Supergirl (Supergirl) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Stronger Together (Stronger Together)
3. Fight or Flight (Fight or Flight)
4. Livewire (Livewire)
5. How Does She Do It? (How Does She Do It?)
6. Red Faced (Red Faced)
7. Human for a Day (Human for a Day)
8. Hostile Takeover (Hostile Takeover)
9. Blood Bonds (Blood Bonds)
10. Childish Thinks (Childish Things)
11. Strange Visitor from Another Planet (Strange Visitor from Another Planet)
12. Bizarro (Bizarro)
13. For the Girl Who Has Everything (For the Girl Who Has Everything)
14. Truth, Justice and the American Way (Truth, Justice and the American Way)
15. Solitude (Solitude)
16. Falling (Falling)
17. Manhunter (Manhunter)
18. Worlds Finest (Worlds Finest)
19. Myriad (Myriad)
20. Better Angels (Better Angels)
2. série
1. The Adventures of Supergirl (The Adventures of Supergirl)
2. The Last Children of Krypton (The Last Children of Krypton)
3. Welcome to Earth (Welcome to Earth)
4. Survivors (Survivors)
5. Crossfire (Crossfire)
6. Changing (Changing)
7. The Darkest Place (The Darkest Place)
8. Medusa (Medusa)
9. Supergirl Lives (Supergirl Lives)
10. We Can Be Heroes (We Can Be Heroes)
11. The Martian Chronicles (The Martian Chronicles)
12. Luthors (Luthors)
13. Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk (Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk)
14. Homecoming (Homecoming)
15. Exodus (Exodus)
16. Star-Crossed (Star-Crossed)
17. Distant Sun (Distant Sun)
18. Ace Reporter (Ace Reporter)
19. Alex (Alex)
20. City of Lost Children (City of Lost Children)
21. Resist (Resist)
22. Nevertheless, She Persisted (Nevertheless, She Persisted)
3. série
1. Girl of Steel (Girl of Steel)
2. Triggers (Triggers)
3. Far from the Tree (Far from the Tree)
4. The Faithful (The Faithful)
5. Damage (Damage)
6. Midvale (Midvale)
7. Wake Up (Wake Up)
8. Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1 (Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1)
9. Reign (Reign)
10. Legion of Superheroes (Legion of Superheroes)
11. Fort Rozz (Fort Rozz)
12. For Good (For Good)
13. Both Sides Now (Both Sides Now)
14. Schott Through the Heart (Schott Through the Heart)
15. In Search of Lost Time (In Search of Lost Time)
16. Of Two Minds (Of Two Minds)
17. Trinity (Trinity)
18. Shelter from the Storm (Shelter from the Storm)
19. The Fanatical (The Fanatical)
20. Dark Side of the Moon (Dark Side of the Moon)
21. Not Kansas (Not Kansas)
22. Make It Reign (Make It Reign)
23. Battles Lost and Won (Battles Lost and Won)
4. série
1. American Alien (American Alien)
2. Fallout (Fallout)
3. Man of Steel (Man of Steel)
4. Ahimsa (Ahimsa)
5. Parasite Lost (Parasite Lost)
6. Call to Action (Call to Action)
7. Rather the Fallen Angel (Rather the Fallen Angel)
8. Bunker Hill (Bunker Hill)
9. Elseworlds, Part 3 (Elseworlds, Part 3)
10. Suspicious Minds (Suspicious Minds)
11. Blood Memory (Blood Memory)
12. Menagerie (Menagerie)
13. What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way (What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way)
14. Stand and Deliver (Stand and Deliver)
15. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (O Brother, Where Art Thou?)