (Karate Kid)
21. The Commercial (The Commercial)
22. My Secret Identity (My Secret Identity)
23. Time Flies (Time Flies)
24. Complicated (Complicated)
3. série
1. Full Disclosure (Full Disclosure)
2. On Pins and Needles (On Pins and Needles)
3. Stroke of Luck (Stroke of Luck)
4. Sea No Evil (Sea No Evil)
5. Nobody (Nobody)
6. Full Moon Rising (Full Moon Rising)
7. The Price of a Miracle (The Price of a Miracle)
8. Second Time Around (Second Time Around)
9. The Producers (The Producers)
10. Man's Best Friend (Man's Best Friend)
11. A Clear and Present Danger (A Clear and Present Danger)
12. Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Don't Ask, Don't Tell)
13. Angels in Waiting (Angels in Waiting)
14. Lost and Found (Lost and Found)
15. Welcome to New York: Part 1 (Welcome to New York: Part 1)
16. Welcome to New York: Part 2 (Welcome to New York: Part 2)
17. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Smoke Gets in Your Eyes)
18. Safety First (Safety First)
19. The Checkered Flag (The Checkered Flag)
20. Evaluate This (Evaluate This)
21. While You Were Snoring (While You Were Snoring)
22. And Baby Makes Four (And Baby Makes Four)
4. série
1. Westbury: The Final Conflict (Westbury: The Final Conflict)
2. The Way We Were (The Way We Were)
3. The Candidate (The Candidate)
4. Pick Your Poison (Pick Your Poison)
5. Rules of Engagement (Rules of Engagement)
6. Men in Tights (Men in Tights)
7. Donnys' Millions (Donnys' Millions)
8. Swing Shift (Swing Shift)
9. No Pain, No Gain (No Pain, No Gain)
10. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire)
11. Modelrageous (Modelrageous)
12. Arsenic and Old Spice (Arsenic and Old Spice)
13. Leader of the Band (Leader of the Band)
14. Till Death do Us Part (Till Death do Us Part)
15. Searching for Bonnie Fisher (Searching for Bonnie Fisher)
16. Wedding Bell Blues (Wedding Bell Blues)
17. Daddy Dearest (Daddy Dearest)
18. Breaking Away (Breaking Away)
19. Eminent Domain (Eminent Domain)
20. The Great Wall (The Great Wall)
21. Choices of the Heart (Choices of the Heart)
22. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not)
5. série
1. Get Me to Church on Time (Get Me to Church on Time)
2. Wake Up Call (Wake Up Call)
3. Blindsided (Blindsided)
4. Lights Camera Medicine (Lights Camera Medicine)
5. Nip, Tuck and Die (Nip, Tuck and Die)
6. The Family Tree (The Family Tree)
7. The Last Ride (The Last Ride)
8. Happy Trails (Happy Trails)
9. Till We Meet Again (Till We Meet Again)