Gentle Ben

Gentle Ben (Gentle Ben) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Hurricane Coming (Hurricane Coming)
2. Green-Eyed Bear (Green-Eyed Bear)
3. Fish and Chips (Fish and Chips)
4. Gator Man (Gator Man)
5. Voice from the Wilderness (Voice from the Wilderness)
6. Invasion of Willie Sam Gopher (Invasion of Willie Sam Gopher)
7. Restless Bear (Restless Bear)
8. Battle of Wedlow Woods (Battle of Wedlow Woods)
9. Warden for Man and Beast (Warden for Man and Beast)
10. A Waste of Honey (A Waste of Honey)
11. Jennifer (Jennifer)
12. Warden in the Bear Pit (Warden in the Bear Pit)
13. A Medal for Ben (A Medal for Ben)
14. The Ransom (The Ransom)
15. Wayward Bear: Part 1 (Wayward Bear: Part 1)
16. Wayward Bear: Part 2 (Wayward Bear: Part 2)
17. The Opportunist (The Opportunist)
18. Battle of Birthday Bay (Battle of Birthday Bay)
19. Trophy Bear (Trophy Bear)
20. Mama Jolie (Mama Jolie)
21. Batter Up (Batter Up)
22. Growing Pains (Growing Pains)
23. Fire in the Glades (Fire in the Glades)
24. Take a Giant Step (Take a Giant Step)
25. Survival in the Swamp (Survival in the Swamp)
26. Who's Afraid? (Who's Afraid?)
27. Greener Pastures (Greener Pastures)
28. Ol' Joe's Gotta Go (Ol' Joe's Gotta Go)
2. série
1. Two for the Sea: Part 1 (Two for the Sea: Part 1)
2. Two for the Sea: Part 2 (Two for the Sea: Part 2)
3. The Wall That Mark and Tom Built (The Wall That Mark and Tom Built)
4. Ben the Champ (Ben the Champ)
5. Flapjacks for Breakfast (Flapjacks for Breakfast)
6. A Gift of Love (A Gift of Love)
7. Code Name: Disaster (Code Name: Disaster)
8. The Intruders (The Intruders)
9. Starr of Green Bay (Starr of Green Bay)
10. Warden's Pond (Warden's Pond)
11. Knights of the Road (Knights of the Road)
12. The Haunted Castle (The Haunted Castle)
13. The Warden's Apprentice (The Warden's Apprentice)
14. Keeper of the Glades: Part 1 (Keeper of the Glades: Part 1)
15. Keeper of the Glades: Part 2 (Keeper of the Glades: Part 2)
16. The Great Mail Boat Robbery (The Great Mail Boat Robbery)
17. Show Biz (Show Biz)
18. Flamingo Flats (Flamingo Flats)
19. Lifeline (Lifeline)
20. My Son the Banker (My Son the Banker)
21. The Last Red Wolf (The Last Red Wolf)
22. The Competitor (The Competitor)
23. Mark of the Arrow (Mark of the Arrow)
24. Boom's Land Boomerang (Boom's Land Boomerang)
25. Elephant on the Lam (Elephant on the Lam)
26. The Prey (The Prey)
27. The Bully (The Bully)
28. Busman's Holiday (Busman's Holiday)