Ovečka Shaun

Ovečka Shaun (Shaun the Sheep)
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1. série
1. Off the Baa! (Off the Baa!)
2. Bathtime (Bathtime)
3. Shape Up with Shaun (Shape Up with Shaun)
4. Timmy in a Tizzy (Timmy in a Tizzy)
5. Scrumping (Scrumping)
6. Still Life (Still Life)
7. Mower Mouth (Mower Mouth)
8. Take Away (Take Away)
9. The Bull (The Bull)
10. Saturday Night Shaun (Saturday Night Shaun)
11. The Kite (The Kite)
12. Little Sheep of Horrors (Little Sheep of Horrors)
13. Buzz Off Bees (Buzz Off Bees)
14. Fleeced (Fleeced)
15. Shaun Shoots the Sheep (Shaun Shoots the Sheep)
16. Big Top Timmy (Big Top Timmy)
17. Fetching (Fetching)
18. Mountains Out of Molehills (Mountains Out of Molehills)
19. Who's the Mummy? (Who's the Mummy?)
20. Things That Go Bump (Things That Go Bump)
21. Abracadabra (Abracadabra)
22. Sheep on the Loose (Sheep on the Loose)
23. Washday (Washday)
24. The Visitor (The Visitor)
25. Shaun the Farmer (Shaun the Farmer)
26. Tooth Fairy (Tooth Fairy)
27. Bitzer Puts His Foot in It (Bitzer Puts His Foot in It)
28. Hiccups (Hiccups)
29. If You Can't Stand the Heat (If You Can't Stand the Heat)
30. Sheepwalking (Sheepwalking)
31. Tidy Up (Tidy Up)
32. The Farmer's Niece (The Farmer's Niece)
33. Camping Chaos (Camping Chaos)
34. Helping Hound (Helping Hound)
35. Troublesome Tractor (Troublesome Tractor)
36. Stick with Me (Stick with Me)
37. Heavy Metal Shaun (Heavy Metal Shaun)
38. Snore Worn Shaun (Snore Worn Shaun)
39. Shaun Encounters (Shaun Encounters)
40. Save the Tree (Save the Tree)
2. série
1. Double Trouble (Double Trouble)
2. Draw the Line (Draw the Line)
3. Sheepless Nights (Sheepless Nights)
4. Spring Lamb (Spring Lamb)
5. Strictly No Dancing (Strictly No Dancing)
6. Who's the Caddy? (Who's the Caddy?)
7. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow)
8. Bagpipe Buddy (Bagpipe Buddy)
9. Supersize Timmy (Supersize Timmy)
10. Lock Out (Lock Out)
11. Cheetah Cheater (Cheetah Cheater)
12. Ewe've Been Framed (Ewe've Been Framed)
13. Bitzer's New Hat (Bitzer's New Hat)
14. Hide and Squeak (Hide and Squeak)
15. Frantic Romantic (Frantic Romantic)
16. Everything Must Go (Everything Must Go)
17. Party Animals (Party Animals)
18. Cat Got Your Brain? (Cat Got Your Brain?)
19. Two's Company (Two's Company)
20. In the Doghouse (In the Doghouse)
21. The Boat (The Boat)
22. What's Up, Dog? (What's Up, Dog?)
23. Cock a Doodle Shaun (Cock a Doodle Shaun)
24. Bitzer's Basic Training (Bitzer's Basic Training)
25. Chip Off the Old Block (Chip Off the Old Block)
26. Pig Trouble (Pig Trouble)
27. Bitzer from the Black Lagoon (Bitzer from the Black Lagoon)
28. Zebra Ducks of the Serengeti (Zebra Ducks of the Serengeti)
29. Whistleblower (Whistleblower)
30. The Big Chase (The Big Chase)
31. The Magpie (The Magpie)
32. Operation Pidsley (Operation Pidsley)
33. Pigs Swill Fly (Pigs Swill Fly)
34. Shirley Whirley (Shirley Whirley)
35. Foxy Laddie (Foxy Laddie)
36. Shaun Goes Potty (Shaun Goes Potty)
37. An Ill Wind (An Ill Wind)
38. Fireside Favourite (Fireside Favourite)
39. Snowed In (Snowed In)
40. We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas (We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas)
3. série
1. The Stand Off (The Stand Off)
2. The Coconut (The Coconut)
3. The Shepherd (The Shepherd)
4. You Missed A Bit (You Missed A Bit)
5. Let's Spray (Let's Spray)
6. The Crow (The Crow)
7. Shaun The Fugitive (Shaun The Fugitive)
8. Hard to Swallow (Hard to Swallow)
9. Mission Inboxible (Mission Inboxible)
10. Bye Bye Barn (Bye Bye Barn)
11. The Rounders Match (The Rounders Match)
12. Film Night (Film Night)
13. Fossils (Fossils)
14. The Skateboard (The Skateboard)
15. The Piano (The Piano)
16. The Snapshot (The Snapshot)
17. Prickly Heat (Prickly Heat)
18. The Hang Glider (The Hang Glider)
19. The Shadow Play (The Shadow Play)
20. Bull vs Wool (Bull vs Wool)
4. série
1. Cones (Cones)
2. Caught Short Alien (Caught Short Alien)
3. Happy Birthday Timmy! (Happy Birthday Timmy!)
4. The Genie (The Genie)
5. 3DTV (3DTV)
6. The Smelly Farmer (The Smelly Farmer)
7. DIY (DIY)
8. The Rabbit (The Rabbit)
9. Prize Possession (Prize Possession)
10. The Spider (The Spider)
11. The Loony Tic (The Loony Tic)
12. Men At Work (Men At Work)
13. The Dog Show (The Dog Show)
14. Missing Piece (Missing Piece)
15. Wildlife Watch (Wildlife Watch)
16. The Pelican (The Pelican)
17. Bad Boy (Bad Boy)
18. Remote Control (Remote Control)
19. Phoney Farmer (Phoney Farmer)
20. Ground Dog Day (Ground Dog Day)
5. série
1. The Intruder (The Intruder)
2. Bitzer for the Day (Bitzer for the Day)
3. Spoilsport (Spoilsport)
4. Baa-d Hair Day (Baa-d Hair Day)
5. The Farmer's Nephew (The Farmer's Nephew)
6. Babysitter Bitzer (Babysitter Bitzer)
7. Dodgy Lodger (Dodgy Lodger)
8. Dangerous Deliveries (Dangerous Deliveries)
9. Timmy and the Dragon (Timmy and the Dragon)
10. Bitzer's New Whistle (Bitzer's New Whistle)
11. Turf Wars (Turf Wars)
12. A Prickly Problem (A Prickly Problem)
13. Wanted (Wanted)
14. Rude Dude (Rude Dude)
15. Keeping the Peace (Keeping the Peace)
16. Happy Farmers' Day (Happy Farmers' Day)
17. Checklist (Checklist)
18. Return to Sender (Return to Sender)
19. Cone of Shame (Cone of Shame)
20. Sheep Farmer (Sheep Farmer)
21. Snowed In (Snowed In)
22. The Intruder (The Intruder)
23. Bitzer for the Day (Bitzer for the Day)
24. Bitzer's Secret (Bitzer's Secret)
25. Ping-Pong Poacher (Ping-Pong Poacher)
26. Hidden Talents (Hidden Talents)
27. Picture Perfect (Picture Perfect)
28. Save the Dump (Save the Dump)
29. Duck! (Duck!)
6. série
1. Out Of Order (Out Of Order)
2. Karma Farmer (Karma Farmer)
3. Spoilsport (Spoilsport)
4. Baa-D Hair Day (Baa-D Hair Day)
5. The Farmer's Nephew (The Farmer's Nephew)
6. Babysitter Bitzer (Babysitter Bitzer)
7. Dodgy Lodger (Dodgy Lodger)
8. Dangerous Deliveries (Dangerous Deliveries)
9. Timmy and the Dragon (Timmy and the Dragon)
10. Bitzer's New Whistle (Bitzer's New Whistle)