Pepek námořník

Pepek námořník (Popeye the Sailor)
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1. série
1. Hits and Missiles (Hits and Missiles)
2. Barbecue for Two (Barbecue for Two)
3. Muskels Schmuskels (Muskels Schmuskels)
4. Hoppy Jalopy (Hoppy Jalopy)
5. Dead-Eye Popeye (Dead-Eye Popeye)
6. Mueller's Mad Monster (Mueller's Mad Monster)
7. Caveman Capers (Caveman Capers)
8. Bullfighter Bully (Bullfighter Bully)
9. Ace of Space (Ace of Space)
10. College of Hard Knocks (College of Hard Knocks)
11. Abdominal Snowman (Abdominal Snowman)
12. Ski-Jump Chump (Ski-Jump Chump)
13. Irate Pirate (Irate Pirate)
14. Foola-Foola Bird (Foola-Foola Bird)
15. Uranium on the Cranium (Uranium on the Cranium)
16. Two-Faced Paleface (Two-Faced Paleface)
17. Childhood Daze (Childhood Daze)
18. Sheepish Sheep-Herder (Sheepish Sheep-Herder)
19. Track Meet Cheat (Track Meet Cheat)
20. Crystal Ball Brawl (Crystal Ball Brawl)
21. Interrupted Lullaby (Interrupted Lullaby)
22. Sea No Evil (Sea No Evil)
23. From Way Out (From Way Out)
24. Seeing Double (Seeing Double)
25. Swee'pea Soup (Swee'pea Soup)
26. Hag Way Robbery (Hag Way Robbery)
27. The Lost City of Bubble-Lon (The Lost City of Bubble-Lon)
28. There's No Space Like Home (There's No Space Like Home)
29. Potent Lotion (Potent Lotion)
30. Astro-Nut (Astro-Nut)
31. Where There's a Will (Where There's a Will)
32. Take It Easel (Take It Easel)
33. I Bin Sculped (I Bin Sculped)
34. Fleas a Crowd (Fleas a Crowd)
35. Popeye's Junior Headache (Popeye's Junior Headache)
36. Egypt Us (Egypt Us)
37. The Big Sneeze (The Big Sneeze)
38. The Last Resort (The Last Resort)
39. Jeopardy Sheriff (Jeopardy Sheriff)
40. Baby Phase (Baby Phase)
41. Goon with the Wind (Goon with the Wind)
42. Insultin' the Sultan (Insultin' the Sultan)
43. Dog-Gone Dog-Catcher (Dog-Gone Dog-Catcher)
44. Voice from the Deep or See Here, Sea Hag (Voice from the Deep or See Here, Sea Hag)
45. Matinee Idol Popeye (Matinee Idol Popeye)
46. Beaver or Not (Beaver or Not)
47. Battery Up (Battery Up)
48. Deserted Desert (Deserted Desert)
49. Skinned Divers (Skinned Divers)
50. Popeye's Service Station (Popeye's Service Station)
51. Coffee House (Coffee House)
52. Popeye's Pep-Up Emporium (Popeye's Pep-Up Emporium)
53. Bird Watcher Popeye (Bird Watcher Popeye)
54. Time Marches Backwards (Time Marches Backwards)
55. Popeye's Pet Store (Popeye's Pet Store)
56. Ballet de Spinach (Ballet de Spinach)
57. Sea Hagracy (Sea Hagracy)
58. Spinach Shortage (Spinach Shortage)
59. Popeye and the Dragon (Popeye and the Dragon)
60. Popeye the Fireman (Popeye the Fireman)
61. Popeye's Pizza Palace (Popeye's Pizza Palace)
62. Down the Hatch (Down the Hatch)
63. Lighthouse Keeping (Lighthouse Keeping)
64. Popeye and the Phantom (Popeye and the Phantom)
65. Popeye's Picnic (Popeye's Picnic)
66. Out of This World (Out of This World)
67. Madam Salami (Madam Salami)
68. Timber Toppers (Timber Toppers)
69. Skyscraper Capers (Skyscraper Capers)
70. Private Eye Popeye (Private Eye Popeye)
71. Little Olive Riding Hood (Little Olive Riding Hood)
72. Popeye's Hypnotic Glance (Popeye's Hypnotic Glance)
73. Popeye's Trojan Horse (Popeye's Trojan Horse)
74. Frozen Feuds (Frozen Feuds)
75. Popeye's Corn-Certo (Popeye's Corn-Certo)
76. Westward Ho-Ho (Westward Ho-Ho)
77. Popeye's Cool Pool (Popeye's Cool Pool)
78. Jeep Jeep (Jeep Jeep)
79. Popeye's Museum Piece (Popeye's Museum Piece)
80. Golf Brawl (Golf Brawl)
81. Wimpy's Lunch Wagon (Wimpy's Lunch Wagon)
82. Weather Watchers (Weather Watchers)
83. Popeye and the Giant (Popeye and the Giant)
84. Hill Billy Dilly (Hill Billy Dilly)
85. Popeye and the Magic Hat (Popeye and the Magic Hat)
86. Pest of the Pecos (Pest of the Pecos)
87. The Blubbering Whaler (The Blubbering Whaler)
88. Popeye and the Spinach Stalk (Popeye and the Spinach Stalk)
89. Shoot the Chutes (Shoot the Chutes)
90. Tiger Burger (Tiger Burger)
91. Bottom Gun (Bottom Gun)
92. Olive Drab and the Seven Sweapeas (Olive Drab and the Seven Sweapeas)
93. Blinkin Beacon (Blinkin Beacon)
94. Azteck Wreck (Azteck Wreck)
95. The Green Dancin' Shoes (The Green Dancin' Shoes)
96. Spare Dat Tree (Spare Dat Tree)
97. The Glad Gladiator (The Glad Gladiator)
98. The Golden Touch (The Golden Touch)
99. Hamburger Fishing (Hamburger Fishing)
100. Popeye the Popular Mechanic (Popeye the Popular Mechanic)
101. Popeye's Folly (Popeye's Folly)
102. Popeye's Used Car (Popeye's Used Car)
103. Spinachonara (Spinachonara)
104. Popeye and the Polite Dragon (Popeye and the Polite Dragon)
105. Popeye the Ugly Ducklin (Popeye the Ugly Ducklin)
106. Popeye's Tea Party (Popeye's Tea Party)
107. The Troll Wot Got Gruff (The Troll Wot Got Gruff)
108. Popeye the Lifeguard (Popeye the Lifeguard)
109. Popeye in the Woods (Popeye in the Woods)
110. After the Ball Went Over (After the Ball Went Over)
111. Popeye and Buddy Brutus (Popeye and Buddy Brutus)
112. Popeye's Car Wash (Popeye's Car Wash)
113. Camel Aires (Camel Aires)
114. Plumbers Pipe Dream (Plumbers Pipe Dream)
115. Popeye and the Herring Snatcher (Popeye and the Herring Snatcher)
116. Invisible Popeye (Invisible Popeye)
117. The Square Egg (The Square Egg)
118. Old Salt Tale (Old Salt Tale)
119. Jeep Tale (Jeep Tale)
120. The Super Duper Market (The Super Duper Market)
121. Golden-Type Fleece (Golden-Type Fleece)
122. Popeye the White Collar Man (Popeye the White Collar Man)
123. Sweapea Thru the Looking Glass (Sweapea Thru the Looking Glass)
124. The Black Knight (The Black Knight)
125. Jingle Jangle Jungle (Jingle Jangle Jungle)
126. The Day Silky Went Blozo (The Day Silky Went Blozo)
127. Rip Van Popeye (Rip Van Popeye)
128. Mississippi Sissy (Mississippi Sissy)
129. Double Cross Country Feet Race (Double Cross Country Feet Race)
130. Fashion Fotography (Fashion Fotography)
131. I Yam Wot I Yamnesia (I Yam Wot I Yamnesia)
132. Paper Pasting Pandemonium (Paper Pasting Pandemonium)
133. Coach Popeye (Coach Popeye)
134. Popeyed Columbus (Popeyed Columbus)
135. Popeye Revere (Popeye Revere)
136. Popeye in Haweye (Popeye in Haweye)
137. Forever Ambergris (Forever Ambergris)
138. Popeye De Leon (Popeye De Leon)
139. Popeyed Fisherman (Popeyed Fisherman)
140. Popeye in the Grand Steeple Chase (Popeye in the Grand Steeple Chase)
141. Uncivil War (Uncivil War)
142. Popeye the Piano Mover (Popeye the Piano Mover)
143. Popeye's Testimonial Dinner (Popeye's Testimonial Dinner)
144. Around the World in Eighty Ways (Around the World in Eighty Ways)
145. Popeye's Fixit Shop (Popeye's Fixit Shop)
146. Bell Hop Popeye (Bell Hop Popeye)
147. The Ghost Host (The Ghost Host)
148. Strikes, Spares, an' Spinach (Strikes, Spares, an' Spinach)
149. Jeep Is Jeep (Jeep Is Jeep)
150. The Spinach Scholar (The Spinach Scholar)
151. Psychiatricks (Psychiatricks)
152. Rags to Riches to Rags (Rags to Riches to Rags)
153. Hair Cut-Ups (Hair Cut-Ups)
154. Poppa Popeye (Poppa Popeye)
155. Quick Change Olie (Quick Change Olie)
156. The Valley of the Goons (The Valley of the Goons)
157. Me Quest for Poopdeck Pappy (Me Quest for Poopdeck Pappy)
158. Moby Hick (Moby Hick)
159. Mirror Magic (Mirror Magic)
160. It Only Hurts When They Laugh (It Only Hurts When They Laugh)
161. Wimpy the Moocher (Wimpy the Moocher)
162. Voo-Doo to You Too (Voo-Doo to You Too)
163. Popeye Goes Sale-ing (Popeye Goes Sale-ing)
164. Popeye's Travels (Popeye's Travels)
165. Incident at Missile City (Incident at Missile City)
166. Dog Catcher Popeye (Dog Catcher Popeye)
167. What's News (What's News)
168. Spinach Greetings (Spinach Greetings)
169. The Baby Contest (The Baby Contest)
2. série
1. Oil's Well That Ends Well (Oil's Well That Ends Well)
2. Motor Knocks (Motor Knocks)
3. Amusement Park (Amusement Park)
4. Duel to the Finish (Duel to the Finish)
5. Gem Jam (Gem Jam)
6. The Bathing Beasts (The Bathing Beasts)
7. The Rain Breaker (The Rain Breaker)
8. Messin' Up the Mississippi (Messin' Up the Mississippi)
9. Love Birds (Love Birds)
10. Sea Serpent (Sea Serpent)
11. Boardering on Trouble (Boardering on Trouble)
12. Aladdin's Lamp (Aladdin's Lamp)
13. Butler Up (Butler Up)
14. The Leprechaun (The Leprechaun)
15. County Fair (County Fair)
16. Hamburgers Aweigh (Hamburgers Aweigh)
17. Popeye's Double Trouble (Popeye's Double Trouble)
18. Kiddie Kapers (Kiddie Kapers)
19. The Mark of Zero (The Mark of Zero)
20. Myskery Melody (Myskery Melody)
21. Scairdy Cat (Scairdy Cat)
22. Operation Ice-Tickle (Operation Ice-Tickle)
23. The Cure (The Cure)
24. William Won't Tell (William Won't Tell)
25. Pop Goes the Whistle (Pop Goes the Whistle)
26. Autographically Yours (Autographically Yours)
27. A Poil for Olive Oyl (A Poil for Olive Oyl)
28. My Fair Olive (My Fair Olive)
29. Giddy Gold (Giddy Gold)
30. Strange Things Are Happening (Strange Things Are Happening)
31. The Medicine Man (The Medicine Man)
32. A Mite of Trouble (A Mite of Trouble)
33. Who's Kidding Zoo (Who's Kidding Zoo)
34. Robot Popeye (Robot Popeye)
35. Sneaking Peeking (Sneaking Peeking)
36. Seer-ring Is Believer-ring (Seer-ring Is Believer-ring)
37. The Wiffle Bird's Revenge (The Wiffle Bird's Revenge)
38. Going Going Gone (Going Going Gone)
39. Popeye Thumb (Popeye Thumb)
40. The Billionaire (The Billionaire)
41. Model Muddle (Model Muddle)
42. Which Is Witch (Which Is Witch)
43. Disguise the Limit (Disguise the Limit)
44. Spoil Sport (Spoil Sport)
45. Have Time Will Travel (Have Time Will Travel)
46. Intellectual Interlude (Intellectual Interlude)
47. Partial Post (Partial Post)
48. Weight for Me (Weight for Me)
49. Canine Caprice (Canine Caprice)
50. Roger (Roger)
51. Tooth Be or Not Tooth Be (Tooth Be or Not Tooth Be)