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Lux Video Theatre (Lux Video Theatre)
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1. série
1. Saturday's Children (Saturday's Children)
2. Rosalind (Rosalind)
3. Shadow on the Heart (Shadow on the Heart)
4. The Valiant (The Valiant)
5. Mine to Have (Mine to Have)
6. That Wonderful Night (That Wonderful Night)
7. Gallant Lady (Gallant Lady)
8. Goodnight, Please (Goodnight, Please)
9. The Token (The Token)
10. To Thine Own Self (To Thine Own Self)
11. The Lovely Menace (The Lovely Menace)
12. Down Bayou DuBac (Down Bayou DuBac)
13. A Child Is Born (A Child Is Born)
14. A Well-Remembered Voice (A Well-Remembered Voice)
15. The Purple Doorknob (The Purple Doorknob)
16. Purple and Fine Linen (Purple and Fine Linen)
17. Manhattan Pastorale (Manhattan Pastorale)
18. The Shiny People (The Shiny People)
19. The Choir Rehearsal (The Choir Rehearsal)
20. Abe Lincoln in Illinois (Abe Lincoln in Illinois)
21. To the Lovely Margaret (To the Lovely Margaret)
22. The Irish Drifter (The Irish Drifter)
23. Not Guilty - Of Much (Not Guilty - Of Much)
24. Long Distance (Long Distance)
25. No Shoes (No Shoes)
26. The Treasure Trove (The Treasure Trove)
27. The Old Lady Shows Her Medals (The Old Lady Shows Her Medals)
28. Column Item (Column Item)
29. Heritage of Wimpole Street (Heritage of Wimpole Street)
30. Hit and Run (Hit and Run)
31. The Speech (The Speech)
32. The Sire de Maletroit's Door (The Sire de Maletroit's Door)
33. Local Storm (Local Storm)
34. Wild Geese (Wild Geese)
35. Sweet Sorrow (Sweet Sorrow)
36. Consider the Lillies (Consider the Lillies)
37. Weather for Today (Weather for Today)
38. Inside Story (Inside Story)
39. The Promise (The Promise)
2. série
1. The Pacing Goose (The Pacing Goose)
2. Forever Walking Free (Forever Walking Free)
3. It's a Promise (It's a Promise)
4. A Family Affair (A Family Affair)
5. A Matter of Life (A Matter of Life)
6. Grandma Was an Actress (Grandma Was an Actress)
7. Route 19 (Route 19)
8. Cafe Ami (Cafe Ami)
9. The Twinkle in Her Eye (The Twinkle in Her Eye)
10. The Doctor's Wife (The Doctor's Wife)
11. Confession (Confession)
12. No Will of His Own (No Will of His Own)
13. Stolen Years (Stolen Years)
14. Dames Are Poison (Dames Are Poison)
15. Tin Badge (Tin Badge)
16. Second Sight (Second Sight)
17. The Blues Street (The Blues Street)
18. A Child Is Born (A Child Is Born)
19. The Jest of Hahalaba (The Jest of Hahalaba)
20. Mr. Finchley Versus the Bomb (Mr. Finchley Versus the Bomb)
21. Ceylon Treasure (Ceylon Treasure)
22. The Sound of Waves Breaking (The Sound of Waves Breaking)
23. For Goodness Sake (For Goodness Sake)
24. Kelly (Kelly)
25. The Game of Chess (The Game of Chess)
26. Life, Liberty and Orrin Dudley (Life, Liberty and Orrin Dudley)
27. The Bargain (The Bargain)
28. Night Be Quiet (Night Be Quiet)
29. The Promotion (The Promotion)
30. The Foggy, Foggy Dew (The Foggy, Foggy Dew)
31. Julie (Julie)
32. The Taste (The Taste)
33. Man at Bay (Man at Bay)
34. Decision (Decision)
35. Operation Weekend (Operation Weekend)
36. Salad Days (Salad Days)
37. Masquerade (Masquerade)
38. Marriage Is the Beginning (Marriage Is the Beginning)
39. Ferry Crisis at Friday Point (Ferry Crisis at Friday Point)
40. Pattern for Glory (Pattern for Glory)
41. Garneau '83 (Garneau '83)
42. The Lesson (The Lesson)
43. Gilia (Gilia)
44. Welcome Home, Lefty (Welcome Home, Lefty)
45. I Can't Remember (I Can't Remember)
46. Lady from Washington (Lady from Washington)
47. Son Wanted (Son Wanted)
48. Brigadier (Brigadier)
49. Two Pale Horsemen (Two Pale Horsemen)
50. Two Make Four (Two Make Four)
51. The Orchard (The Orchard)
52. You Be the Bad Guy (You Be the Bad Guy)
3. série
1. The Magnolia Touch (The Magnolia Touch)
2. The Return of Ulysses (The Return of Ulysses)
3. Ile (Ile)
4. Stone's Throw (Stone's Throw)
5. Happily, But Not Forever (Happily, But Not Forever)
6. A Message for Janice (A Message for Janice)
7. Legacy of Love (Legacy of Love)
8. The Country Lawyer (The Country Lawyer)
9. Three Hours Between Planes (Three Hours Between Planes)
10. The Face of Autumn (The Face of Autumn)
11. Something to Celebrate (Something to Celebrate)
12. The Man Who Struck It Rich (The Man Who Struck It Rich)
13. The Hill (The Hill)
14. Amo, Amas, Amat (Amo, Amas, Amat)
15. Fear (Fear)
16. Song for a Banjo (Song for a Banjo)
17. A Child Is Born (A Child Is Born)
18. The Key (The Key)
19. Two for Tea (Two for Tea)
20. Thanks for a Lovely Evening (Thanks for a Lovely Evening)
21. Ti Babette (Ti Babette)
22. The Inn of Eagles (The Inn of Eagles)
23. The White Gown (The White Gown)
24. A Bouquet for Caroline (A Bouquet for Caroline)
25. Miss Marlowe at Play (Miss Marlowe at Play)
26. Autumn Nocturne (Autumn Nocturne)
27. A Time for Heroes (A Time for Heroes)
28. One of Those Things (One of Those Things)
29. The Wednesday Wish (The Wednesday Wish)
30. One for the Road (One for the Road)
31. The Brooch (The Brooch)
32. With Glory and Honor (With Glory and Honor)
33. Measure for Greatness (Measure for Greatness)
34. Long Distance (Long Distance)
35. The Ascent of Alfred Fishkettle (The Ascent of Alfred Fishkettle)
36. Listen, He's Proposing! (Listen, He's Proposing!)
37. The Betrayer (The Betrayer)
38. Tunnel Job (Tunnel Job)
39. Lost Sunday (Lost Sunday)
40. Ten Days to Forever (Ten Days to Forever)
41. Make Believe Bride (Make Believe Bride)
42. Wind on the Way (Wind on the Way)
43. This Is Jimmy Merrill (This Is Jimmy Merrill)
44. Force of Circumstance (Force of Circumstance)
45. Tango (Tango)
46. The Corporal and the Lady (The Corporal and the Lady)
47. A Man in the Kitchen (A Man in the Kitchen)
48. The Odyssey of Jeffrey Sewell (The Odyssey of Jeffrey Sewell)
49. Something to Live For (Something to Live For)
50. Lovely Day (Lovely Day)
51. Women Who Wait (Women Who Wait)
52. Some Call It Love (Some Call It Love)
53. Message in a Bottle (Message in a Bottle)
54. The Second Meeting (The Second Meeting)
55. Witness for the Prosecution (Witness for the Prosecution)
56. Return to Alsace (Return to Alsace)
57. Anniversary (Anniversary)
4. série
1. The Moon for Linda (The Moon for Linda)
2. Guilty Knowledge (Guilty Knowledge)
3. The Cruel Time (The Cruel Time)
4. The Return of Socko Renard (The Return of Socko Renard)
5. Will Power (Will Power)
6. Lady of Suspicion (Lady of Suspicion)
7. The Moment of the Rose (The Moment of the Rose)
8. Three Just Men (Three Just Men)
9. A Bouquet for Millie (A Bouquet for Millie)
10. Call Off the Wedding (Call Off the Wedding)
11. All Dressed in White (All Dressed in White)
12. The Bachelor of Grandby Oaks (The Bachelor of Grandby Oaks)
13. A Place in the Sun (A Place in the Sun)
14. The Small Glass Bottle (The Small Glass Bottle)
15. Shall Not Perish (Shall Not Perish)
16. Final Round (Final Round)
17. Borrowed Wife (Borrowed Wife)
18. Miracle at the Waldorf (Miracle at the Waldorf)
19. Call Me Mrs. (Call Me Mrs.)
20. The Exposure of Michael O'Reilly (The Exposure of Michael O'Reilly)
21. Spent in Silence (Spent in Silence)
22. The Way I Feel (The Way I Feel)
23. Pick of the Litter (Pick of the Litter)
24. The Girl Who Couldn't Cry (The Girl Who Couldn't Cry)
25. Gavin's Darling (Gavin's Darling)
26. A Chair for a Lady (A Chair for a Lady)
27. Two Dozen Roses (Two Dozen Roses)
28. The Queen's English (The Queen's English)
29. Blind Fury (Blind Fury)
30. I'll Never Love Again (I'll Never Love Again)
31. The Outside Witness (The Outside Witness)
32. Waiting for Onorio (Waiting for Onorio)
33. The Pretext (The Pretext)
34. Perished Leaves (Perished Leaves)
5. série
1. To Each His Own (To Each His Own)
2. Welcome Stranger (Welcome Stranger)
3. Christmas in July (Christmas in July)
4. Hold Back the Dawn (Hold Back the Dawn)
5. The Heiress (The Heiress)
6. Meet Jo Cathcart (Meet Jo Cathcart)
7. The Mansion (The Mansion)
8. A Visit from Evelyn (A Visit from Evelyn)
9. An Angel Went AWOL (An Angel Went AWOL)
10. September Tide (September Tide)
11. Imperfect Lady (Imperfect Lady)
12. Five Star Final (Five Star Final)
13. Captive City (Captive City)
14. A Medal for Benny (A Medal for Benny)
15. Craig's Wife (Craig's Wife)
16. Ladies in Retirement (Ladies in Retirement)
17. Double Indemnity (Double Indemnity)
18. September Affair (September Affair)
19. The Chase (The Chase)
20. Sunset Boulevard (Sunset Boulevard)
21. Penny Serenade (Penny Serenade)
22. Love Letters (Love Letters)
23. So Evil My Love (So Evil My Love)
24. One Foot in Heaven (One Foot in Heaven)
25. A Bell for Adano (A Bell for Adano)
26. The Copperhead (The Copperhead)
27. So Dark the Night (So Dark the Night)
28. Casablanca (Casablanca)
29. The Life of Emile Zola (The Life of Emile Zola)
30. It Grows on Trees (It Grows on Trees)
31. Shadow of a Doubt (Shadow of a Doubt)
32. My Name Is Julia Ross (My Name Is Julia Ross)
33. The Browning Version (The Browning Version)
34. No Sad Songs for Me (No Sad Songs for Me)
35. An Act of Murder (An Act of Murder)
36. The Great McGinty (The Great McGinty)
37. Remember the Night (Remember the Night)
38. Eight Iron Men (Eight Iron Men)
39. Make Way for Tomorrow (Make Way for Tomorrow)
40. Thunder on the Hill (Thunder on the Hill)
41. The Suspect (The Suspect)
42. Lightning Strikes Twice (Lightning Strikes Twice)
43. The Inside Story (The Inside Story)
44. Forever Female (Forever Female)
45. Last Year's Snow (Last Year's Snow)
46. The Creaking Gate (The Creaking Gate)
47. Dark Tribute (Dark Tribute)
48. Desperate Glory (Desperate Glory)
49. The Bride Came C.O.D. (The Bride Came C.O.D.)
50. The Nine-Penny Dream (The Nine-Penny Dream)
51. Perilous Deception (Perilous Deception)
52. Not All Your Tears (Not All Your Tears)
53. June Bride (June Bride)
54. The Last Confession (The Last Confession)
55. The Happy Man (The Happy Man)
56. The Lucky Finger (The Lucky Finger)
57. The Eyes of Father Tomasino (The Eyes of Father Tomasino)
6. série
1. The Enchanted Cottage (The Enchanted Cottage)
2. The Amazing Mrs. Halliday (The Amazing Mrs. Halliday)
3. The Two Dollar Bettor (The Two Dollar Bettor)
4. The Human Jungle (The Human Jungle)
5. The Lady Gambles (The Lady Gambles)
6. Appointment for Love (Appointment for Love)
7. Bedtime Story (Bedtime Story)
8. The Hunted (The Hunted)
9. Miss Susie Slagle's (Miss Susie Slagle's)
10. The Web (The Web)
11. Suspicion (Suspicion)
12. Branded (Branded)
13. Holiday Affair (Holiday Affair)
14. Cover-Up (Cover-Up)
15. Hands Across the Table (Hands Across the Table)
16. The Unfaithful (The Unfaithful)
17. Ivy (Ivy)
18. Witness to Murder (Witness to Murder)
19. The Green Promise (The Green Promise)
20. The Star (The Star)
21. Night Song (Night Song)
22. Hired Wife (Hired Wife)
23. Here Comes the Groom (Here Comes the Groom)
24. Criminal Code (Criminal Code)
25. Little Boy Lost (Little Boy Lost)
26. The Steel Trap (The Steel Trap)
27. It Started with Eve (It Started with Eve)
28. Tabloid (Tabloid)
29. Temptation (Temptation)
30. Betrayed (Betrayed)
31. Impact (Impact)
32. Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (Has Anybody Seen My Gal?)
33. The Night of January Sixteenth (The Night of January Sixteenth)
34. Princess O'Rourke (Princess O'Rourke)
35. Millie's Daughter (Millie's Daughter)
36. Indiscreet (Indiscreet)
37. She Married Her Boss (She Married Her Boss)
38. A House of His Own (A House of His Own)
39. The Corrigan Case (The Corrigan Case)
40. A Yankee Cousin (A Yankee Cousin)
41. A Marriage Day (A Marriage Day)
42. Sting in the Tail (Sting in the Tail)
43. No One to Cry With (No One to Cry With)
44. Miss Mabel (Miss Mabel)
45. The Quick and the Dead (The Quick and the Dead)
46. Rebuke Me Not (Rebuke Me Not)
47. The Wayward Saint (The Wayward Saint)
48. Road of Fear (Road of Fear)
49. The Top Rung (The Top Rung)
7. série
1. Mildred Pierce (Mildred Pierce)
2. Only Yesterday (Only Yesterday)
3. Now, Voyager (Now, Voyager)
4. The Guilty (The Guilty)
5. Flamingo Road (Flamingo Road)
6. Because of You (Because of You)
7. You Can't Escape Forever (You Can't Escape Forever)
8. Jezebel (Jezebel)
9. The Glass Web (The Glass Web)
10. The Gay Sisters (The Gay Sisters)
11. Old Acquaintance (Old Acquaintance)
12. Christmas in Connecticut (Christmas in Connecticut)
13. Hollywood's Musical Holiday Revue (Hollywood's Musical Holiday Revue)
14. Michael and Mary (Michael and Mary)
15. It Happened on Fifth Avenue (It Happened on Fifth Avenue)
16. Just Across the Street (Just Across the Street)
17. To Have and Have Not (To Have and Have Not)
18. Vice Squad (Vice Squad)
19. One Sunday Afternoon (One Sunday Afternoon)
20. The Undesirable (The Undesirable)
21. Dark Victory (Dark Victory)
22. One Way Street (One Way Street)
23. Possessed (Possessed)
24. One Way Passage (One Way Passage)
25. Eileen (Eileen)
26. The Great Lie (The Great Lie)
27. The Black Angel (The Black Angel)
28. Adam Had Four Sons (Adam Had Four Sons)
29. The Taggart Light (The Taggart Light)
30. The Man Who Played God (The Man Who Played God)
31. The Hard Way (The Hard Way)
32. Stand-In for Murder (Stand-In for Murder)
33. Death Do Us Part (Death Do Us Part)
34. The Armed Venus (The Armed Venus)
35. Paris Calling (Paris Calling)
36. Payment in Kind (Payment in Kind)
37. Design for November (Design for November)
38. Edge of Doubt (Edge of Doubt)
39. The Latch Key (The Latch Key)
40. Who Is Picasso? (Who Is Picasso?)
41. The Softest Music (The Softest Music)
42. Summer Return (Summer Return)
43. High Tension (High Tension)
44. Dark Hammock (Dark Hammock)
45. Barren Harvest (Barren Harvest)
46. Judge Not (Judge Not)
47. Diagnosis: Homicide (Diagnosis: Homicide)
48. Old Witch, Old Witch (Old Witch, Old Witch)
49. The Last Act (The Last Act)