Newhart (Newhart)
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1. série
1. In the Beginning (In the Beginning)
2. Mrs. Newton's Body Lies A-Mould'ring in the Grave (Mrs. Newton's Body Lies A-Mould'ring in the Grave)
3. Hail to the Councilman (Hail to the Councilman)
4. Shall We Gather at the River? (Shall We Gather at the River?)
5. This Probably Is Condemned (This Probably Is Condemned)
6. No Tigers at the Circus (No Tigers at the Circus)
7. The Perfect Match (The Perfect Match)
8. Some Are Born Writers... Others Have Writers Thrust Upon Them (Some Are Born Writers... Others Have Writers Thrust Upon Them)
9. No Room at the Inn (No Room at the Inn)
10. The Senator's Wife Was Indiscreet (The Senator's Wife Was Indiscreet)
11. Sprained Dreams (Sprained Dreams)
12. The Way We Thought We Were (The Way We Thought We Were)
13. The Visitors (The Visitors)
14. What Is This Thing Called Lust? (What Is This Thing Called Lust?)
15. Breakfast Theatre (Breakfast Theatre)
16. Ricky Nelson, Up Your Nose (Ricky Nelson, Up Your Nose)
17. A View from the Bench (A View from the Bench)
18. The Boy Who Cried Goat (The Boy Who Cried Goat)
19. Heaven Knows Mr. Utley (Heaven Knows Mr. Utley)
20. You're Homebody 'til Somebody Loves You (You're Homebody 'til Somebody Loves You)
21. Grandma, What a Big Mouth You Have (Grandma, What a Big Mouth You Have)
22. I Enjoy Being a Guy (I Enjoy Being a Guy)
2. série
1. It Happened One Afternoon (It Happened One Afternoon)
2. It Happened One Afternoon (It Happened One Afternoon)
3. Animal Attractions (Animal Attractions)
4. The Stratford Wives (The Stratford Wives)
5. The Girl from Manhattan (The Girl from Manhattan)
6. Don't Rain on My Parade (Don't Rain on My Parade)
7. Lady & the Tramps (Lady & the Tramps)
8. The Man Who Came Forever (The Man Who Came Forever)
9. The Looks of Love (The Looks of Love)
10. Kirk Goes for the Juggler (Kirk Goes for the Juggler)
11. Jug of Wine, Loaf of Bread & Pow (Jug of Wine, Loaf of Bread & Pow)
12. Cats (Cats)
13. Curious George at the Firehouse (Curious George at the Firehouse)
14. Book Beat (Book Beat)
15. Kirk Pops the Question (Kirk Pops the Question)
16. Best Friends (Best Friends)
17. Kirk Ties One On (Kirk Ties One On)
18. Go, Grandma, Go (Go, Grandma, Go)
19. Leave It to the Beavers (Leave It to the Beavers)
20. Vermont Today (Vermont Today)
21. Send Her Ella (Send Her Ella)
22. New Faces of 1951 (New Faces of 1951)
3. série
1. Tell a Lie, Get a Check (Tell a Lie, Get a Check)
2. Twenty Year Itch (Twenty Year Itch)
3. A Hunting We Will Go (A Hunting We Will Go)
4. Miss Stephanie (Miss Stephanie)
5. But Seriously, Beavers (But Seriously, Beavers)
6. Tickets, Please (Tickets, Please)
7. Poor Reception (Poor Reception)
8. The Fan (The Fan)
9. Happy Trails to You (Happy Trails to You)
10. Georgie's Girl (Georgie's Girl)
11. Pillow Fight (Pillow Fight)
12. Local Hero (Local Hero)
13. Dick Gets Larry's Goat (Dick Gets Larry's Goat)
14. Once I Had a Secret Love (Once I Had a Secret Love)
15. Lady in Wading (Lady in Wading)
16. Look Homeward, Stephanie (Look Homeward, Stephanie)
17. My Fair Larry (My Fair Larry)
18. You're Nobody 'til Somebody Hires You (You're Nobody 'til Somebody Hires You)
19. Out with the New, Inn with the Old (Out with the New, Inn with the Old)
20. R.I.P. Off (R.I.P. Off)
21. The Prodigal Darryl (The Prodigal Darryl)
22. What Makes Dick Run (What Makes Dick Run)
4. série
1. Pirate Pete (Pirate Pete)
2. The Way We Ought to Be (The Way We Ought to Be)
3. Summa Cum Larry (Summa Cum Larry)
4. Oh, That Morocco (Oh, That Morocco)
5. Candidate Larry (Candidate Larry)
6. Locks, Stocks, and Noodlehead (Locks, Stocks, and Noodlehead)
7. The Geezers in the Band (The Geezers in the Band)
8. The Shape of Things (The Shape of Things)
9. Write to Privacy (Write to Privacy)
10. Still the Beavers (Still the Beavers)
11. Much Ado About Mitch (Much Ado About Mitch)
12. Look Ma, No Talent (Look Ma, No Talent)
13. Larry's Dead, Long Live Larry (Larry's Dead, Long Live Larry)
14. Stephanie Nightingale (Stephanie Nightingale)
15. The Stratford Horror Picture Show (The Stratford Horror Picture Show)
16. I Do, Okay? (I Do, Okay?)
17. The Snowmen Cometh (The Snowmen Cometh)
18. Will the Real Dick Loudon Please Shut Up? (Will the Real Dick Loudon Please Shut Up?)
19. He Ain't Human, He's My Cousin (He Ain't Human, He's My Cousin)
20. Dwight Schmidlapp Is Not a Quitter (Dwight Schmidlapp Is Not a Quitter)
21. Torn Between Three Brothers (Torn Between Three Brothers)
22. Baby, I'm Your Handyman (Baby, I'm Your Handyman)
23. Replaceable You (Replaceable You)
24. Pre-Nups (Pre-Nups)
5. série
1. Co-Hostess Twinkie (Co-Hostess Twinkie)
2. Camp Stephanie (Camp Stephanie)
3. Dick the Kid (Dick the Kid)
4. High Fidelity (High Fidelity)
5. Desperately Desiring Susan (Desperately Desiring Susan)
6. Desperately Desiring Susan (Desperately Desiring Susan)
7. My Two and Only (My Two and Only)
8. Thanksgiving for the Memories (Thanksgiving for the Memories)
9. Utley, Can You Spend a Dime? (Utley, Can You Spend a Dime?)
10. Sweet and Sour Charity (Sweet and Sour Charity)
11. Everybody Ought to Have a Maid (Everybody Ought to Have a Maid)
12. Saturday in New York with George (Saturday in New York with George)
13. Love Letters in the Mud (Love Letters in the Mud)
14. The First of the Belles (The First of the Belles)
15. It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To (It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To)
16. Chimes They Are a Changin' (Chimes They Are a Changin')
17. Unfriendly Persuasion (Unfriendly Persuasion)
18. Jail, Jail, the Gang's All Here (Jail, Jail, the Gang's All Here)
19. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Loudon (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Loudon)
20. Fun with Dick and Joanna (Fun with Dick and Joanna)
21. Night Moves (Night Moves)
22. Harris Ankles PIV for Web Post (Harris Ankles PIV for Web Post)
23. Good-Bye & Good Riddance, Mr. Chips (Good-Bye & Good Riddance, Mr. Chips)
24. Much to Do Without Muffin (Much to Do Without Muffin)
6. série
1. Here's to You, Mrs. Loudon (Here's to You, Mrs. Loudon)
2. Prima Darryl (Prima Darryl)
3. Inn This Corner (Inn This Corner)
4. Me and My Gayle (Me and My Gayle)
5. Reading, Writing, and Rating Points (Reading, Writing, and Rating Points)
6. Vintage Stephanie (Vintage Stephanie)
7. Take Me to Your Loudon (Take Me to Your Loudon)
8. Till Depth Do Us Part (Till Depth Do Us Part)
9. Till Depth Do Us Part (Till Depth Do Us Part)
10. Telethon Man (Telethon Man)
11. Laugh at My Wife, Please (Laugh at My Wife, Please)
12. Support Your Local Shifflet (Support Your Local Shifflet)
13. My Three Dads (My Three Dads)
14. A Friendship That Will Last a Lunchtime (A Friendship That Will Last a Lunchtime)
15. Presence of Malice (Presence of Malice)
16. Would You Buy a Used Car from This Handyman? (Would You Buy a Used Car from This Handyman?)
17. The Buck Stops Here (The Buck Stops Here)
18. Attention WPIV Shoppers (Attention WPIV Shoppers)
19. The Big Uneasy (The Big Uneasy)
20. Draw Partner (Draw Partner)
21. A Midseason's Night Dream (A Midseason's Night Dream)
22. Newsstruck (Newsstruck)
23. The Gleeless Club (The Gleeless Club)
24. Courtin' Disaster (Courtin' Disaster)
7. série
1. Town Without Pity (Town Without Pity)
2. Apples, Apples, Apples (Apples, Apples, Apples)
3. This Blood's for You (This Blood's for You)
4. I Married Dick (I Married Dick)
5. Goonstruck (Goonstruck)
6. I Came, I Saw, I Sat (I Came, I Saw, I Sat)
7. Twelve Annoyed Men and Women (Twelve Annoyed Men and Women)
8. Home for the Holidays (Home for the Holidays)
9. Shoe Business Is My Life (Shoe Business Is My Life)
10. George and the Old Maid (George and the Old Maid)
11. Hi, Society (Hi, Society)
12. Cupcake on My Back (Cupcake on My Back)
13. Another Saturday Night (Another Saturday Night)
14. The Nice Man Cometh (The Nice Man Cometh)
15. One and a Half Million Dollar Man (One and a Half Million Dollar Man)
16. The Little Match Girl (The Little Match Girl)
17. Buy, Buy Blues (Buy, Buy Blues)
18. Message from Michael (Message from Michael)
19. Homes and Jo-Jo (Homes and Jo-Jo)
20. Georgie and Bess (Georgie and Bess)
21. Murder at the Stratley (Murder at the Stratley)
22. Malling in Love Again (Malling in Love Again)
8. série
1. Don't Worry Be Pregnant (Don't Worry Be Pregnant)
2. Get Dick (Get Dick)
3. Poetry and Pastries (Poetry and Pastries)
4. Utley Exposed (Utley Exposed)
5. Ramblin' Michael Harris (Ramblin' Michael Harris)
6. Meet Michael Vanderkellen (Meet Michael Vanderkellen)
7. Good Lord Louden (Good Lord Louden)
8. Cupcake in a Cage (Cupcake in a Cage)
9. Attack of the Killer Aunt (Attack of the Killer Aunt)
10. I Like You, Butt... (I Like You, Butt...)
11. Jumpin' George (Jumpin' George)
12. Lights! Camera! Contractions! (Lights! Camera! Contractions!)
13. Beauty and the Pest (Beauty and the Pest)
14. Good Neighbor Sam (Good Neighbor Sam)
15. Child in Charge (Child in Charge)
16. Seein' Double (Seein' Double)
17. Born to Be Mild (Born to Be Mild)
18. Daddy's Little Girl (Daddy's Little Girl)
19. Georgie and Grace (Georgie and Grace)
20. Handymania (Handymania)
21. Dick and Tim (Dick and Tim)
22. Father Goose (Father Goose)
23. My Husband, My Peasant (My Husband, My Peasant)
24. The Last Newhart (The Last Newhart)