Family Affair

Family Affair (Family Affair)
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1. série
1. Buffy (Buffy)
2. Jody and Cissy (Jody and Cissy)
3. The Gift Horse (The Gift Horse)
4. The Matter of School (The Matter of School)
5. Marmalade (Marmalade)
6. Room with a Viewpoint (Room with a Viewpoint)
7. Mrs. Beasley, Where Are You? (Mrs. Beasley, Where Are You?)
8. Who's Afraid of Nural Shpeni? (Who's Afraid of Nural Shpeni?)
9. A Matter for Experts (A Matter for Experts)
10. Beware the Other Woman (Beware the Other Woman)
11. Take Two Aspirin (Take Two Aspirin)
12. Love Me, Love Me Not (Love Me, Love Me Not)
13. The Thursday Man (The Thursday Man)
14. Think Deep (Think Deep)
15. Hard Hat Jody (Hard Hat Jody)
16. That Was the Dinner That Wasn't (That Was the Dinner That Wasn't)
17. All Around the Town (All Around the Town)
18. One for the Little Boy (One for the Little Boy)
19. Fancy Free (Fancy Free)
20. A Helping Hand (A Helping Hand)
21. Once in Love with Buffy (Once in Love with Buffy)
22. Ballerina Buffy (Ballerina Buffy)
23. The Mother Tongue (The Mother Tongue)
24. Everybody Needs Somebody (Everybody Needs Somebody)
25. The Way It Was (The Way It Was)
26. All Nephews Are Created Equal (All Nephews Are Created Equal)
27. The Prize (The Prize)
28. What Did You Do in the West, Uncle? (What Did You Do in the West, Uncle?)
29. The Award (The Award)
2. série
1. Birds, Bees and Buffy (Birds, Bees and Buffy)
2. First Love (First Love)
3. Go Home, Mr. French (Go Home, Mr. French)
4. Arthur, the Invisible Bear (Arthur, the Invisible Bear)
5. The Other Cheek (The Other Cheek)
6. The Candy Striper (The Candy Striper)
7. Fat, Fat, the Water Rat (Fat, Fat, the Water Rat)
8. The Toy Box (The Toy Box)
9. Take Me Out of the Ballgame (Take Me Out of the Ballgame)
10. You Like Buffy Better (You Like Buffy Better)
11. Freddie (Freddie)
12. Our Friend Stanley (Our Friend Stanley)
13. Somebody Upstairs (Somebody Upstairs)
14. Star Dust (Star Dust)
15. Best of Breed (Best of Breed)
16. Family Reunion (Family Reunion)
17. A Man's Place (A Man's Place)
18. The Great Kow-Tow (The Great Kow-Tow)
19. The Fish Watchers (The Fish Watchers)
20. The Day Nothing Happened (The Day Nothing Happened)
21. A House in the Country (A House in the Country)
22. A Matter of Tonsils (A Matter of Tonsils)
23. A Member of the Family (A Member of the Family)
24. His and Hers (His and Hers)
25. The New Cissy (The New Cissy)
26. The Family Outing (The Family Outing)
27. Mr. French's Holiday (Mr. French's Holiday)
28. The Beasley Story (The Beasley Story)
29. The Baby Sitters (The Baby Sitters)
3. série
1. The Latch Key Kid (The Latch Key Kid)
2. By a Whisker (By a Whisker)
3. A Waltz from Vienna (A Waltz from Vienna)
4. Your Friend, Jody (Your Friend, Jody)
5. The Substitute Teacher (The Substitute Teacher)
6. Oliver (Oliver)
7. Christmas Came a Little Early (Christmas Came a Little Early)
8. The Unsound of Music (The Unsound of Music)
9. Albertine (Albertine)
10. A Matter of Choice (A Matter of Choice)
11. Ciao, Uncle Bill (Ciao, Uncle Bill)
12. A Nanny for All Seasons (A Nanny for All Seasons)
13. Family Plan (Family Plan)
14. To Love with Buffy (To Love with Buffy)
15. A Family Group (A Family Group)
16. A Lesson for Grown-Ups (A Lesson for Grown-Ups)
17. Oh, to Be in England (Oh, to Be in England)
18. A Matter of Privacy (A Matter of Privacy)
19. Lost in Spain: Part 1 (Lost in Spain: Part 1)
20. Lost in Spain: Part 2 (Lost in Spain: Part 2)
21. Lost in Spain: Part 3 (Lost in Spain: Part 3)
22. A Diller, a Dollar (A Diller, a Dollar)
23. The Young Man from Bolivia (The Young Man from Bolivia)
24. Speak for Yourself, Mr. French (Speak for Yourself, Mr. French)
25. The Flip Side (The Flip Side)
26. The Matter of Dignity (The Matter of Dignity)
27. Flower Power (Flower Power)
28. My Man, the Star (My Man, the Star)
4. série
1. No Uncle Is an Island (No Uncle Is an Island)
2. The Wings of an Angel (The Wings of an Angel)
3. Uncle Prince Charming (Uncle Prince Charming)
4. Cissy's Apartment (Cissy's Apartment)
5. The Jody Affair (The Jody Affair)
6. With This Ring (With This Ring)
7. What's Funny About a Broken Leg? (What's Funny About a Broken Leg?)
8. The Birthday Boy (The Birthday Boy)
9. The Stowaway (The Stowaway)
10. Number One Boy (Number One Boy)
11. A Tale of Two Travels (A Tale of Two Travels)
12. Maudie (Maudie)
13. Goodbye Harold (Goodbye Harold)
14. The Girl Graduate (The Girl Graduate)
15. Grandpa, Sir (Grandpa, Sir)
16. Marooned (Marooned)
17. Mr. Osaki's Tree (Mr. Osaki's Tree)
18. The Language of Love (The Language of Love)
19. The Inheritance (The Inheritance)
20. There Goes New York (There Goes New York)
21. Wouldn't It Be Loverly (Wouldn't It Be Loverly)
22. The Boys Against the Girls (The Boys Against the Girls)
23. The Old Cowhand (The Old Cowhand)
24. Angel in the Family (Angel in the Family)
25. Family in Paradise: Part 1 (Family in Paradise: Part 1)
26. Family in Paradise: Part 2 (Family in Paradise: Part 2)
5. série
1. The Good Neighbors (The Good Neighbors)
2. Desert Isle: Manhattan Style (Desert Isle: Manhattan Style)
3. Eastward Ho (Eastward Ho)
4. Meet Emily (Meet Emily)
5. The Return of Maudie (The Return of Maudie)
6. It Can't Be Five Years (It Can't Be Five Years)
7. Travels with Cissy (Travels with Cissy)
8. Stamp of Approval (Stamp of Approval)
9. And Baby Makes Eight (And Baby Makes Eight)
10. Say Uncle (Say Uncle)
11. Class Clown (Class Clown)
12. The Unsinkable Mr. French (The Unsinkable Mr. French)
13. Wish You Were Here (Wish You Were Here)
14. Feat of Clay (Feat of Clay)
15. Heroes Are Born (Heroes Are Born)
16. Nobody Here But Us Uncles (Nobody Here But Us Uncles)
17. Too Late, Too Soon (Too Late, Too Soon)
18. The Littlest Exile (The Littlest Exile)
19. Put Your Dreams Away (Put Your Dreams Away)
20. The Joiners (The Joiners)
21. Cinder-Emily (Cinder-Emily)
22. Goodbye, Mrs. Beasley (Goodbye, Mrs. Beasley)
23. Buffy's Fair Lady (Buffy's Fair Lady)
24. You Can't Fight City Hall (You Can't Fight City Hall)