The George Carlin Show

The George Carlin Show (George Carlin Show, The) — 1. série
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1. série
1. When Unexpected Things Happen to George (When Unexpected Things Happen to George)
2. George Sees an Airplane (George Sees an Airplane)
3. George Goes on a Date: Part 1 (George Goes on a Date: Part 1)
4. George Goes on a Date: Part 2 (George Goes on a Date: Part 2)
5. George Helps Sydney (George Helps Sydney)
6. George Expresses Himself (George Expresses Himself)
7. George Gets Some Money (George Gets Some Money)
8. George Destroys a Way of Life (George Destroys a Way of Life)
9. George Loses His Thermos (George Loses His Thermos)
10. George Digs Rock 'n' Roll Music (George Digs Rock 'n' Roll Music)
11. George Speaks His Mind (George Speaks His Mind)
12. George Looks Down the Wrong End of a .38 (George Looks Down the Wrong End of a .38)
13. George Plays a Mean Pinball (George Plays a Mean Pinball)
14. George Lifts the Holy Spirit (George Lifts the Holy Spirit)
2. série
1. George Gets a Big Surprise (George Gets a Big Surprise)
2. George Runs Into an Old Friend (George Runs Into an Old Friend)
3. George Goes Too Far (George Goes Too Far)
4. George Gets Hoist by His Own Petard (George Gets Hoist by His Own Petard)
5. George Pulls the Plug (George Pulls the Plug)
6. George Gets Caught in the Middle (George Gets Caught in the Middle)
7. George Really Does It This Time (George Really Does It This Time)
8. George Shoots Himself in the Foot (George Shoots Himself in the Foot)
9. George Does a Bad Thing (George Does a Bad Thing)
10. George Puts on a Happy Face (George Puts on a Happy Face)
11. George Helps a Friend (George Helps a Friend)
12. George Tells the Truth (George Tells the Truth)
13. George Likes a Good War (George Likes a Good War)