Freddyho noční můry

Freddyho noční můry (Freddy's Nightmares)
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1. série
1. No More Mr. Nice Guy (No More Mr. Nice Guy)
2. It's a Miserable Life (It's a Miserable Life)
3. Killer Instinct (Killer Instinct)
4. Freddy's Tricks and Treats (Freddy's Tricks and Treats)
5. Judy Miller, Come on Down (Judy Miller, Come on Down)
6. Saturday Night Special (Saturday Night Special)
7. Sister's Keeper (Sister's Keeper)
8. Mother's Day (Mother's Day)
9. Rebel Without a Car (Rebel Without a Car)
10. The Bride Wore Red (The Bride Wore Red)
11. Do Dreams Bleed? (Do Dreams Bleed?)
12. The End of the World (The End of the World)
13. Deadline (Deadline)
14. Black Tickets (Black Tickets)
15. School Daze (School Daze)
16. Cabin Fever (Cabin Fever)
17. Love Stinks (Love Stinks)
18. The Art of Death (The Art of Death)
19. Missing Persons (Missing Persons)
20. The Light at the End of the Tunnel (The Light at the End of the Tunnel)
21. Identity Crisis (Identity Crisis)
22. Safe Sex (Safe Sex)
2. série
1. Dream Come True (Dream Come True)
2. Heartbreak Hotel (Heartbreak Hotel)
3. Welcome to Springwood (Welcome to Springwood)
4. Photo Finish (Photo Finish)
5. Memory Overload (Memory Overload)
6. Lucky Stiff (Lucky Stiff)
7. Silence Is Golden (Silence Is Golden)
8. Bloodlines (Bloodlines)
9. Monkey Dreams (Monkey Dreams)
10. Do You Know Where Your Kids Are? (Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?)
11. Dreams That Kill (Dreams That Kill)
12. It's My Party and You'll Die If I Want You To (It's My Party and You'll Die If I Want You To)
13. What You Don't Know Can Kill You (What You Don't Know Can Kill You)
14. Easy Come, Easy Go (Easy Come, Easy Go)
15. Prime Cut (Prime Cut)
16. Interior Loft (Interior Loft)
17. Interior Loft Later (Interior Loft Later)
18. Funhouse (Funhouse)
19. A Family Affair (A Family Affair)
20. Dust to Dust (Dust to Dust)
21. Prisoner of Love (Prisoner of Love)
22. Life Sentence (Life Sentence)
3. série
1. The Wrong Dream II: Freddy Returns (The Wrong Dream II: Freddy Returns)
2. My Daughter to Kill (My Daughter to Kill)
3. The Promise to Teenagers (The Promise to Teenagers)
4. Ice Chopper (Ice Chopper)
5. You Die When Freddy Wants (You Die When Freddy Wants)
6. The Secret's Just Keep on Coming (The Secret's Just Keep on Coming)
7. One, Two, Three Die! (One, Two, Three Die!)