Man About the House

Man About the House (Man About the House) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Three's a Crowd (Three's a Crowd)
2. And Mother Makes Four (And Mother Makes Four)
3. Some Enchanted Evening (Some Enchanted Evening)
4. And Then There Were Two (And Then There Were Two)
5. It's Only Money (It's Only Money)
6. Match of the Day (Match of the Day)
7. No Children, No Dogs (No Children, No Dogs)
2. série
1. While the Cat's Away (While the Cat's Away)
2. Colour Me Yellow (Colour Me Yellow)
3. In Praise of Older Men (In Praise of Older Men)
4. Did You Ever Meet Rommel? (Did You Ever Meet Rommel?)
5. Two Foot Two, Eyes of Blue (Two Foot Two, Eyes of Blue)
6. Carry Me Back to Old Southampton (Carry Me Back to Old Southampton)
3. série
1. Cuckoo in the Nest (Cuckoo in the Nest)
2. Come Into My Parlour (Come Into My Parlour)
3. I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me... (I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me...)
4. Of Mice and Women (Of Mice and Women)
5. Somebody Out There Likes Me (Somebody Out There Likes Me)
6. We Shall Not Be Moved (We Shall Not Be Moved)
7. Three of a Kind (Three of a Kind)
4. série
1. Home and Away (Home and Away)
2. One for the Road (One for the Road)
3. All in the Game (All in the Game)
4. Never Give Your Real Name (Never Give Your Real Name)
5. The Tender Trap (The Tender Trap)
6. My Son, My Son (My Son, My Son)
5. série
1. The Last Picture Show (The Last Picture Show)
2. Right Said George (Right Said George)
3. A Little Knowledge (A Little Knowledge)
4. Love and Let Love (Love and Let Love)
5. How Does Your Garden Grow? (How Does Your Garden Grow?)
6. Come Fly with Me (Come Fly with Me)
6. série
1. The Party's Over (The Party's Over)
2. One More for the Pot (One More for the Pot)
3. The Generation Game (The Generation Game)
4. The Sunshine Boys (The Sunshine Boys)
5. Mum Always Liked You Best (Mum Always Liked You Best)
6. Fire Down Below (Fire Down Below)
7. Another Bride, Another Groom (Another Bride, Another Groom)