The Inspectors

The Inspectors (Inspectors, The) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Elephant in the Room (Elephant in the Room)
3. The Long Shot (The Long Shot)
4. Final Distraction (Final Distraction)
5. The Slow and the Furious (The Slow and the Furious)
6. Semper Phi (Semper Phi)
7. The Heart Is a Lonely Scammer (The Heart Is a Lonely Scammer)
8. We Take Care of Our Own (We Take Care of Our Own)
9. Threatening Letters (Threatening Letters)
10. Arrivederci Milo's (Arrivederci Milo's)
11. Jersey Blues (Jersey Blues)
12. Noah's Story Arc (Noah's Story Arc)
13. Fast Tracking (Fast Tracking)
14. Storm Chasers (Storm Chasers)
15. 30 Days (30 Days)
16. Too Good to Be True (Too Good to Be True)
17. Identity (Identity)
18. The Imitation Games (The Imitation Games)
19. The Great Pretenders (The Great Pretenders)
20. Gone Phishing (Gone Phishing)
21. Psychic Rabbit (Psychic Rabbit)
22. No Good Deed (No Good Deed)
23. Jamaican Lottery (Jamaican Lottery)
24. More than a Feeling (More than a Feeling)
25. Tussles and Threats (Tussles and Threats)
26. The Impostors (The Impostors)
2. série
1. Veronica Returns (Veronica Returns)
2. Casey Gets Pinned (Casey Gets Pinned)
3. Sweater for Phil (Sweater for Phil)
4. The Art of Stand-Up (The Art of Stand-Up)
5. The One That Got Away (The One That Got Away)
6. The Great Postal Truck Robbery (The Great Postal Truck Robbery)
7. Dangerous Delivery (Dangerous Delivery)
8. The Return of Ronnie (The Return of Ronnie)
9. Wedding Bell Blues (Wedding Bell Blues)
10. Faking It (Faking It)
11. Mistaken Identities (Mistaken Identities)
12. Man Overboard (Man Overboard)
13. The Bus Stops Here (The Bus Stops Here)
14. Bribe and Prejudice (Bribe and Prejudice)
15. ForWhom The Bell Tolls (ForWhom The Bell Tolls)
16. Spring Break (Spring Break)
17. Birds Eye View (Birds Eye View)
18. It's a Wash (It's a Wash)
19. Trial by Error (Trial by Error)
20. Meds in the Mail (Meds in the Mail)
21. Failure to Render (Failure to Render)
22. A Friend You Know (A Friend You Know)
23. Major Decisions (Major Decisions)
24. It's Complicated (It's Complicated)
25. Stolen Identities (Stolen Identities)
26. Inspectors: Undercover (Inspectors: Undercover)
3. série
1. Welcome Back (Welcome Back)
2. Teacher's Pet (Teacher's Pet)
3. Hospital Hack! (Hospital Hack!)
4. Surveillance 101 (Surveillance 101)
5. The Initiation (The Initiation)