Night Man

Night Man (Night Man) — 1. série
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1. série
1. World Premiere: Part 1 (World Premiere: Part 1)
2. World Premiere: Part 2 (World Premiere: Part 2)
3. Whole Lotta Shakin'... (Whole Lotta Shakin'...)
4. I Left My Heart (I Left My Heart)
5. Still of the Night (Still of the Night)
6. Face to Face (Face to Face)
7. Chrome (Chrome)
8. Takin' It to the Streets (Takin' It to the Streets)
9. Lady In Red (Lady In Red)
10. That Ol' Gang of Mine (That Ol' Gang of Mine)
11. Bad Moon Rising (Bad Moon Rising)
12. Constant Craving (Constant Craving)
13. You Are Too Beautiful (You Are Too Beautiful)
14. Do You Believe in Magic? (Do You Believe in Magic?)
15. The House of Soul (The House of Soul)
16. Nightwoman (Nightwoman)
17. Chrome II (Chrome II)
18. Bad to the Bone (Bad to the Bone)
19. Hitchhiker (Hitchhiker)
20. Devil in Disguise (Devil in Disguise)
21. Double Vision (Double Vision)
22. Amazing Grace (Amazing Grace)
2. série
1. The Ultraweb (The Ultraweb)
2. The Black Knight (The Black Knight)
3. It Came from Out of the Sky (It Came from Out of the Sky)
4. Book of the Dead (Book of the Dead)
5. Fear City (Fear City)
6. Manimal (Manimal)
7. Knight Life (Knight Life)
8. The People's Choice (The People's Choice)
9. Ring of Fire (Ring of Fire)
10. Sixty Minute Man (Sixty Minute Man)
11. Blader (Blader)
12. Love and Death (Love and Death)
13. Burning Love (Burning Love)
14. Scent of a Woman (Scent of a Woman)
15. Dust (Dust)
16. Spellbound (Spellbound)
17. Double Double (Double Double)
18. The Enemy Within (The Enemy Within)
19. Gore (Gore)
20. Revelations (Revelations)
21. Nightwoman Returns (Nightwoman Returns)
22. Keyes to the Kingdom of Hell (Keyes to the Kingdom of Hell)