Nanny and the Professor

Nanny and the Professor (Nanny and the Professor) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Nanny Will Do (Nanny Will Do)
2. The Wiblet Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out (The Wiblet Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out)
3. The New Butch (The New Butch)
4. The Scientific Approach (The Scientific Approach)
5. The Astronomers (The Astronomers)
6. Spring, Sweet Spring (Spring, Sweet Spring)
7. Nanny on Wheels (Nanny on Wheels)
8. Strictly for the Birds (Strictly for the Birds)
9. The Tyrannosaurus Tibia (The Tyrannosaurus Tibia)
10. I Think That I Shall Never See a Tree (I Think That I Shall Never See a Tree)
11. The Games Families Play (The Games Families Play)
12. An Element of Risk (An Element of Risk)
13. The Philosopher's Stone (The Philosopher's Stone)
14. A Fowl Episode (A Fowl Episode)
15. Nanny and the Smoke-Filled Room (Nanny and the Smoke-Filled Room)
2. série
1. The Human Element (The Human Element)
2. The Haunted House (The Haunted House)
3. Star Bright (Star Bright)
4. E.S. Putt (E.S. Putt)
5. Back to Nature (Back to Nature)
6. A Letter for Nanny (A Letter for Nanny)
7. The Great Broadcast of 1936 (The Great Broadcast of 1936)
8. The Masculine-Feminine Mystique (The Masculine-Feminine Mystique)
9. The India Queen (The India Queen)
10. The Visitor (The Visitor)
11. My Son, the Sitter (My Son, the Sitter)
12. From Butch, with Love (From Butch, with Love)
13. The Humanization of Herbert T. Peabody (The Humanization of Herbert T. Peabody)
14. A Diller, a Dollar (A Diller, a Dollar)
15. Separate Rooms (Separate Rooms)
16. The Human Fly (The Human Fly)
17. The Man Who Came to Pasta (The Man Who Came to Pasta)
18. The Art of Relationships (The Art of Relationships)
19. The Balloon Ladies (The Balloon Ladies)
20. The Prodigy (The Prodigy)
21. How Many Candles? (How Many Candles?)
22. The Unknown Factor (The Unknown Factor)
23. Kid Stuff (Kid Stuff)
24. The Communication Gap (The Communication Gap)
3. série
1. Oh, What a Tangled Web (Oh, What a Tangled Web)
2. The Flower Children (The Flower Children)
3. Sunday's Hero (Sunday's Hero)
4. South Sea Island Sweetheart (South Sea Island Sweetheart)
5. Aunt Henrietta's Premonition (Aunt Henrietta's Premonition)
6. Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh (Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh)
7. Aunt Henrietta and the Jinx (Aunt Henrietta and the Jinx)
8. Nanny and Her Witch's Brew (Nanny and Her Witch's Brew)
9. The Conversion of Brother Ben (The Conversion of Brother Ben)
10. Aunt Henrietta and the Poltergeist (Aunt Henrietta and the Poltergeist)
11. Professor Pygmalion Plays Golf (Professor Pygmalion Plays Golf)
12. The Great Debate (The Great Debate)
13. One for the Road (One for the Road)
14. Good-bye, Arabella, Hello (Good-bye, Arabella, Hello)
15. Whatever Happened to Felicity? (Whatever Happened to Felicity?)