Kraft Television Theatre

Kraft Television Theatre (Kraft Television Theatre) — 1. série
Chceš seriál do oblíbených? Tak se přihlas!
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1. série
1. Double Door (Double Door)
2. Merton of the Movies (Merton of the Movies)
3. The Doll's House (The Doll's House)
4. Laburnum Grove (Laburnum Grove)
5. Mr. Pim Passes By (Mr. Pim Passes By)
6. Payment Deferred (Payment Deferred)
7. January Thaw (January Thaw)
8. The Importance of Being Earnest (The Importance of Being Earnest)
9. The Truth About Blayds (The Truth About Blayds)
10. Alternating Current (Alternating Current)
11. Only the Heart (Only the Heart)
12. Spring Green (Spring Green)
13. Alison's House (Alison's House)
14. The Wind is Ninety (The Wind is Ninety)
15. No Way Out (No Way Out)
16. Captain Applejack (Captain Applejack)
17. She Stoops to Conquer (She Stoops to Conquer)
18. Barchester Towers (Barchester Towers)
19. The Silver Cord (The Silver Cord)
20. The Royal Family (The Royal Family)
21. Minick (Minick)
22. The Fourth Wall (The Fourth Wall)
2. série
1. Her Husband's Wife (Her Husband's Wife)
2. Great Day (Great Day)
3. Suppressed Desires (Suppressed Desires)
4. The Truth Game (The Truth Game)
5. Criminal at Large (Criminal at Large)
6. Biography (Biography)
7. Old Lady Robbins (Old Lady Robbins)
8. The Detour (The Detour)
9. The Ivory Door (The Ivory Door)
10. Wuthering Heights (Wuthering Heights)
11. The Dover Road (The Dover Road)
12. The Flashing Stream (The Flashing Stream)
13. The Old Soak (The Old Soak)
14. Hansel and Gretel (Hansel and Gretel)
15. Meet the Prince (Meet the Prince)
16. To Catch the Wind (To Catch the Wind)
17. Miranda (Miranda)
18. Duet for Two Hands (Duet for Two Hands)
19. There's Always Juliet (There's Always Juliet)
20. Her Master's Voice (Her Master's Voice)
21. The Gramercy Ghost (The Gramercy Ghost)
22. Room Service (Room Service)
23. The Flying Gerardos (The Flying Gerardos)
24. Bill of Divorcement (Bill of Divorcement)
25. The Arrival of Kitty (The Arrival of Kitty)
26. Consider Lily (Consider Lily)
27. Village Green (Village Green)
28. Wicked Is the Vine (Wicked Is the Vine)
29. As Husbands Go (As Husbands Go)
30. The Miracle of Chickerston (The Miracle of Chickerston)
31. The Whole Town's Talking (The Whole Town's Talking)
32. Green Stockings (Green Stockings)
33. Adam and Eva (Adam and Eva)
34. The Oath of Hippocrates (The Oath of Hippocrates)
35. Big Hearted Herbert (Big Hearted Herbert)
36. Autumn Fire (Autumn Fire)
37. The Elephant Shepherd (The Elephant Shepherd)
38. Payment Deferred (Payment Deferred)
39. Little Brown Jug (Little Brown Jug)
40. Pink Strings and Sealing Wax (Pink Strings and Sealing Wax)
41. Baby Mine (Baby Mine)
42. Within the Law (Within the Law)
43. A Young Man's Fancy (A Young Man's Fancy)
44. The Curtain Rises (The Curtain Rises)
45. Time for Elizabeth (Time for Elizabeth)
46. Heaven and Charing Cross (Heaven and Charing Cross)
47. The Misleading Lady (The Misleading Lady)
48. Mr. Pim Passes By (Mr. Pim Passes By)
49. Where the Dear Antelope Play (Where the Dear Antelope Play)
50. Bedelia (Bedelia)
51. Respectfully Yours (Respectfully Yours)
52. Little Darling (Little Darling)
3. série
1. The Man in Half Moon Street (The Man in Half Moon Street)
2. Climax (Climax)
3. Apple of His Eye (Apple of His Eye)
4. Your Friendly Nabors (Your Friendly Nabors)
5. Accidentally Yours (Accidentally Yours)
6. To Dream Again (To Dream Again)
7. Whistling in the Dark (Whistling in the Dark)
8. Happy Ending (Happy Ending)
9. The Happiest Years (The Happiest Years)
10. In Love with Love (In Love with Love)
11. Seen But Not Heard (Seen But Not Heard)
12. The Comedy of Errors (The Comedy of Errors)
13. The Nantucket Legend (The Nantucket Legend)
14. The Glove (The Glove)
15. New Brooms (New Brooms)
16. The Naborly Feeling (The Naborly Feeling)
17. As Husbands Go (As Husbands Go)
18. The Vinegar Tree (The Vinegar Tree)
19. Kelly (Kelly)
20. The Old Ladies (The Old Ladies)
21. The Dark Tower (The Dark Tower)
22. The Silent Room (The Silent Room)
23. Valley Forge (Valley Forge)
24. Mrs. Moonlight (Mrs. Moonlight)
25. The Nineteenth Hole (The Nineteenth Hole)
26. Ladies in Retirement (Ladies in Retirement)
27. The Queen's Husband (The Queen's Husband)
28. The Copperhead (The Copperhead)
29. A Doll's House (A Doll's House)
30. The Lucky Finger (The Lucky Finger)
31. Make Way for Lucia (Make Way for Lucia)
32. Black Sheep (Black Sheep)
33. The Fourth Step (The Fourth Step)
34. Macbeth (Macbeth)
35. Storm in a Teacup (Storm in a Teacup)
36. The House Beautiful (The House Beautiful)
37. The Luck of Guldeford (The Luck of Guldeford)
38. The Doctor in Spite of Himself (The Doctor in Spite of Himself)
39. Good Housekeeping (Good Housekeeping)
40. Noah (Noah)
41. The Wind Is Ninety (The Wind Is Ninety)
42. Jeannie (Jeannie)
43. Murder on the Nile (Murder on the Nile)
44. Accent on Youth (Accent on Youth)
45. Mr Barry's Etchings (Mr Barry's Etchings)
46. January Thaw (January Thaw)
47. Feathers in a Gale (Feathers in a Gale)
48. September Tide (September Tide)
49. The First Mrs. Fraser (The First Mrs. Fraser)
50. The Detour (The Detour)
51. The Last Trump (The Last Trump)
52. The Great Big Doorstep (The Great Big Doorstep)
53. The Last Stop (The Last Stop)
4. série
1. The Green Pack (The Green Pack)
2. I Like It Here (I Like It Here)
3. The Great Broxopp (The Great Broxopp)
4. Old Lady Robbins (Old Lady Robbins)
5. Truant in Park Lane (Truant in Park Lane)
6. Dolphin's Beach (Dolphin's Beach)
7. Sixteen (Sixteen)
8. The Romantic Age (The Romantic Age)
9. The Romantic Young Lady (The Romantic Young Lady)
10. Windows (Windows)
11. Short Story (Short Story)
12. Michael and Mary (Michael and Mary)
13. The Village Green (The Village Green)
14. Rip Van Winkle (Rip Van Winkle)
15. Paper Moon (Paper Moon)
16. Kelly (Kelly)
17. The Best Years (The Best Years)
18. The Spring Green (The Spring Green)
19. The Sound of Hunting (The Sound of Hunting)
20. The Glass Mountain (The Glass Mountain)
21. Enraged (Enraged)
22. The Fortune Hunter (The Fortune Hunter)
23. Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)
24. Delicate Story (Delicate Story)
25. On Stage (On Stage)
26. Of Famous Memory (Of Famous Memory)
27. The Silent Room (The Silent Room)
28. Yours Truly (Yours Truly)
29. Mrs. Dane's Defense (Mrs. Dane's Defense)
30. Mr. Mergenthwirker's Lobbie (Mr. Mergenthwirker's Lobbie)
31. Brief Music (Brief Music)
32. Brief Candle (Brief Candle)
33. Till Death Do Us Part (Till Death Do Us Part)
34. The Intimate Strangers (The Intimate Strangers)
35. A Play for Mary (A Play for Mary)
36. Ben Franklin (Ben Franklin)
37. A Seacoast in Bohemia (A Seacoast in Bohemia)
38. Stranglehold (Stranglehold)
39. Only the Heart (Only the Heart)
40. Merry Madness (Merry Madness)
41. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)
42. Vienna Dateline (Vienna Dateline)
43. Zone Four (Zone Four)
44. Bright Shadow (Bright Shadow)
45. Hilda McKay (Hilda McKay)
46. Old Doc (Old Doc)
47. John Wilkes Booth (John Wilkes Booth)
48. With Raymond Rice (With Raymond Rice)
49. Ashes in the Wind (Ashes in the Wind)
50. The Easy Mark (The Easy Mark)
5. série
1. The Tale of the Wolf (The Tale of the Wolf)
2. The Wren (The Wren)
3. The Climax (The Climax)
4. Irish Eyes (Irish Eyes)
5. Seen But Not Heard (Seen But Not Heard)
6. Moon Over Mulberry Street (Moon Over Mulberry Street)
7. Intolerance (Intolerance)
8. Hour of Crisis (Hour of Crisis)
9. Justice (Justice)
10. Never Be the Same (Never Be the Same)
11. Dear Brutus (Dear Brutus)
12. The Fair Haired Boy (The Fair Haired Boy)
13. Loyalties (Loyalties)
14. The Golden Slate (The Golden Slate)
15. Incident on Fifth Avenue (Incident on Fifth Avenue)
16. The Nantucket Legend (The Nantucket Legend)
17. The New Gossoon (The New Gossoon)
18. Philip Goes Forth (Philip Goes Forth)
19. The Round Table (The Round Table)
20. The Peaceful Warrior (The Peaceful Warrior)
21. Mrs. O'Brien Entertains (Mrs. O'Brien Entertains)
22. Follow the Dream (Follow the Dream)
23. The Skin Game (The Skin Game)
24. The Mollusc (The Mollusc)
25. September Tide (September Tide)
26. What Anne Brought Home (What Anne Brought Home)
27. The Thief (The Thief)
28. The Bride the Sun Shines On (The Bride the Sun Shines On)
29. The Rugged Path (The Rugged Path)
30. That Ryan Girl (That Ryan Girl)
31. The Last Mile (The Last Mile)
32. Green Cars Go East (Green Cars Go East)
33. The Summit (The Summit)
34. The Man in Half Moon Street (The Man in Half Moon Street)
35. She Stoops to Conquer (She Stoops to Conquer)
36. The Inn (The Inn)
37. Prologue to Glory (Prologue to Glory)
38. The Third Visitor (The Third Visitor)
39. At Mrs. Beam's (At Mrs. Beam's)
40. The Cricket on the Hearth (The Cricket on the Hearth)
41. The Death of Kid Slawson (The Death of Kid Slawson)
42. Thorn in the Flesh (Thorn in the Flesh)
43. A Time for Turning (A Time for Turning)
44. The Great Big Doorstep (The Great Big Doorstep)
45. The Music Master (The Music Master)
46. Six by Six (Six by Six)
47. Lace on Her Petticoat (Lace on Her Petticoat)
48. Indian Summer (Indian Summer)
49. The Small House (The Small House)
50. Mr. Barry's Etchings (Mr. Barry's Etchings)
51. Letters to Lucerne (Letters to Lucerne)
52. The Grass Harp (The Grass Harp)
53. Background (Background)
6. série
1. Michael and Mary (Michael and Mary)
2. The New Tenant (The New Tenant)
3. A Kiss for Cinderella (A Kiss for Cinderella)
4. A Long Night in Forty Miles (A Long Night in Forty Miles)
5. The Divine Drudge (The Divine Drudge)
6. Melody Jones (Melody Jones)
7. Hilda McKay (Hilda McKay)
8. The Quiet Wedding (The Quiet Wedding)
9. Mr. Lazarus (Mr. Lazarus)
10. The Iron Gate (The Iron Gate)
11. The Intimate Strangers (The Intimate Strangers)
12. The Guest (The Guest)
13. A Christmas Carol (A Christmas Carol)
14. The Paper Moon (The Paper Moon)
15. The Fire Below and the Devil Above (The Fire Below and the Devil Above)
16. Zone Four (Zone Four)
17. A Square Peg (A Square Peg)
18. Duet (Duet)
19. The Cheese Game (The Cheese Game)
20. Right You Are! (Right You Are!)
21. Snooksie (Snooksie)
22. Star Bright (Star Bright)
23. My Brother's Keeper (My Brother's Keeper)
24. So Very Young (So Very Young)
25. Autumn Story (Autumn Story)
26. Miss Mabel (Miss Mabel)
27. The Summer Place (The Summer Place)
28. Next of Kin (Next of Kin)
29. Rain No More (Rain No More)
30. The New Servant (The New Servant)
31. Hoodlums with a Halo (Hoodlums with a Halo)
32. The Sixth Anniversary Show (The Sixth Anniversary Show)
33. Final Edition (Final Edition)
34. One Left Over (One Left Over)
35. The Twilight Rounds (The Twilight Rounds)
36. The Ascent of P.J. O'Hara (The Ascent of P.J. O'Hara)
37. Boy of Mine (Boy of Mine)
38. The Rainy Day (The Rainy Day)
39. The Diehard (The Diehard)
40. The House Beautiful (The House Beautiful)
41. The Blind Spot (The Blind Spot)
42. The Adventures of the Kind Mr. Smith (The Adventures of the Kind Mr. Smith)
43. The Intruder (The Intruder)
44. Old Macdonald Had a Curve (Old Macdonald Had a Curve)
45. Day of the Vision (Day of the Vision)
46. In Albert's Room (In Albert's Room)
47. The Blues for Joey Menotti (The Blues for Joey Menotti)
7. série
1. Quite a Guy (Quite a Guy)
2. Double in Ivory (Double in Ivory)
3. Her Father's Butler (Her Father's Butler)
4. Corinth House (Corinth House)
5. Lobblies Never Lie (Lobblies Never Lie)
6. Cap'n Jonas (Cap'n Jonas)
7. Keep Our Honor Bright (Keep Our Honor Bright)
8. The Picket Fence (The Picket Fence)
9. The Threshold (The Threshold)
10. Dream House (Dream House)
11. A Long Time Till Dawn (A Long Time Till Dawn)
12. The Gate (The Gate)
13. Gavin (Gavin)
14. The Rose Garden (The Rose Garden)
15. A Room and a Half (A Room and a Half)
16. To Live in Peace (To Live in Peace)
17. Rip Van Winkle (Rip Van Winkle)
18. A Cup of Kindness (A Cup of Kindness)
19. The Thankful Heart (The Thankful Heart)
20. The Atherton Boy (The Atherton Boy)
21. One Man in a Million (One Man in a Million)
22. The Antique Touch (The Antique Touch)
23. The Missing Years (The Missing Years)
24. The Barn (The Barn)
25. The Cuckoo Clock (The Cuckoo Clock)
26. Gallin--All American (Gallin--All American)
27. Two Weeks in the Country (Two Weeks in the Country)
28. The Picture Window (The Picture Window)
29. You Touched Me! (You Touched Me!)
30. Pardon My Prisoner (Pardon My Prisoner)
31. A Hat for Winter (A Hat for Winter)
32. Mr. Candido (Mr. Candido)
33. The People Next Door (The People Next Door)
34. The Little Gods Sell Tamales (The Little Gods Sell Tamales)
35. Dr. Rainwater Goes A-Courtin' (Dr. Rainwater Goes A-Courtin')
36. Alice in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)
37. The Stake (The Stake)
38. A Touch of Summer (A Touch of Summer)
39. The Scarlet Letter (The Scarlet Letter)
40. Citizen Miller (Citizen Miller)
41. Romeo and Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)
42. The Man Who Took to His Bed (The Man Who Took to His Bed)
43. The Long Road Home (The Long Road Home)
44. The Man Most Likely (The Man Most Likely)
45. Wish Tonight (Wish Tonight)
46. An American Lyric (An American Lyric)
47. Knight in a Business Suit (Knight in a Business Suit)
48. Edie and the Princess (Edie and the Princess)
49. The Happy Touch (The Happy Touch)
50. Charm Bracelet (Charm Bracelet)
51. The Worried Man's Blues (The Worried Man's Blues)
52. Short Story (Short Story)
53. Kidnapped (Kidnapped)
54. Party for Jonathan (Party for Jonathan)
55. The Witch Child (The Witch Child)
56. The Light Is Cold (The Light Is Cold)
8. série
1. A Simple Matter (A Simple Matter)
2. The Office Dance (The Office Dance)
3. Papa Was a Sport (Papa Was a Sport)
4. The Luck of Roaring Camp (The Luck of Roaring Camp)
5. Split Level (Split Level)
6. Full of the Old Harry (Full of the Old Harry)
7. The World and the Werners (The World and the Werners)
8. The Independent (The Independent)
9. Emma (Emma)
10. Camille (Camille)
11. Career (Career)
12. Account Rendered (Account Rendered)
13. The Little Stone of God (The Little Stone of God)
14. Strangers in Hiding (Strangers in Hiding)
15. One Hill, One River (One Hill, One River)
16. Patterns (Patterns)
17. The Written Word (The Written Word)
18. Boys Will Be Boys (Boys Will Be Boys)
19. The Skin Game (The Skin Game)
20. Patterns (Patterns)
21. Departure (Departure)
22. The Emperor Jones (The Emperor Jones)
23. Half the World's a Bride (Half the World's a Bride)
24. The Night Watcher (The Night Watcher)
25. Jeannie (Jeannie)
26. The Story of Mary Surratt (The Story of Mary Surratt)
27. The Southwest Corner (The Southwest Corner)
28. Whim of Iron (Whim of Iron)
29. Now, Where Was I? (Now, Where Was I?)
30. Gramercy Ghost (Gramercy Ghost)
31. A Seacoast in Bohemia (A Seacoast in Bohemia)
32. Flowers for 2-B (Flowers for 2-B)
33. Judge Contain's Hotel (Judge Contain's Hotel)
34. The Braveness of Christy Fellon (The Braveness of Christy Fellon)
35. Million Dollar Rookie (Million Dollar Rookie)
36. A Woman for Tony (A Woman for Tony)
37. Someone to Hang (Someone to Hang)
38. My Aunt Daisy (My Aunt Daisy)
39. Drop on the Devil (Drop on the Devil)
40. The Mob (The Mob)
41. Impasse (Impasse)
42. The Straw (The Straw)
43. In the La Banza (In the La Banza)
44. Meet a Body (Meet a Body)
45. Spur of the Moment (Spur of the Moment)
46. Two Times Two (Two Times Two)
47. The Failure (The Failure)
48. The Haunted (The Haunted)
49. The Chess Game (The Chess Game)
50. Woman of Principle (Woman of Principle)
51. It's Only Money (It's Only Money)
52. The King's Bounty (The King's Bounty)
9. série
1. The Diamond as Big as the Ritz (The Diamond as Big as the Ritz)
2. The Beautiful Time (The Beautiful Time)
3. Trucks Welcome (Trucks Welcome)
4. I, Mrs. Bibb (I, Mrs. Bibb)
5. One (One)
6. Number Four with Flowers (Number Four with Flowers)
7. The Ticket and the Tempest (The Ticket and the Tempest)
8. Summer's End (Summer's End)
9. Day of Judgment (Day of Judgment)
10. Once a Genius (Once a Genius)
11. Lady Ruth (Lady Ruth)
12. A Nugget from the Sunrise (A Nugget from the Sunrise)
13. A Christmas Dinner (A Christmas Dinner)
14. Eleven O'Clock Flight (Eleven O'Clock Flight)
15. The Thieving Magpie (The Thieving Magpie)
16. The Sears Girl (The Sears Girl)
17. The Devil as a Roaring Lion (The Devil as a Roaring Lion)
18. Home Is the Hero (Home Is the Hero)
19. Five Minutes to Live (Five Minutes to Live)
20. Good Old Charlie Faye (Good Old Charlie Faye)
21. The Man on Roller Skates (The Man on Roller Skates)
22. Snapfinger Creek (Snapfinger Creek)
23. Bobbie (Bobbie)
24. The Fool Killer (The Fool Killer)
25. The Lost Weekend (The Lost Weekend)
26. A Night to Remember (A Night to Remember)
27. Paper Foxhole (Paper Foxhole)
28. The Last Showdown (The Last Showdown)
29. No Riders (No Riders)
30. The Gentle Grafter (The Gentle Grafter)
31. A Night to Remember (A Night to Remember)
32. Death Is a Spanish Dancer (Death Is a Spanish Dancer)
33. A Profile in Courage (A Profile in Courage)
34. Bedroom Twelve on the Appalachian Waterfall (Bedroom Twelve on the Appalachian Waterfall)
35. Box 704 (Box 704)
36. The Night of May Third (The Night of May Third)
37. Boy in a Cage (Boy in a Cage)
38. Flying Object at Three O'Clock High (Flying Object at Three O'Clock High)
39. Starfish (Starfish)
40. Tear Open the Skies (Tear Open the Skies)
41. Long Arm (Long Arm)
42. Babies for Sale (Babies for Sale)
43. Prairie Night (Prairie Night)
44. One Way West (One Way West)
45. Anna Santonello (Anna Santonello)
46. The Magic Box (The Magic Box)
47. The Girls Who Saw Too Much (The Girls Who Saw Too Much)
48. Mock Trial (Mock Trial)
49. Shadow of Evil (Shadow of Evil)
10. série
1. Out to Kill (Out to Kill)
2. The Plunge (The Plunge)
3. The Life of Mickey Mantle (The Life of Mickey Mantle)
4. The Murder of a Sand Flea (The Murder of a Sand Flea)
5. I Am Fifteen and Don't Want to Die (I Am Fifteen and Don't Want to Die)
6. Ten Grapefruit to Lisbon (Ten Grapefruit to Lisbon)
7. Hit and Run (Hit and Run)
8. Shadow of Suspicion (Shadow of Suspicion)
9. Before It's Too Late (Before It's Too Late)
10. The Day of the Hunter (The Day of the Hunter)
11. Time Lock (Time Lock)
12. The Ninth Hour (The Ninth Hour)
13. Teddy Bear (Teddy Bear)
14. The Wonderful Gift (The Wonderful Gift)
15. The Just and the Unjust (The Just and the Unjust)
16. Hang Up My Guns (Hang Up My Guns)
17. Six Hours of Terror (Six Hours of Terror)
18. No Warning (No Warning)
19. Most Blessed Woman (Most Blessed Woman)
20. The Singin' Idol (The Singin' Idol)
21. The Discoverers (The Discoverers)
22. The Man Who Couldn't Say No (The Man Who Couldn't Say No)
23. Give Me the Courage (Give Me the Courage)
24. A Travel from Brussels (A Travel from Brussels)
25. The Duel (The Duel)
26. Collision (Collision)
27. Night of the Plague (Night of the Plague)
28. Sheriff's Man (Sheriff's Man)
29. The Medallion (The Medallion)
30. A Matter of Life (A Matter of Life)
31. A Night of Rain (A Night of Rain)
32. Drummer Man (Drummer Man)
33. Flesh and Blood (Flesh and Blood)
34. The Glass Wall (The Glass Wall)
35. Man of Prey (Man of Prey)
36. All Those Beautiful Girls (All Those Beautiful Girls)
37. The Roaring Twentieth (The Roaring Twentieth)
38. Fire and Ice (Fire and Ice)
39. Nothing Personal (Nothing Personal)
40. The Curly Headed Kid (The Curly Headed Kid)
41. The Long Flight (The Long Flight)
42. The First and the Last (The First and the Last)
43. The Big Break (The Big Break)
44. Welcome to a Stranger (Welcome to a Stranger)
45. Success! (Success!)
46. Sextuplets (Sextuplets)
47. Circle of Fear (Circle of Fear)
48. Ride into Danger (Ride into Danger)
49. Sing a Song (Sing a Song)
50. Triumph (Triumph)
51. The Old Ticket (The Old Ticket)
52. The Killer Instinct (The Killer Instinct)
11. série
1. Vengeance (Vengeance)
2. Barefoot Soldier (Barefoot Soldier)
3. Smart Boy (Smart Boy)
4. A Cook for Mr. General (A Cook for Mr. General)
5. Man in a Trance (Man in a Trance)
6. Gun at a Fair One (Gun at a Fair One)
7. The Category Is Murder (The Category Is Murder)
8. The Big Heist (The Big Heist)
9. The Sound of Trouble (The Sound of Trouble)
10. Come to Me (Come to Me)
11. Heroes Walk on Sand (Heroes Walk on Sand)
12. Polka (Polka)
13. The Other Wise Man (The Other Wise Man)
14. The Battle for Wednesday Night (The Battle for Wednesday Night)
15. The Velvet Trap (The Velvet Trap)
16. Code of the Corner (Code of the Corner)
17. Eddie (Eddie)
18. Run, Joe, Run (Run, Joe, Run)
19. The Spell of the Tigress (The Spell of the Tigress)
20. Material Witness (Material Witness)
21. The Woman at High Hollow (The Woman at High Hollow)
22. Dog in a Bus Tunnel (Dog in a Bus Tunnel)
23. The Sea Is Boiling Hot (The Sea Is Boiling Hot)
24. Look What's Going On (Look What's Going On)
25. Angry Angel (Angry Angel)
26. The Man in Authority (The Man in Authority)
27. Three Plays by Tennessee Williams: Moony's Kid Don't Cry (Three Plays by Tennessee Williams: Moony's Kid Don't Cry)
28. Angry Harvest (Angry Harvest)
29. Fifty Grand (Fifty Grand)
30. The Outcasts of Poker Flat (The Outcasts of Poker Flat)
31. All the King's Men: Part 1 (All the King's Men: Part 1)
32. All the King's Men: Part 2 (All the King's Men: Part 2)
33. A Boy Called Ciske (A Boy Called Ciske)
34. The Last of the Belles (The Last of the Belles)
35. Killer's Choice (Killer's Choice)
36. Now Will You Try for Murder? (Now Will You Try for Murder?)
37. The Eighty Seventh Precinct (The Eighty Seventh Precinct)
38. Next Door to Death (Next Door to Death)
39. Cop Killer (Cop Killer)
40. The Man Who Didn't Fly (The Man Who Didn't Fly)
41. Focus on Murder (Focus on Murder)
42. Death Wears Many Faces (Death Wears Many Faces)
43. Death for Sale (Death for Sale)
44. Night Cry (Night Cry)
45. We Haven't Seen Her Lately (We Haven't Seen Her Lately)
46. Web of Guilt (Web of Guilt)
47. Back Track (Back Track)
48. Trick or Treat (Trick or Treat)
49. A Cup of Kindness (A Cup of Kindness)
50. Riddle of a Lady (Riddle of a Lady)
51. Presumption of Innocence (Presumption of Innocence)