Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers

Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers (Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers)
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1. série
1. Operation Decoy (Operation Decoy)
2. The Case of the Invisible Saboteurs (The Case of the Invisible Saboteurs)
3. The Planet of Ice (The Planet of Ice)
4. Whispers in the Mind (Whispers in the Mind)
5. The Crater of Peril (The Crater of Peril)
6. The Globe Men of Oma (The Globe Men of Oma)
7. The Adventures of the Venusian Sea (The Adventures of the Venusian Sea)
8. The Little Men of Mercury (The Little Men of Mercury)
9. World of the Doomed (World of the Doomed)
10. The Strangler Trees of Triton (The Strangler Trees of Triton)
11. Stranger from Outer Space (Stranger from Outer Space)
12. The Phantom Birds of Beloro (The Phantom Birds of Beloro)
13. The Phantom Cloud of Calistro (The Phantom Cloud of Calistro)
14. The Suits of Peril (The Suits of Peril)
15. Apples of Eden (Apples of Eden)
16. Space Bugs (Space Bugs)
17. The Martian Queen (The Martian Queen)
18. The Fire Demons of Deimos (The Fire Demons of Deimos)
19. The Big Hammer (The Big Hammer)
20. The Volcanoes of Venus (The Volcanoes of Venus)
21. The Death Ball (The Death Ball)
22. The Unseen Planet (The Unseen Planet)
23. The Madness from Space (The Madness from Space)
24. The Looters of Leeron (The Looters of Leeron)
25. The Octopus of Venus (The Octopus of Venus)
26. Colossus of Centauri (Colossus of Centauri)
27. The Lights from Luna (The Lights from Luna)
28. The Twin Planet (The Twin Planet)
29. The Treasure of Tesoro (The Treasure of Tesoro)
30. The Robot Robber of Deimos (The Robot Robber of Deimos)
31. The Magic Man of Mars (The Magic Man of Mars)
32. The Stickman of Neptune (The Stickman of Neptune)
33. Money-Makers of Juno (Money-Makers of Juno)
34. The Deep Sleep (The Deep Sleep)
35. The Cyclops of Themis (The Cyclops of Themis)
36. The Electric Men (The Electric Men)
37. The Copernicus Diamond (The Copernicus Diamond)
38. The Stone Men of Venus (The Stone Men of Venus)
39. Energy Eaters from Luna (Energy Eaters from Luna)
40. Add a Plot (Add a Plot)
41. Operation Dinosaur (Operation Dinosaur)
42. Escape by Magic (Escape by Magic)
43. The Invisible Force (The Invisible Force)
44. Return of the Stickmen (Return of the Stickmen)
45. The Fishman of the Venusian Sea (The Fishman of the Venusian Sea)
46. The Strong Man of Mayron (The Strong Man of Mayron)
47. The Eel of Iapetus (The Eel of Iapetus)
48. The Strange Men of Leefri (The Strange Men of Leefri)
49. The Monkey That Couldn't Stop Growing (The Monkey That Couldn't Stop Growing)
50. The Plan of Planet H (The Plan of Planet H)
51. Invasion from Dimension X (Invasion from Dimension X)
52. The Matter-Transfer Machine (The Matter-Transfer Machine)
53. Terror in the Space Lighthouse (Terror in the Space Lighthouse)
54. Assignment Danger (Assignment Danger)
55. Bird Girl of Venus (Bird Girl of Venus)
56. The Exploding Man (The Exploding Man)
57. The Metal Eaters (The Metal Eaters)
58. The Man Who Was Radioactive (The Man Who Was Radioactive)
59. The Cobalt Bomb (The Cobalt Bomb)