Kenan & Kel

Kenan & Kel (Kenan & Kel)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. The Tainting of the Screw (The Tainting of the Screw)
3. Doing Things the Hemingway (Doing Things the Hemingway)
4. Mental Kel-Epathy (Mental Kel-Epathy)
5. Duh Bomb (Duh Bomb)
6. Mo' Sweater Blues (Mo' Sweater Blues)
7. Diamonds Are for Roger (Diamonds Are for Roger)
8. The Cold War (The Cold War)
9. In the Line of Kenan (In the Line of Kenan)
10. Dial O for Oops (Dial O for Oops)
11. Merry Christmas, Kenan (Merry Christmas, Kenan)
12. Baggin' Saggin' Kel (Baggin' Saggin' Kel)
13. Safe and Sorry (Safe and Sorry)
14. Twizzles Fizzles (Twizzles Fizzles)
2. série
1. Pair-Rental Guidance (Pair-Rental Guidance)
2. Clowning Around (Clowning Around)
3. The Lottery (The Lottery)
4. Who Loves Orange Soda? (Who Loves Orange Soda?)
5. Haven't Got Time for the Paint (Haven't Got Time for the Paint)
6. A Star Is Peeved (A Star Is Peeved)
7. Ditch Day Afternoon (Ditch Day Afternoon)
8. Get the Kel Outta Here (Get the Kel Outta Here)
9. Foul Bull (Foul Bull)
10. The Crush (The Crush)
11. Turkey Day (Turkey Day)
12. Bye-Bye Kenan: Part 1 (Bye-Bye Kenan: Part 1)
13. Bye-Bye Kenan: Part 2 (Bye-Bye Kenan: Part 2)
3. série
1. Skunkator vs. Mothman (Skunkator vs. Mothman)
2. Fenced In (Fenced In)
3. The Raffle (The Raffle)
4. Chicago Witch Trials (Chicago Witch Trials)
5. To Catch a Thief (To Catch a Thief)
6. Happy B-Day Marc (Happy B-Day Marc)
7. I.Q. Can Do Better (I.Q. Can Do Better)
8. Attack of the Bugman (Attack of the Bugman)
9. Surprise, Surprise (Surprise, Surprise)
10. You Dirty Rat (You Dirty Rat)
11. Freezer Burned (Freezer Burned)
12. Present Tense (Present Tense)
13. Housesitter (Housesitter)
14. I'm Gonna Get You Kenan (I'm Gonna Get You Kenan)
15. The Limo (The Limo)
16. The Contest (The Contest)
17. Picture Imperfect (Picture Imperfect)
18. He Got Job (He Got Job)
19. Clothes Encounters (Clothes Encounters)
20. We Are Chimpions (We Are Chimpions)
21. Who Loves Who-ooh? (Who Loves Who-ooh?)
22. Poem Sweet Poem (Poem Sweet Poem)
4. série
1. Corporate Kenan (Corporate Kenan)
2. The Honeymoon's Over (The Honeymoon's Over)
3. Girl-Watchers (Girl-Watchers)
4. Car Trouble (Car Trouble)
5. Three Girls, a Guy and a Cineplex (Three Girls, a Guy and a Cineplex)
6. Natural Born Kenan (Natural Born Kenan)
7. The Graduates (The Graduates)
8. Aww, Here It Goes to Hollywood: Part 1 (Aww, Here It Goes to Hollywood: Part 1)
9. Aww, Here It Goes to Hollywood: Part 2 (Aww, Here It Goes to Hollywood: Part 2)
10. Oh, Brother (Oh, Brother)
11. Futurama (Futurama)
12. The April Fools (The April Fools)
13. Tales from the Clip (Tales from the Clip)