Dálnice vedoucí peklem

Dálnice vedoucí peklem (Highway Thru Hell)
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1. série
1. Death on the Coq (Death on the Coq)
2. Where's My Rotator? (Where's My Rotator?)
3. It's Stormy Everywhere (It's Stormy Everywhere)
4. Roughing Up the Rookie (Roughing Up the Rookie)
5. No Tears in Towing (No Tears in Towing)
6. The Avalanche Zone (The Avalanche Zone)
7. Yin & Yang (Yin & Yang)
8. I Can't Take It Anymore! (I Can't Take It Anymore!)
9. After the Crash (After the Crash)
10. Family Business (Family Business)
2. série
1. Welcome to Winter (Welcome to Winter)
2. Deadlift (Deadlift)
3. The Comeback Kid (The Comeback Kid)
4. Two Guys, Two Trucks (Two Guys, Two Trucks)
5. Sometimes the Patient Dies (Sometimes the Patient Dies)
6. Still Got It (Still Got It)
7. Crazy Horse (Crazy Horse)
8. Suck It Up Princess (Suck It Up Princess)
9. Over the Edge (Over the Edge)
10. A Man of My Word (A Man of My Word)
11. Cut in Half (Cut in Half)
12. Beer O'Clock (Beer O'Clock)
13. Closure Is Not an Option (Closure Is Not an Option)
14. After the Crash: Reloaded (After the Crash: Reloaded)
15. Welcome to Winter: Reloaded (Welcome to Winter: Reloaded)
16. Deadlift: Reloaded (Deadlift: Reloaded)
17. The Comeback Kid: Reloaded (The Comeback Kid: Reloaded)
3. série
1. New Hell Old Hell (New Hell Old Hell)
2. New Hope (New Hope)
3. Be Afraid (Be Afraid)
4. No Way Out (No Way Out)
5. One Man, One Truck (One Man, One Truck)
6. Back in the Saddle (Back in the Saddle)
7. Red Hot Wrecks (Red Hot Wrecks)
8. Uphill Battle (Uphill Battle)
9. Snowmageddon (Snowmageddon)
10. Prove Yourself (Prove Yourself)
11. Top Dog, Lone Wolf? (Top Dog, Lone Wolf?)
12. Downhill Slide (Downhill Slide)
13. Arming for Battle (Arming for Battle)
14. New Hell Old Hell Reloaded (New Hell Old Hell Reloaded)
15. New Hope Reloaded (New Hope Reloaded)
16. Be Afraid Reloaded (Be Afraid Reloaded)
17. No Way Out Reloaded (No Way Out Reloaded)
4. série
1. Casualties of War (Casualties of War)
2. Saved on Preacher's Corner (Saved on Preacher's Corner)
3. War Zone (War Zone)
4. Holidays Thru Hell (Holidays Thru Hell)
5. Wreck. Recover. Repeat. (Wreck. Recover. Repeat.)
6. Ice Storm (Ice Storm)
7. You Can't Argue with Gravity (You Can't Argue with Gravity)
8. My Purpose Is To Protect (My Purpose Is To Protect)
9. A Moment's Notice (A Moment's Notice)
10. Immovable Objects (Immovable Objects)
11. Nervous Wreck (Nervous Wreck)
12. Rear View (Rear View)
13. Fork In The Road (Fork In The Road)
5. série
1. Less Is More (Less Is More)
2. Suicide Creek (Suicide Creek)
3. Bridge Out (Bridge Out)
4. Wind Storm (Wind Storm)
5. Christmas Wrap (Christmas Wrap)
6. In Deep (In Deep)
7. Man Against Machine (Man Against Machine)
8. Crossroads (Crossroads)
9. Pick Up Sticks (Pick Up Sticks)
10. Family Matters (Family Matters)
11. All Nighter (All Nighter)
12. Heavy Duty (Heavy Duty)
13. Long Way Down (Long Way Down)
6. série
1. Unfinished Business (Unfinished Business)
2. Unfinished Business (Unfinished Business)
3. Gate Crasher (Gate Crasher)
4. Slippery Slope (Slippery Slope)
5. Perfect Storm (Perfect Storm)
6. Python Unleashed (Python Unleashed)
7. Hell Of A Ride (Hell Of A Ride)
8. Reading The Road (Reading The Road)
9. Snowbound (Snowbound)
10. Junior's Job (Junior's Job)