NTSF:SD:SUV:: (NTSF:SD:SUV::) — 1. série
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1. série
1. One Cabeza, Two Cabeza, Three Cabeza... Dead! (One Cabeza, Two Cabeza, Three Cabeza... Dead!)
2. The Birthday Party That Was Neither (The Birthday Party That Was Neither)
3. Exes and Oh-No's! (Exes and Oh-No's!)
4. The Risky Business of Being Alone in Your Home (The Risky Business of Being Alone in Your Home)
5. Dolphinnegan's Wake (Dolphinnegan's Wake)
6. Tijuana, We've Got a Problem (Tijuana, We've Got a Problem)
7. Full Hauser (Full Hauser)
8. Up Periscope. Down with San Diego (Up Periscope. Down with San Diego)
9. Cause for ConCERN (Cause for ConCERN)
10. Piper Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Piper Doesn't Live Here Anymore)
11. Twistin' the Night Away (Twistin' the Night Away)
12. I Left My Heart in Someone's Cooler (I Left My Heart in Someone's Cooler)
2. série
1. 16 Hop Street (16 Hop Street)
2. The Real Bicycle Thief (The Real Bicycle Thief)
3. Sabbath-tage (Sabbath-tage)
4. Lights, Camera, Assassination (Lights, Camera, Assassination)
5. Time Angels (Time Angels)
6. Whack-A-Mole (Whack-A-Mole)
7. Robot Town (Robot Town)
8. Comic-Con-Flict (Comic-Con-Flict)
9. The Return of Dragon Shumway (The Return of Dragon Shumway)
10. Family Dies (Family Dies)
11. Prairie Home Companion (Prairie Home Companion)
12. Wasilla Hills Cop (Wasilla Hills Cop)
13. The NTSF:SD:SUV::HISS Infomercial (The NTSF:SD:SUV::HISS Infomercial)
14. Christmas Activity (Christmas Activity)
15. Inertia (Inertia)
3. série
1. Comic Con-Air (Comic Con-Air)
2. Hawaii Die-0 (Hawaii Die-0)
3. Extra Terrorist-rial (Extra Terrorist-rial)
4. Burn After Killing (Burn After Killing)
5. TGI Murder (TGI Murder)
6. The Great Train Stoppery (The Great Train Stoppery)
7. A Hard Drive to Swallow (A Hard Drive to Swallow)
8. Unfrozen Agent Man (Unfrozen Agent Man)
9. Trading Faces (Trading Faces)
10. U-KO'ed (U-KO'ed)
11. How Piper Got Her Groove Initially (How Piper Got Her Groove Initially)
12. Wreck the Malls (Wreck the Malls)