Příběhy ze záhrobí

Příběhy ze záhrobí (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)
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1. série
1. While the Cat's Away (While the Cat's Away)
2. Nature (Nature)
3. Pleasant Screams (Pleasant Screams)
4. Gone Fishin'/A Little Body of Work (Gone Fishin'/A Little Body of Work)
5. The Works, in Wax (The Works, in Wax)
6. The Sleeping Beauty (The Sleeping Beauty)
7. Cave Man (Cave Man)
8. Hyde and Go Shriek (Hyde and Go Shriek)
9. Fare Tonight (Fare Tonight)
10. Gorilla's Paw (Gorilla's Paw)
11. This Wraps It Up (This Wraps It Up)
12. Grounds for Horror (Grounds for Horror)
13. Ghost Ship (Ghost Ship)
2. série
1. Game Over (Game Over)
2. Cold Blood, Warm Heart/The Spider and the Flies (Cold Blood, Warm Heart/The Spider and the Flies)
3. The Avenging Phantom/Myth Conceptions (The Avenging Phantom/Myth Conceptions)
4. All the Gory Details (All the Gory Details)
5. The Weeping Woman (The Weeping Woman)
6. Dead Men Don't Jump (Dead Men Don't Jump)
7. The Haunted Mine (The Haunted Mine)
8. Growing Pains (Growing Pains)
9. The Brothers Gruff (The Brothers Gruff)
10. Uncle Harry's Horrible House of Horrors (Uncle Harry's Horrible House of Horrors)
11. Hunted (Hunted)
12. Chuck, and Melvin, and the Beanstalker (Chuck, and Melvin, and the Beanstalker)
13. Transylvania Express (Transylvania Express)
3. série
1. Sharon Sharalike (Sharon Sharalike)
2. Imaginary Friend (Imaginary Friend)
3. Waste Not, Haunt Not (Waste Not, Haunt Not)
4. Unpopular Mechanics (Unpopular Mechanics)
5. Competitive Spirit (Competitive Spirit)
6. Trouble in Store (Trouble in Store)
7. So Very Attractive (So Very Attractive)
8. Drawn & Quartered (Drawn & Quartered)
9. All Booked Up (All Booked Up)
10. Town Gathering (Town Gathering)
11. It's for You (It's for You)
12. Monsters Ate My Homework (Monsters Ate My Homework)
13. Too Cool for School (Too Cool for School)