Studio One

Studio One (Studio One in Hollywood)
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1. série
1. The Storm (The Storm)
2. Let Me Do the Talking (Let Me Do the Talking)
3. The Medium (The Medium)
4. Not So Long Ago (Not So Long Ago)
5. The Outward Room (The Outward Room)
6. Blind Alley (Blind Alley)
7. Holiday (Holiday)
8. Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar)
9. Berkeley Square (Berkeley Square)
10. Redemption (Redemption)
11. Moment of Truth (Moment of Truth)
12. Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar)
13. The Glass Key (The Glass Key)
14. Shadow and Substance (Shadow and Substance)
15. Flowers from a Stranger (Flowers from a Stranger)
16. The Dybbuk (The Dybbuk)
17. Boy Meets Girl (Boy Meets Girl)
18. Smoke (Smoke)
19. June Moon (June Moon)
20. The Shadowy Third (The Shadowy Third)
2. série
1. Kyra Zelas (Kyra Zelas)
2. The Rival Dummy (The Rival Dummy)
3. The Outward Room (The Outward Room)
4. Mrs. Moonlight (Mrs. Moonlight)
5. The Light That Failed (The Light That Failed)
6. The Storm (The Storm)
7. Battleship Bismark (Battleship Bismark)
8. Concerning a Woman of Sin (Concerning a Woman of Sin)
9. The Husband (The Husband)
10. Two Sharp Knives (Two Sharp Knives)
11. Of Human Bondage (Of Human Bondage)
12. At Mrs. Beam's (At Mrs. Beam's)
13. Henry IV (Henry IV)
14. Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)
15. Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins)
16. The Inner Light (The Inner Light)
17. Riviera (Riviera)
18. Beyond Reason (Beyond Reason)
19. Give Us Our Dream (Give Us Our Dream)
20. The Rockingham Tea Set (The Rockingham Tea Set)
21. Father and the Angels (Father and the Angels)
22. The Loud Red Patrick (The Loud Red Patrick)
23. Flowers from a Stranger (Flowers from a Stranger)
24. The Wisdom Tooth (The Wisdom Tooth)
25. The Willow Cabin (The Willow Cabin)
26. The Dreams of Jasper Hornby (The Dreams of Jasper Hornby)
27. The Dusty Godmother (The Dusty Godmother)
28. The Survivors (The Survivors)
29. A Passenger to Bali (A Passenger to Bali)
30. The Scarlet Letter (The Scarlet Letter)
31. Walk the Dark Streets (Walk the Dark Streets)
32. Torrents of Spring (Torrents of Spring)
33. The Horses Mouth (The Horses Mouth)
34. Miracle in the Rain (Miracle in the Rain)
35. A Wreath of Roses (A Wreath of Roses)
36. The Ambassadors (The Ambassadors)
37. The Room Upstairs (The Room Upstairs)
38. The Man Who Had Influence (The Man Who Had Influence)
39. The Taming of the Shrew (The Taming of the Shrew)
40. Zone Four (Zone Four)
41. There Was a Crooked Man (There Was a Crooked Man)
42. My Granny Van (My Granny Van)
3. série
1. Zone Four (Zone Four)
2. Look Homeward, Hayseed (Look Homeward, Hayseed)
3. Mist with the Tamara Geba (Mist with the Tamara Geba)
4. Trilby (Trilby)
5. Away from It All (Away from It All)
6. The Passionate Pilgrim (The Passionate Pilgrim)
7. Spectre of Alexander Wolff (Spectre of Alexander Wolff)
8. Berkeley Square (Berkeley Square)
9. The Road to Jericho (The Road to Jericho)
10. Wuthering Heights (Wuthering Heights)
11. The Blonde Comes First (The Blonde Comes First)
12. The Last Cruise (The Last Cruise)
13. The Floor of Heaven (The Floor of Heaven)
14. The Shadow of a Man (The Shadow of a Man)
15. Letter from Cairo (Letter from Cairo)
16. Mary Lou (Mary Lou)
17. Little Women: Meg's Story (Little Women: Meg's Story)
18. Little Women: Jo's Story (Little Women: Jo's Story)
19. Collector's Item (Collector's Item)
20. England Made Me (England Made Me)
21. Track of the Cat (Track of the Cat)
22. The Trial of John Peter Zenger (The Trial of John Peter Zenger)
23. Public Servant (Public Servant)
24. The Target (The Target)
25. None But My Foe (None But My Foe)
26. The Way Things Are (The Way Things Are)
27. The Ambassadors (The Ambassadors)
28. One Pair of Hands (One Pair of Hands)
29. A Chill on the Wind (A Chill on the Wind)
30. Hangman's House (Hangman's House)
31. The Case of Karen Smith (The Case of Karen Smith)
32. Wintertime (Wintertime)
33. Shake the Stars Down (Shake the Stars Down)
34. The Straight and Narrow (The Straight and Narrow)
35. The Happy Housewife (The Happy Housewife)
36. Portrait by Rembrandt (Portrait by Rembrandt)
37. No Tears for Hilda (No Tears for Hilda)
38. The Old Foolishness (The Old Foolishness)
39. A Chance for Happiness (A Chance for Happiness)
40. Here Is My Life (Here Is My Life)
41. Shield for Murder (Shield for Murder)
42. Coriolanus (Coriolanus)
43. Screwball (Screwball)
44. Lonely Boy (Lonely Boy)
45. The Swan (The Swan)
46. Nightfall (Nightfall)
47. The Apple Tree (The Apple Tree)
48. Tremolo (Tremolo)
49. At Mrs. Beam's (At Mrs. Beam's)
50. The Pink Hussar (The Pink Hussar)
51. The Rabbit (The Rabbit)
52. Run from the Sun (Run from the Sun)
53. Summer Had Better Be Good (Summer Had Better Be Good)
54. Mr. Mummery's Suspicion (Mr. Mummery's Suspicion)
55. The Guinea Pigs (The Guinea Pigs)
4. série
1. The Angelic Avengers (The Angelic Avengers)
2. The Little Black Bag (The Little Black Bag)
3. The Idol of San Vittore (The Idol of San Vittore)
4. Mighty Like a Rogue (Mighty Like a Rogue)
5. Colonel Judas (Colonel Judas)
6. Macbeth (Macbeth)
7. They Serve the Muses (They Serve the Muses)
8. The Hero (The Hero)
9. A Bolt of Lightning (A Bolt of Lightning)
10. The King in Yellow (The King in Yellow)
11. The Dangerous Years (The Dangerous Years)
12. Mutiny on the Nicolette (Mutiny on the Nicolette)
13. The Legend of Jenny Lind (The Legend of Jenny Lind)
14. The Innocence of Pastor Muller (The Innocence of Pastor Muller)
15. Sara Crewe (Sara Crewe)
16. The Paris Feeling (The Paris Feeling)
17. The Devil in Velvet (The Devil in Velvet)
18. Waterfront Boss (Waterfront Boss)
19. The Other Father (The Other Father)
20. Burden of Guilt (Burden of Guilt)
21. A Candle for St. Jude (A Candle for St. Jude)
22. Pagoda (Pagoda)
23. Success Story (Success Story)
24. Letter from an Unknown Woman (Letter from an Unknown Woman)
25. Ten Thousand Horses Singing (Ten Thousand Horses Singing)
26. The Wings of the Dove (The Wings of the Dove)
27. The Vintage Years (The Vintage Years)
28. Mrs. Hargreaves (Mrs. Hargreaves)
29. The Story of Meg Mallory (The Story of Meg Mallory)
30. Pontius Pilate (Pontius Pilate)
31. Hold Back the Night (Hold Back the Night)
32. Lilly, the Queen of the Movies (Lilly, the Queen of the Movies)
33. The Deep Dark (The Deep Dark)
34. Treasure Island (Treasure Island)
35. They Came to Baghdad (They Came to Baghdad)
36. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court)
37. Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln)
38. Captain-General of the Armies (Captain-General of the Armies)
39. Lovers and Friends (Lovers and Friends)
40. International Incident (International Incident)
41. There Was a Crooked Man (There Was a Crooked Man)
42. The Blonde Comes First (The Blonde Comes First)
43. The Rockingham Tea Set (The Rockingham Tea Set)
44. The Last Thing I Do (The Last Thing I Do)
45. Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)
46. The Man They Acquitted (The Man They Acquitted)
47. One in a Million (One in a Million)
48. The Good Companions (The Good Companions)
49. Stan, the Killer (Stan, the Killer)
50. The Happy Housewife (The Happy Housewife)
51. The Shadowy Third (The Shadowy Third)
5. série
1. The Kill (The Kill)
2. The Square Peg (The Square Peg)
3. The Doctor's Wife (The Doctor's Wife)
4. Little Man, Big World (Little Man, Big World)
5. The Great Conspiracy (The Great Conspiracy)
6. The Love Letter (The Love Letter)
7. The Incredible Mr. Glencannon (The Incredible Mr. Glencannon)
8. Plan for Escape (Plan for Escape)
9. The Formula (The Formula)
10. I Am Jonathan Scrivener (I Am Jonathan Scrivener)
11. The Hospital (The Hospital)
12. The Great Lady (The Great Lady)
13. The Play of the Nativity of the Child Jesus (The Play of the Nativity of the Child Jesus)
14. Young Man Adam (Young Man Adam)
15. Black Rain (Black Rain)
16. The Trial of John Peter Zenger (The Trial of John Peter Zenger)
17. Signal Thirty-Two (Signal Thirty-Two)
18. To a Moment of Triumph (To a Moment of Triumph)
19. Mark of Cain (Mark of Cain)
20. The River Garden (The River Garden)
21. The Walsh Girls (The Walsh Girls)
22. The Show Piece (The Show Piece)
23. My Beloved Husband (My Beloved Husband)
24. The Garretson Chronicle (The Garretson Chronicle)
25. A Breath of Air (A Breath of Air)
26. The Edge of Evil (The Edge of Evil)
27. At Midnight on the Thirty-first of March (At Midnight on the Thirty-first of March)
28. Shadow of the Devil (Shadow of the Devil)
29. The Magic Lantern (The Magic Lantern)
30. The Fathers (The Fathers)
31. Along Came a Spider (Along Came a Spider)
32. Birthright (Birthright)
33. King Coffin (King Coffin)
34. The Laugh Maker (The Laugh Maker)
35. Fly with the Hawk (Fly with the Hawk)
36. Rendezvous (Rendezvous)
37. Conflict (Conflict)
38. The Paris Feeling (The Paris Feeling)
39. Greed (Greed)
40. Beyond Reason (Beyond Reason)
41. End of the Honeymoon (End of the Honeymoon)
42. The Shadow of a Man (The Shadow of a Man)
43. The King in Yellow (The King in Yellow)
44. The Roman Kid (The Roman Kid)
45. Flowers from a Stranger (Flowers from a Stranger)
46. Sentence of Death (Sentence of Death)
47. The Gathering Night (The Gathering Night)
48. Letter from Cairo (Letter from Cairo)
49. Look Homeward, Hayseed (Look Homeward, Hayseed)
50. The Storm (The Storm)
6. série
1. 1984 (1984)
2. Hound-Dog Man (Hound-Dog Man)
3. Silent the Song (Silent the Song)
4. Music and Mrs. Pratt (Music and Mrs. Pratt)
5. Letter of Love (Letter of Love)
6. Another Caesar (Another Caesar)
7. Crime at Blossom's (Crime at Blossom's)
8. Camille (Camille)
9. A Bargain with God (A Bargain with God)
10. Buffalo Bill Is Dead (Buffalo Bill Is Dead)
11. Confessions of a Nervous Man (Confessions of a Nervous Man)
12. Dry Run (Dry Run)
13. All My Love (All My Love)
14. Cinderella '53 (Cinderella '53)
15. Master of the Rose (Master of the Rose)
16. The Runaway (The Runaway)
17. The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners (The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners)
18. A Criminal Design (A Criminal Design)
19. A Favor for a Friend (A Favor for a Friend)
20. Herman, Come by Bomber (Herman, Come by Bomber)
21. Man of Extinction (Man of Extinction)
22. Dark Possession (Dark Possession)
23. The Role of a Lover (The Role of a Lover)
24. Side Street (Side Street)
25. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (Beyond a Reasonable Doubt)
26. Thunder on Sycamore Street (Thunder on Sycamore Street)
27. The Expendables (The Expendables)
28. Paul's Apartment (Paul's Apartment)
29. Stir Mugs (Stir Mugs)
30. Jack Sperling, Forty-six (Jack Sperling, Forty-six)
31. A Handful of Diamonds (A Handful of Diamonds)
32. Romney (Romney)
33. Cardinal Mindszenty (Cardinal Mindszenty)
34. Fear Is No Stranger (Fear Is No Stranger)
35. Castle in Spain (Castle in Spain)
36. A Man and Two Gods (A Man and Two Gods)
37. The Death and Life of Larry Benson (The Death and Life of Larry Benson)
38. The Strike (The Strike)
39. A Letter to Mr. Gubbins (A Letter to Mr. Gubbins)
40. Fandango at War Bonnet (Fandango at War Bonnet)
41. Screwball (Screwball)
42. The Small Door (The Small Door)
43. A Guest at the Embassy (A Guest at the Embassy)
44. Home Again, Home Again (Home Again, Home Again)
45. The Hero (The Hero)
46. The Magic Monday (The Magic Monday)
47. Sue Ellen (Sue Ellen)
48. The House of Gair (The House of Gair)
49. Experiment Perilous (Experiment Perilous)
50. The Secret Self (The Secret Self)
51. U.F.O. (U.F.O.)
52. The Cliff (The Cliff)
7. série
1. Twelve Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)
2. The Eduction of H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N (The Eduction of H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N)
3. Prelude to Murder (Prelude to Murder)
4. Melissa (Melissa)
5. The Boy Who Changed the World (The Boy Who Changed the World)
6. Fatal in My Fashion (Fatal in My Fashion)
7. The Man Who Owned the Town (The Man Who Owned the Town)
8. An Almanac of Liberty (An Almanac of Liberty)
9. Let Me Go, Lover (Let Me Go, Lover)
10. Joey (Joey)
11. The Deserter (The Deserter)
12. Short Cut (Short Cut)
13. 12:30 A.M. (12:30 A.M.)
14. Two Little Minks (Two Little Minks)
15. The Cuckoo in Spring (The Cuckoo in Spring)
16. The Missing Men (The Missing Men)
17. Grandma Roller Her Own (Grandma Roller Her Own)
18. Sail with the Tide (Sail with the Tide)
19. It Might Happen Tomorrow (It Might Happen Tomorrow)
20. The Silent Women (The Silent Women)
21. A Stranger May Die (A Stranger May Die)
22. The Broken Spur (The Broken Spur)
23. The Eddie Chapman Story (The Eddie Chapman Story)
24. Donovan's Brain (Donovan's Brain)
25. Millions of Georges (Millions of Georges)
26. The Conviction of Peter Shea (The Conviction of Peter Shea)
27. Miss Turner's Decision (Miss Turner's Decision)
28. Dominique (Dominique)
29. Cross My Heart (Cross My Heart)
30. Passage of Arms (Passage of Arms)
31. Affairs of State (Affairs of State)
32. Mrs. Brimmer Did It! (Mrs. Brimmer Did It!)
33. Summer Pavilion (Summer Pavilion)
34. A Picture in the Paper (A Picture in the Paper)
35. Strange Companion (Strange Companion)
36. Pigeons and People (Pigeons and People)
37. Operation Home (Operation Home)
38. The Spongers (The Spongers)
39. The Incredible World of Horace Ford (The Incredible World of Horace Ford)
40. Heart Song (Heart Song)
41. For the Defense (For the Defense)
42. The Day Before the Wedding (The Day Before the Wedding)
43. Sane as a Hatter (Sane as a Hatter)
44. A Terrible Day (A Terrible Day)
45. The Tall Dark Stranger (The Tall Dark Stranger)
46. Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar)
47. The Prince and the Puppet (The Prince and the Puppet)
48. The Secret (The Secret)
49. The Voysey Inheritance (The Voysey Inheritance)
50. A Chance at Love (A Chance at Love)
51. Mama's Boy (Mama's Boy)
52. The Pit (The Pit)
8. série
1. Like Father, Like Son (Like Father, Like Son)
2. Three Empty Rooms (Three Empty Rooms)
3. A Likely Story (A Likely Story)
4. Uncle Ed and Circumstances (Uncle Ed and Circumstances)
5. A Most Contagious Game (A Most Contagious Game)
6. Private History (Private History)
7. Split Level (Split Level)
8. Shakedown Cruise (Shakedown Cruise)
9. The Judge and the Hangman (The Judge and the Hangman)
10. Julie (Julie)
11. The Man Who Caught the Ball at Coogan's Bluff (The Man Who Caught the Ball at Coogan's Bluff)
12. Blow Up at Cortland (Blow Up at Cortland)
13. The Strongbox (The Strongbox)
14. Miracle at Potter's Farm (Miracle at Potter's Farm)
15. Fair Play (Fair Play)
16. Dino (Dino)
17. The Talented Mr. Ripley (The Talented Mr. Ripley)
18. Johnny August (Johnny August)
19. A Public Figure (A Public Figure)
20. My Son Johnny (My Son Johnny)
21. The Silent Gun (The Silent Gun)
22. Manhattan Duet (Manhattan Duet)
23. Circle of Guilt (Circle of Guilt)
24. Always Welcome (Always Welcome)
25. A Favor for Sam (A Favor for Sam)
26. Flower of Pride (Flower of Pride)
27. The Laughter of Giants (The Laughter of Giants)
28. The Tale of St. Emergency (The Tale of St. Emergency)
29. This Will Do Nicely (This Will Do Nicely)
30. The Arena (The Arena)
31. Regarding File Number 3456 (Regarding File Number 3456)
32. I Do (I Do)
33. The Drop of a Hat (The Drop of a Hat)
34. The Genie of Sutton Place (The Genie of Sutton Place)
35. The Star-Spangled Soldier (The Star-Spangled Soldier)
36. Family Protection (Family Protection)
37. The Power (The Power)
38. Flight (Flight)
39. Snap Your Fingers (Snap Your Fingers)
40. Mr. Arcularis (Mr. Arcularis)
41. The Luck of Luke McTigger (The Luck of Luke McTigger)
42. Song for a Summer Night (Song for a Summer Night)
43. Emmaline (Emmaline)
44. An Incident of Love (An Incident of Love)
45. The Ballad of Yermo Red (The Ballad of Yermo Red)
46. Something Ventured (Something Ventured)
47. Guiulio (Guiulio)
48. A Day Before Battle (A Day Before Battle)
49. Cauliflower Heart (Cauliflower Heart)
50. Dark Morning (Dark Morning)
9. série
1. A Special Announcement (A Special Announcement)
2. A Man's World (A Man's World)
3. The Open Door (The Open Door)
4. The Crimes of Peter Page (The Crimes of Peter Page)
5. American Primitive (American Primitive)
6. The Pilot (The Pilot)
7. The Landlady's Daughter (The Landlady's Daughter)
8. Portrait of a Citizen (Portrait of a Citizen)
9. Rachel (Rachel)
10. Career (Career)
11. A Christmas Surprise (A Christmas Surprise)
12. Goodbye Piccadilly (Goodbye Piccadilly)
13. Love at Forth Sight (Love at Forth Sight)
14. The Dark Corner (The Dark Corner)
15. The Five Dollar Bill (The Five Dollar Bill)
16. Dead of Noon (Dead of Noon)
17. Tale of the Comet (Tale of the Comet)
18. A Walk in the Forest (A Walk in the Forest)
19. The Hollywood Complex (The Hollywood Complex)
20. The Defender: Part 1 (The Defender: Part 1)
21. The Defender: Part 2 (The Defender: Part 2)
22. A Child Is Waiting (A Child Is Waiting)
23. Walk Down the Hill (Walk Down the Hill)
24. A Member of the Family (A Member of the Family)
25. The Years in Between (The Years in Between)
26. The Playwright and the Stars (The Playwright and the Stars)
27. The Rice Sprout Song (The Rice Sprout Song)
28. The Traveling Lady (The Traveling Lady)
29. Eight Feet to Midnight (Eight Feet to Midnight)
30. The Out-of-Towners (The Out-of-Towners)
31. Babe in the Woods (Babe in the Woods)
32. The Man Who Wasn't Himself (The Man Who Wasn't Himself)
33. The Weston Strain (The Weston Strain)
34. The Furlough (The Furlough)
35. The Mother Bit (The Mother Bit)
36. The Staring Match (The Staring Match)
37. The Goodwill Ambassadors (The Goodwill Ambassadors)
38. Death and Taxes (Death and Taxes)
39. A Matter of Guilt (A Matter of Guilt)
40. Love Me to Pieces (Love Me to Pieces)
41. In Love with a Stranger (In Love with a Stranger)
42. The Human Barrier (The Human Barrier)
43. My Mother and How She Undid Me (My Mother and How She Undid Me)
44. The Unmentionable Blues (The Unmentionable Blues)
45. Rudy (Rudy)
46. Guitar (Guitar)
47. The Dark Intruder (The Dark Intruder)
10. série
1. The Night America Trembled (The Night America Trembled)
2. First Prize for Murder (First Prize for Murder)
3. Mutiny on the Shark: Part 1 (Mutiny on the Shark: Part 1)
4. Mutiny on the Shark: Part 2 (Mutiny on the Shark: Part 2)
5. The Morning After (The Morning After)
6. Act of Mercy (Act of Mercy)
7. The Deaf Heart (The Deaf Heart)
8. Bend in the Road (Bend in the Road)
9. Twenty-Four Hours (Twenty-Four Hours)
10. Please Report Any Odd Characters (Please Report Any Odd Characters)
11. Escape Route (Escape Route)
12. No Deadly Medicine: Part 1 (No Deadly Medicine: Part 1)
13. No Deadly Medicine: Part 2 (No Deadly Medicine: Part 2)
14. The Brotherhood of the Bell (The Brotherhood of the Bell)
15. The Other Place (The Other Place)
16. Trial by Slander (Trial by Slander)
17. Balance of Terror (Balance of Terror)
18. The Laughing Willow (The Laughing Willow)
19. Presence of the Enemy (Presence of the Enemy)
20. Tide of Corruption (Tide of Corruption)
21. The Lonely Stage (The Lonely Stage)
22. The Fair-Haired Boy (The Fair-Haired Boy)
23. A Dead Ringer (A Dead Ringer)
24. Tongues of Angels (Tongues of Angels)
25. The Award Winner (The Award Winner)
26. The Shadow of a Genius (The Shadow of a Genius)
27. Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris (Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris)
28. The Desperate Age (The Desperate Age)
29. The Edge of Truth (The Edge of Truth)
30. The McTaggart Succession (The McTaggart Succession)
31. Kurishiki Incident (Kurishiki Incident)
32. A Funny-Looking Kid (A Funny-Looking Kid)
33. The Enemy Within (The Enemy Within)
34. Ticket to Tahiti (Ticket to Tahiti)
35. The Strong Man (The Strong Man)
36. The Left-Handed Welcome (The Left-Handed Welcome)
37. The Man Who Asked for a Funeral (The Man Who Asked for a Funeral)
38. The Undiscovered (The Undiscovered)
39. Man Under Glass (Man Under Glass)
40. A Delicate Affair (A Delicate Affair)
41. The Last Summer (The Last Summer)
42. Tag-Along (Tag-Along)
43. Birthday Present (Birthday Present)
44. Bellingham (Bellingham)
45. The Lady Died at Midnight (The Lady Died at Midnight)
46. Music U.S.A. (Music U.S.A.)
47. No Place to Run (No Place to Run)
48. Image of Fear (Image of Fear)