The F.B.I.

The F.B.I. (F.B.I., The) — 1. série
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1. série
1. The Monster (The Monster)
2. Image in a Cracked Mirror (Image in a Cracked Mirror)
3. A Mouthful of Dust (A Mouthful of Dust)
4. Slow March Up a Steep Hill (Slow March Up a Steep Hill)
5. The Insolents (The Insolents)
6. To Free My Enemy (To Free My Enemy)
7. The Problem of the Honorable Wife (The Problem of the Honorable Wife)
8. Courage of a Conviction (Courage of a Conviction)
9. The Exiles (The Exiles)
10. The Giant Killer (The Giant Killer)
11. All the Streets Are Silent (All the Streets Are Silent)
12. An Elephant Is Like a Rope (An Elephant Is Like a Rope)
13. How to Murder an Iron Horse (How to Murder an Iron Horse)
14. Pound of Flesh (Pound of Flesh)
15. The Hijackers (The Hijackers)
16. The Forests of the Night (The Forests of the Night)
17. The Chameleon (The Chameleon)
18. The Sacrifice (The Sacrifice)
19. Special Delivery (Special Delivery)
20. Quantico (Quantico)
21. The Spy-Master (The Spy-Master)
22. The Baby Sitter (The Baby Sitter)
23. Flight to Harbin (Flight to Harbin)
24. The Man Who Went Mad by Mistake (The Man Who Went Mad by Mistake)
25. The Divided Man (The Divided Man)
26. The Defector: Part 1 (The Defector: Part 1)
27. The Defector: Part 2 (The Defector: Part 2)
28. The Tormentors (The Tormentors)
29. The Animal (The Animal)
30. The Plunderers (The Plunderers)
31. The Bomb That Walked Like a Man (The Bomb That Walked Like a Man)
2. série
1. The Price of Death (The Price of Death)
2. The Escape (The Escape)
3. The Assassin (The Assassin)
4. The Cave-In (The Cave-In)
5. The Scourge (The Scourge)
6. The Plague Merchant (The Plague Merchant)
7. Ordeal (Ordeal)
8. Collision Course (Collision Course)
9. Vendetta (Vendetta)
10. Anatomy of a Prison Break (Anatomy of a Prison Break)
11. The Contaminator (The Contaminator)
12. The Camel's Nose (The Camel's Nose)
13. List for a Firing Squad (List for a Firing Squad)
14. The Death Wind (The Death Wind)
15. The Raid (The Raid)
16. Passage into Fear (Passage into Fear)
17. The Courier (The Courier)
18. A Question of Guilt (A Question of Guilt)
19. The Gray Passenger (The Gray Passenger)
20. The Conspirators (The Conspirators)
21. Rope of Gold (Rope of Gold)
22. The Hostage (The Hostage)
23. Sky on Fire (Sky on Fire)
24. Flight Plan (Flight Plan)
25. The Executioners: Part 1 (The Executioners: Part 1)
26. The Executioners: Part 2 (The Executioners: Part 2)
27. The Satellite (The Satellite)
28. Force of Nature (Force of Nature)
29. The Extortionist (The Extortionist)
3. série
1. The Gold Card (The Gold Card)
2. Counter-Stroke (Counter-Stroke)
3. Blood Verdict (Blood Verdict)
4. Traitor (Traitor)
5. By Force and Violence: Part 1 (By Force and Violence: Part 1)
6. By Force and Violence: Part 2 (By Force and Violence: Part 2)
7. A Sleeper Wakes (A Sleeper Wakes)
8. Overload (Overload)
9. Line of Fire (Line of Fire)
10. Blueprint for Betrayal (Blueprint for Betrayal)
11. False Witness (False Witness)
12. The Legend of John Rim (The Legend of John Rim)
13. The Dynasty (The Dynasty)
14. The Daughter (The Daughter)
15. Act of Violence (Act of Violence)
16. Crisis Ground (Crisis Ground)
17. Ring of Steel (Ring of Steel)
18. Homecoming (Homecoming)
19. The Phone Call (The Phone Call)
20. Region of Peril (Region of Peril)
21. Southwind (Southwind)
22. The Messenger (The Messenger)
23. The Ninth Man (The Ninth Man)
24. The Mechanized Accomplice (The Mechanized Accomplice)
25. The Predators (The Predators)
26. The Tunnel (The Tunnel)
27. The Mercenary (The Mercenary)
4. série
1. Wind It Up and It Betrays You (Wind It Up and It Betrays You)
2. Out of Control (Out of Control)
3. The Quarry (The Quarry)
4. The Runaways (The Runaways)
5. Death of a Fixer (Death of a Fixer)
6. The Enemies (The Enemies)
7. The Nightmare (The Nightmare)
8. Breakthrough (Breakthrough)
9. The Harvest (The Harvest)
10. The Intermediary (The Intermediary)
11. The Butcher (The Butcher)
12. The Flaw (The Flaw)
13. The Hero (The Hero)
14. The Widow (The Widow)
15. Eye of the Storm (Eye of the Storm)
16. The Fraud (The Fraud)
17. A Life in the Balance (A Life in the Balance)
18. Caesar's Wife (Caesar's Wife)
19. The Patriot (The Patriot)
20. The Maze (The Maze)
21. The Attorney (The Attorney)
22. The Catalyst (The Catalyst)
23. Conspiracy of Silence (Conspiracy of Silence)
24. The Young Warriors (The Young Warriors)
25. The Cober List (The Cober List)
26. Moment of Truth (Moment of Truth)
5. série
1. Target of Interest (Target of Interest)
2. Nightmare Road (Nightmare Road)
3. The Swindler (The Swindler)
4. Boomerang (Boomerang)
5. Silent Partners (Silent Partners)
6. Gamble with Death (Gamble with Death)
7. Flight (Flight)
8. The Challenge (The Challenge)
9. Blood Tie (Blood Tie)
10. The Sanctuary (The Sanctuary)
11. Scapegoat (Scapegoat)
12. The Inside Man (The Inside Man)
13. The Prey (The Prey)
14. Journey Into Night (Journey Into Night)
15. The Doll Courier (The Doll Courier)
16. Tug-of-War (Tug-of-War)
17. Fatal Impostor (Fatal Impostor)
18. Conspiracy of Corruption (Conspiracy of Corruption)
19. The Diamond Millstone (The Diamond Millstone)
20. Deadly Reunion (Deadly Reunion)
21. Pressure Point (Pressure Point)
22. Summer Terror (Summer Terror)
23. Return to Power (Return to Power)
24. The Dealer (The Dealer)
25. Deadfall (Deadfall)
26. The Quest (The Quest)
6. série
1. The Condemned (The Condemned)
2. The Traitor (The Traitor)
3. Escape to Terror (Escape to Terror)
4. The Architect (The Architect)
5. The Savage Wilderness (The Savage Wilderness)
6. Time Bomb (Time Bomb)
7. The Innocents (The Innocents)
8. The Deadly Pact (The Deadly Pact)
9. The Impersonator (The Impersonator)
10. Antennae of Death (Antennae of Death)
11. The Target (The Target)
12. The Witness (The Witness)
13. Incident in the Desert (Incident in the Desert)
14. The Inheritors (The Inheritors)
15. Unknown Victim (Unknown Victim)
16. The Stalking Horse (The Stalking Horse)
17. Center of Peril (Center of Peril)
18. Eye of the Needle (Eye of the Needle)
19. The Fatal Connection (The Fatal Connection)
20. The Replacement (The Replacement)
21. Death Watch (Death Watch)
22. Downfall (Downfall)
23. The Hitchhiker (The Hitchhiker)
24. Turnabout (Turnabout)
25. The Natural (The Natural)
26. Three-Way Split (Three-Way Split)
7. série
1. Death on Sunday (Death on Sunday)
2. Recurring Nightmare (Recurring Nightmare)
3. The Last Job (The Last Job)
4. The Deadly Gift (The Deadly Gift)
5. Dynasty of Hate (Dynasty of Hate)
6. The Mastermind: Part 1 (The Mastermind: Part 1)
7. The Mastermind: Part 2 (The Mastermind: Part 2)
8. The Watch Dog (The Watch Dog)
9. Game of Terror (Game of Terror)
10. End of a Hero (End of a Hero)
11. Superstition Rock (Superstition Rock)
12. The Minerva Tapes (The Minerva Tapes)
13. Bitter Harbor (Bitter Harbor)
14. The Recruiter (The Recruiter)
15. The Buyer (The Buyer)
16. A Second Life (A Second Life)
17. The Break-Up (The Break-Up)
18. Judas Goat (Judas Goat)
19. The Hunters (The Hunters)
20. Arrangement with Terror (Arrangement with Terror)
21. The Set-Up (The Set-Up)
22. The Test (The Test)
23. The Corruptor (The Corruptor)
24. The Deadly Species (The Deadly Species)
25. Dark Journey (Dark Journey)
26. Escape to Nowhere (Escape to Nowhere)
8. série
1. The Runner (The Runner)
2. Edge of Desperation (Edge of Desperation)
3. The Fatal Showdown (The Fatal Showdown)
4. The Franklin Papers (The Franklin Papers)
5. The Gopher (The Gopher)
6. End of a Nightmare (End of a Nightmare)
7. The Engineer (The Engineer)
8. A Game of Chess (A Game of Chess)
9. The Wizard (The Wizard)
10. The Loner (The Loner)
11. Canyon of No Return (Canyon of No Return)
12. Holiday with Terror (Holiday with Terror)
13. The Jug-Marker (The Jug-Marker)
14. The Outcast (The Outcast)
15. Dark Christmas (Dark Christmas)
16. The Rap Taker (The Rap Taker)
17. A Gathering of Sharks (A Gathering of Sharks)
18. The Disinherited (The Disinherited)
19. Desperate Journey (Desperate Journey)
20. The Double Play (The Double Play)
21. The Wedding Gift (The Wedding Gift)
22. The Detonator (The Detonator)
23. Sweet Evil (Sweet Evil)
24. Memory of a Legend (Memory of a Legend)
25. Night of the Long Knives (Night of the Long Knives)
26. The Loper Gambit (The Loper Gambit)
9. série
1. The Big Job (The Big Job)
2. The Confession (The Confession)
3. Break-In (Break-In)
4. The Payoff (The Payoff)
5. The Exchange (The Exchange)
6. Town of Terror (Town of Terror)
7. Fatal Reunion (Fatal Reunion)
8. Rules of the Game (Rules of the Game)
9. Fools Gold (Fools Gold)
10. The Killing Truth (The Killing Truth)
11. The Bought Jury (The Bought Jury)
12. Ransom (Ransom)
13. A Piece of the Action (A Piece of the Action)
14. Selkirk's War (Selkirk's War)
15. The Betrayal (The Betrayal)
16. The Animal (The Animal)
17. The $20,000,000 Hit (The $20,000,000 Hit)
18. Diamond Run (Diamond Run)
19. Deadly Ambition (Deadly Ambition)
20. The Lost Man (The Lost Man)
21. The Vendetta (The Vendetta)
22. Confessions of a Madman (Confessions of a Madman)
23. Survival (Survival)