Poltergeist: Odkaz

Poltergeist: Odkaz (Poltergeist: The Legacy)
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1. série
1. The Fifth Sepulcher (The Fifth Sepulcher)
2. Sins of the Father (Sins of the Father)
3. Town Without Pity (Town Without Pity)
4. The Tenement (The Tenement)
5. The Twelfth Cave (The Twelfth Cave)
6. Man in the Mist (Man in the Mist)
7. Ghost in the Road (Ghost in the Road)
8. Doppleganger (Doppleganger)
9. The Substitute (The Substitute)
10. Do Not Go Gently (Do Not Go Gently)
11. The Crystal Scarab (The Crystal Scarab)
12. The Bell of Girardius (The Bell of Girardius)
13. Fox Spirit (Fox Spirit)
14. Thirteenth Generation (Thirteenth Generation)
15. The Dark Priest (The Dark Priest)
16. Revelations (Revelations)
17. The Bones of Saint Anthony (The Bones of Saint Anthony)
18. The Inheritance (The Inheritance)
19. The Signalman (The Signalman)
20. The Reckoning (The Reckoning)
21. A Traitor Among Us (A Traitor Among Us)
2. série
1. The New Guard (The New Guard)
2. Black Widow (Black Widow)
3. Lights Out! (Lights Out!)
4. Spirit Thief (Spirit Thief)
5. The Gift (The Gift)
6. Transference (Transference)
7. Dark Angel (Dark Angel)
8. Lives in the Balance (Lives in the Balance)
9. Rough Beast (Rough Beast)
10. Ransom (Ransom)
11. Finding Richter (Finding Richter)
12. Repentance (Repentance)
13. The Devil's Lighthouse (The Devil's Lighthouse)
14. Lullaby (Lullaby)
15. Silent Partner (Silent Partner)
16. Shadow Fall (Shadow Fall)
17. Mind's Eye (Mind's Eye)
18. Fear (Fear)
19. Someone to Watch Over Me (Someone to Watch Over Me)
20. Let Sleeping Demons Lie (Let Sleeping Demons Lie)
21. Trapped (Trapped)
22. The Choice (The Choice)
3. série
1. Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls)
2. Light of Day (Light of Day)
3. The Enlightened One (The Enlightened One)
4. Stolen Hearts (Stolen Hearts)
5. Father to Son (Father to Son)
6. Fallen Angel (Fallen Angel)
7. Dream Lover (Dream Lover)
8. Debt of Honor (Debt of Honor)
9. The Light (The Light)
10. Hell Hath No Fury (Hell Hath No Fury)
11. Irish Jug (Irish Jug)
12. Metamorphosis (Metamorphosis)
13. La Belle Dame Sans Merci (La Belle Dame Sans Merci)
14. The Prodigy (The Prodigy)
15. The Human Vessel (The Human Vessel)
16. The Covenant (The Covenant)
17. The Internment (The Internment)
18. Seduction (Seduction)
19. Out of Sight (Out of Sight)
20. The Last Good Knight (The Last Good Knight)
21. Armies of the Night (Armies of the Night)
22. The Darkside (The Darkside)
4. série
1. Song of the Raven (Song of the Raven)
2. Bird of Prey (Bird of Prey)
3. Vendetta (Vendetta)
4. The Painting (The Painting)
5. The Possession (The Possession)
6. The Traitor (The Traitor)
7. Double Cross (Double Cross)
8. Brother's Keeper (Brother's Keeper)
9. Initiation (Initiation)
10. Wishful Thinking (Wishful Thinking)
11. Still Waters (Still Waters)
12. Unholy Congress (Unholy Congress)
13. Sacrifice (Sacrifice)
14. She's Got the Devil in Her Heart (She's Got the Devil in Her Heart)
15. Body and Soul (Body and Soul)
16. Forget Me Not (Forget Me Not)
17. The Portents (The Portents)
18. Gaslight (Gaslight)
19. Sabbath's End (Sabbath's End)
20. The Mephisto Strain (The Mephisto Strain)
21. Internal Affairs (Internal Affairs)
22. The Beast Within (The Beast Within)