Ghost Hunters International

Ghost Hunters International (Ghost Hunters International)
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1. série
1. Evil Unearthed (Evil Unearthed)
2. Whispers from Beyond (Whispers from Beyond)
3. Haunted Village (Haunted Village)
4. Fortress of Fear (Fortress of Fear)
5. Headless Haunting (Headless Haunting)
6. Frankenstein's Castle (Frankenstein's Castle)
7. Larnach Castle (Larnach Castle)
8. Devil Dog (Devil Dog)
9. Castle of the Damned (Castle of the Damned)
10. Shattered Spirit (Shattered Spirit)
11. Hauntings of South Africa (Hauntings of South Africa)
12. Tortured Souls (Tortured Souls)
13. Dracula's Castle (Dracula's Castle)
14. The Ghost Child of Peru (The Ghost Child of Peru)
15. City of the Doomed (City of the Doomed)
16. A Call for Help (A Call for Help)
17. Restless Souls of Sweden (Restless Souls of Sweden)
18. Buried Alive (Buried Alive)
19. Unknown Solders (Unknown Solders)
20. Spanish Scares (Spanish Scares)
21. Ghosts in the City of Lights (Ghosts in the City of Lights)
22. Karosta Prison (Karosta Prison)
2. série
1. Wicklow's Gaol (Wicklow's Gaol)
2. Skeleton in the Closet (Skeleton in the Closet)
3. Gates to Hell (Gates to Hell)
4. Witches Castle (Witches Castle)
5. Spirits of Italy (Spirits of Italy)
6. Holy Ghosts (Holy Ghosts)
7. Hitler's Ghost (Hitler's Ghost)
8. Silver Shadow (Silver Shadow)
9. Quarantine Station (Quarantine Station)
10. Port Arthur Penitentiary (Port Arthur Penitentiary)
11. Tasmania Death Sentence (Tasmania Death Sentence)
12. San Lucas Prison (San Lucas Prison)
13. The Legend of Rose Hall (The Legend of Rose Hall)
14. The Spirit of Robin Hood (The Spirit of Robin Hood)
15. Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd)
16. Wolf's Lair (Wolf's Lair)
17. The Devil's Wedding (The Devil's Wedding)
18. Demons of Nicaragua (Demons of Nicaragua)
19. Pirates of the Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean)
3. série
1. Hamlet's Castle (Hamlet's Castle)
2. Ghosts of the Eastern Bloc (Ghosts of the Eastern Bloc)
3. Unfaithful Spirit (Unfaithful Spirit)
4. Amsterdamned (Amsterdamned)
5. Army of the Dead (Army of the Dead)
6. Shadows in the Dark (Shadows in the Dark)
7. Temple Of Doom: Peru (Temple Of Doom: Peru)
8. Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize (Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize)
9. The Crystal Maiden: Belize & France (The Crystal Maiden: Belize & France)
10. Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize (Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize)
11. Ghoul's School: American Samoa (Ghoul's School: American Samoa)
12. Rise Of Frankenstein: Belgium & Italy (Rise Of Frankenstein: Belgium & Italy)
13. Hell's Gate: Canada (Hell's Gate: Canada)
14. TBA (TBA)