The Doctor

The Doctor (Doctor, The)
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1. série
1. The Inquisitors (The Inquisitors)
2. Sweet Thing (Sweet Thing)
3. Time to Kill (Time to Kill)
4. The Baker Story (The Baker Story)
5. Blackmail (Blackmail)
6. The Hiding Place (The Hiding Place)
7. No Gods to Serve (No Gods to Serve)
8. Love Letters from a Stranger (Love Letters from a Stranger)
9. Those Who Wait (Those Who Wait)
10. The Guest (The Guest)
11. The Red Wig (The Red Wig)
12. The White Medallion (The White Medallion)
13. The Fakir (The Fakir)
14. No Story Assignment (No Story Assignment)
15. The Trusting Heart (The Trusting Heart)
16. Pile of Rocks (Pile of Rocks)
17. Marti (Marti)
18. A Tale of Two Christmases (A Tale of Two Christmases)
19. Night Riders in Apartment A (Night Riders in Apartment A)
20. Desk of Matthew Day (Desk of Matthew Day)
21. Medal of Honor (Medal of Honor)
22. Take the Odds (Take the Odds)
23. Jules (Jules)
24. Reward (Reward)
25. The Decision (The Decision)
26. Song for a Banker (Song for a Banker)
27. The World of Nancy Clark (The World of Nancy Clark)
28. Googan (Googan)
29. Treasure Island (Treasure Island)
30. Carla's Boy (Carla's Boy)
31. Luncheon at Casey's (Luncheon at Casey's)
32. As the Twig Is Bent (As the Twig Is Bent)
33. Friend of the Family (Friend of the Family)
34. The Way of Hope (The Way of Hope)
35. Rendezvous (Rendezvous)
36. scape from the Past (scape from the Past)
37. Desk Job (Desk Job)
38. No-Rap Charlie (No-Rap Charlie)
39. The Rocking Chair (The Rocking Chair)
40. The Researcher (The Researcher)
41. The Brothers (The Brothers)
42. The Dog Tag (The Dog Tag)
43. The Runaways (The Runaways)