Most Haunted

Most Haunted (Most Haunted)
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1. série
1. Athelhampton Hall, Dorchester (Athelhampton Hall, Dorchester)
2. Chillingham Castle (Chillingham Castle)
3. Avebury Stones and the Red Lion (Avebury Stones and the Red Lion)
4. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (Theatre Royal, Drury Lane)
5. Leap Castle (Leap Castle)
6. The Ostrich Inn (The Ostrich Inn)
7. Souter Lighthouse (Souter Lighthouse)
8. Charnock Hall (Charnock Hall)
9. Culzean Castle (Culzean Castle)
10. The Mermaid Inn (The Mermaid Inn)
11. Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
12. Treasure Holt (Treasure Holt)
13. Levens Hall (Levens Hall)
14. Aldwych Underground Station (Aldwych Underground Station)
15. Charleville Forest Castle (Charleville Forest Castle)
16. Michelham Priory (Michelham Priory)
17. Most Haunted Live at Halloween: Dudley Castle (Most Haunted Live at Halloween: Dudley Castle)
18. Most Haunted Live at Christmas: Dover Castle (Most Haunted Live at Christmas: Dover Castle)
15. série
8. Blakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster (Blakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster)
9. Saltmarshe Hall, Yorkshire Part 1 (Saltmarshe Hall, Yorkshire Part 1)
16. série
3. Annison Funeral Parlour (Annison Funeral Parlour)
7. Wentworth Woodhouse Part 2 (Wentworth Woodhouse Part 2)
8. Oakwell House (Oakwell House)
9. Knottingley Town Hall (Knottingley Town Hall)
18. série
1. The Royal Court Theatre – Bacup (The Royal Court Theatre – Bacup)
2. Newton House Part 1 – Wales – (Newton House Part 1 – Wales –)
3. Halsham House (Halsham House)
4. Mansion House (Mansion House)
5. Walton Hall (Walton Hall)
6. Oak House (Oak House)
7. Middleton Hall (Middleton Hall)
8. HMP Shrewsbury - Part One (HMP Shrewsbury - Part One)
9. HM Prison Shrewsbury - Part Two (HM Prison Shrewsbury - Part Two)
10. HMP Shrewsbury - Part Three (HMP Shrewsbury - Part Three)
15. Somerleyton Hall (Somerleyton Hall)
19. série
2. Wentworth Woodhouse Stables (Wentworth Woodhouse Stables)
3. The Slaughterhouse (The Slaughterhouse)
4. Todmoreden Church (Todmoreden Church)
5. Weir Mill Stockport (Weir Mill Stockport)
6. The Ripon Workhouse (The Ripon Workhouse)
7. Ripon Prison (Ripon Prison)
8. Standon Hall (Standon Hall)
9. Standon Hall (Part 2) (Standon Hall (Part 2))
10. Standon Hall (Part 3) (Standon Hall (Part 3))
20. série
1. Rowleys House (Rowleys House)
2. The Fleece Inn (The Fleece Inn)
3. Haden Hill House Part One (Haden Hill House Part One)
4. Haden Hill House Part Two (Haden Hill House Part Two)
5. Halloween Special (Halloween Special)
6. The Old House (The Old House)
7. Kethley Bus Museum (Kethley Bus Museum)