The Listener

The Listener (Listener, The) — 1. série
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1. série
1. I Am an Adult (I Am an Adult)
2. Emotional Rescue (Emotional Rescue)
3. A Voice in the Dark (A Voice in the Dark)
4. Some Kind of Love (Some Kind of Love)
5. Lisa Says (Lisa Says)
6. Foggy Notion (Foggy Notion)
7. Iris (Iris)
8. One Way or Another (One Way or Another)
9. Inside the Man (Inside the Man)
10. Missing (Missing)
11. Beginning to See the Light (Beginning to See the Light)
12. The 13th Juror (The 13th Juror)
13. The Journey (The Journey)
2. série
1. Lady in the Lake (Lady in the Lake)
2. Crime Seen (Crime Seen)
3. In His Sights (In His Sights)
4. The Brothers Volkov (The Brothers Volkov)
5. Inner Circle (Inner Circle)
6. The Magician (The Magician)
7. Ace in the Hole (Ace in the Hole)
8. Vanished (Vanished)
9. Jericho (Jericho)
10. Desperate Hours (Desperate Hours)
11. To Die For (To Die For)
12. Eye of the Storm (Eye of the Storm)
13. Reckoning (Reckoning)
3. série
1. The Bank Job (The Bank Job)
2. Cold Case Blues (Cold Case Blues)
3. Curtain Call (Curtain Call)
4. The Taking (The Taking)
5. Rogues' Gallery (Rogues' Gallery)
6. She Sells Sanctuary (She Sells Sanctuary)
7. Poisoned Minds (Poisoned Minds)
8. Now You See Him (Now You See Him)
9. Crossed (Crossed)
10. Lockdown (Lockdown)
11. Captain Nightfall (Captain Nightfall)
12. The Bro Code (The Bro Code)
13. The Shooting (The Shooting)
4. série
1. Blast from the Past (Blast from the Past)
2. The Blue Line (The Blue Line)
3. Early Checkout (Early Checkout)
4. Cold Storage (Cold Storage)
5. Buckle Up (Buckle Up)
6. Witness for the Prosecution (Witness for the Prosecution)
7. Caged In (Caged In)
8. The Illustrated Woman (The Illustrated Woman)
9. Love's a Bitch (Love's a Bitch)
10. The Long Con (The Long Con)
11. House of Horror (House of Horror)
12. False I.D. (False I.D.)
13. Fatal Vision (Fatal Vision)
5. série
1. The Wrong Man (The Wrong Man)
2. The Lockup (The Lockup)
3. Dancing With The Enemy (Dancing With The Enemy)
4. Smoke and Mirrors (Smoke and Mirrors)
5. Game Over (Game Over)
6. Man in the Mirror (Man in the Mirror)
7. Amuse Bouche (Amuse Bouche)
8. White Whale (White Whale)
9. The Fugitive (The Fugitive)
10. Family Secrets (Family Secrets)
11. Zero Recall (Zero Recall)
12. An Innocent Man (An Innocent Man)
13. In Our Midst (In Our Midst)