Smart Guy

Smart Guy (Smart Guy) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. The Code (The Code)
3. Brother, Brother (Brother, Brother)
4. Don't Do That Thing You Do (Don't Do That Thing You Do)
5. Lab Rats (Lab Rats)
6. A Little Knowledge (A Little Knowledge)
7. Baby, It's You and You and You (Baby, It's You and You and You)
2. série
1. Primary Brothers (Primary Brothers)
2. Working Guy (Working Guy)
3. Below the Rim (Below the Rim)
4. Dateline (Dateline)
5. Dumbstruck (Dumbstruck)
6. Trial and Error (Trial and Error)
7. Big Picture (Big Picture)
8. Book Smart (Book Smart)
9. The Dating Game (The Dating Game)
10. Love Letters (Love Letters)
11. T.J. versus the Machine (T.J. versus the Machine)
12. Men Working Badly (Men Working Badly)
13. Rooferman, Take One (Rooferman, Take One)
14. Stop the Presses (Stop the Presses)
15. Bad Boy (Bad Boy)
16. Most Hated Man on Campus (Most Hated Man on Campus)
17. Goodbye, Mr. Chimps (Goodbye, Mr. Chimps)
18. Sit In (Sit In)
19. Strangers on the Net (Strangers on the Net)
20. Gotta Dance (Gotta Dance)
21. Something Wicked This Way Comes (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
22. My Two Dads (My Two Dads)
3. série
1. She Got Game (She Got Game)
2. Achy Breaky Heart (Achy Breaky Heart)
3. Love Bug (Love Bug)
4. Henderson House Party (Henderson House Party)
5. That's My Momma (That's My Momma)
6. Beating Is Fundamental (Beating Is Fundamental)
7. T.A. or Not T.A. (T.A. or Not T.A.)
8. Boomerang (Boomerang)
9. Get a Job (Get a Job)
10. A Date with Destiny (A Date with Destiny)
11. Break Up Not to Make Up (Break Up Not to Make Up)
12. Diary of a Mad Schoolgirl (Diary of a Mad Schoolgirl)
13. Perchance to Dream (Perchance to Dream)
14. From a to Double D (From a to Double D)
15. Can't Buy Me Love (Can't Buy Me Love)
16. It Takes Two (It Takes Two)
17. I Was a Teenage Sports Wife (I Was a Teenage Sports Wife)
18. Crushed (Crushed)
19. Cross Talk (Cross Talk)
20. The Soda Wars (The Soda Wars)
21. The Graduate? (The Graduate?)
22. Never Too Young (Never Too Young)