Sledge Hammer, policajt s.r.o.

Sledge Hammer, policajt s.r.o. (Sledge Hammer!)
Chceš seriál do oblíbených? Tak se přihlas!
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1. série
1. Under the gun (Under the gun)
2. Hammer gets nailed (Hammer gets nailed)
3. Witless (Witless)
4. They shoot Hammers, don't they? (They shoot Hammers, don't they?)
5. Dori day afternoon (Dori day afternoon)
6. To Sledge, with love (To Sledge, with love)
7. All shook up (All shook up)
8. Over my dead bodyguard (Over my dead bodyguard)
9. Magnum farce (Magnum farce)
10. If I had a little Hammer (If I had a little Hammer)
11. To live and die on TV (To live and die on TV)
12. Miss of the spider woman (Miss of the spider woman)
13. The old man and the Sledge (The old man and the Sledge)
14. State of Sledge (State of Sledge)
15. Haven't gun, will travel (Haven't gun, will travel)
16. The color of Hammer (The color of Hammer)
17. Brother, can you spare a crime? (Brother, can you spare a crime?)
18. Desperately seeking Dori (Desperately seeking Dori)
19. Sledgepoo (Sledgepoo)
20. Comrade Hammer (Comrade Hammer)
21. Jagged Sledge (Jagged Sledge)
22. The Spa who loved me (The Spa who loved me)
2. série
1. A Clockwork Hammer (A Clockwork Hammer)
2. Big Nazi on Campus (Big Nazi on Campus)
3. Play It Again Sledge (Play It Again Sledge)
4. Wild About Hammer (Wild About Hammer)
5. Death of a Few Salesmen (Death of a Few Salesmen)
6. Vertical (Vertical)
7. Dressed to Call (Dressed to Call)
8. Hammer Hits the Rock (Hammer Hits the Rock)
9. The Last of the Red Hot Vampires (The Last of the Red Hot Vampires)
10. Hammeroid (Hammeroid)
11. Sledge in Toyland (Sledge in Toyland)
12. Icebreaker (Icebreaker)
13. They Call Me Mr. Trunk (They Call Me Mr. Trunk)
14. Model Dearest (Model Dearest)
15. Sledge, Rattle 'n' Roll (Sledge, Rattle 'n' Roll)
16. Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came? (Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came?)
17. The Secret of My Excess (The Secret of My Excess)
18. It Happened What Night? (It Happened What Night?)
19. Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer (Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer)