The Patty Duke Show

The Patty Duke Show (Patty Duke Show, The)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. The French Teacher (The French Teacher)
3. The Genius (The Genius)
4. The Elopement (The Elopement)
5. The House Guest (The House Guest)
6. The Birds and the Bees Bit (The Birds and the Bees Bit)
7. The Slumber Party (The Slumber Party)
8. The Babysitters (The Babysitters)
9. The Conquering Hero (The Conquering Hero)
10. The President (The President)
11. Double Date (Double Date)
12. The Actress (The Actress)
13. How to Be Popular (How to Be Popular)
14. The Songwriters (The Songwriters)
15. The Princess Cathy (The Princess Cathy)
16. The Christmas Present (The Christmas Present)
17. Auld Lang Syne (Auld Lang Syne)
18. Horoscope (Horoscope)
19. The Tycoons (The Tycoons)
20. Author! Author! (Author! Author!)
21. The Continental (The Continental)
22. Let 'Em Eat Cake (Let 'Em Eat Cake)
23. Going Steady (Going Steady)
24. Are Mothers People? (Are Mothers People?)
25. The Con Artist (The Con Artist)
26. The Perfect Teenager (The Perfect Teenager)
27. Chip Off the Old Block (Chip Off the Old Block)
28. The Wedding Anniversary Caper (The Wedding Anniversary Caper)
29. Pen Pals (Pen Pals)
30. The Friendship Bit (The Friendship Bit)
31. A Slight Case of Disaster (A Slight Case of Disaster)
32. Patty, the Foster Mother (Patty, the Foster Mother)
33. The Drop Out (The Drop Out)
34. Leave It to Patty (Leave It to Patty)
35. The Little Dictator (The Little Dictator)
36. The Working Girl (The Working Girl)
37. The Cousins (The Cousins)
2. série
1. The Green Eyed Monster (The Green Eyed Monster)
2. Practice Makes Perfect (Practice Makes Perfect)
3. Simon Says (Simon Says)
4. Patty, the Organizer (Patty, the Organizer)
5. Patty, the Pioneer (Patty, the Pioneer)
6. The Boy Next Door (The Boy Next Door)
7. Patty, the People's Voice (Patty, the People's Voice)
8. The Greatest Psychologist in the World (The Greatest Psychologist in the World)
9. Patty and the Peace Corps (Patty and the Peace Corps)
10. How to Succeed in Romance (How to Succeed in Romance)
11. Block That Statue (Block That Statue)
12. This Little Patty Went to Market (This Little Patty Went to Market)
13. The Best Date in Town (The Best Date in Town)
14. Can Do Patty (Can Do Patty)
15. Hi, Society (Hi, Society)
16. Patty, the Witness (Patty, the Witness)
17. Every Girl Should Be Married (Every Girl Should Be Married)
18. The Perfect Hostess (The Perfect Hostess)
19. Patty Meets a Celebrity (Patty Meets a Celebrity)
20. The Raffle (The Raffle)
21. Patty and the Newspaper Game (Patty and the Newspaper Game)
22. Little Brother Is Watching You (Little Brother Is Watching You)
23. Patty Pits Wits, Two Brits Hits (Patty Pits Wits, Two Brits Hits)
24. It Takes a Heap of Livin' (It Takes a Heap of Livin')
25. Will the Real Sammy Davis Please Hang Up? (Will the Real Sammy Davis Please Hang Up?)
26. Don't Monkey with Mendel (Don't Monkey with Mendel)
27. Patty, the Practical Joker (Patty, the Practical Joker)
28. Patty the Master Builder (Patty the Master Builder)
29. Patty and the Cut Rate Casanova (Patty and the Cut Rate Casanova)
30. The Daughter Bit (The Daughter Bit)
31. Cathy, the Rebel (Cathy, the Rebel)
32. Patty the Folk Singer (Patty the Folk Singer)
33. What's Cooking, Cousin? (What's Cooking, Cousin?)
34. Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Take Me Out to the Ballgame)
35. My Cousin the Heroine (My Cousin the Heroine)
36. Patty, the Chatterbox (Patty, the Chatterbox)
3. série
1. A Foggy Day in Brooklyn Heights (A Foggy Day in Brooklyn Heights)
2. Operation: Tonsils (Operation: Tonsils)
3. Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow (Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow)
4. The Guest (The Guest)
5. Our Daughter the Artist (Our Daughter the Artist)
6. Patty's Private Pygmalion (Patty's Private Pygmalion)
7. The Girl from N.E.P.H.E.W. (The Girl from N.E.P.H.E.W.)
8. I'll Be Suing You (I'll Be Suing You)
9. Patty and the Eternal Triangle (Patty and the Eternal Triangle)
10. Sick in Bed (Sick in Bed)
11. Ross, the Peacemaker (Ross, the Peacemaker)
12. Patty, the Candy Striper (Patty, the Candy Striper)
13. Patty Meets the Great Outdoors (Patty Meets the Great Outdoors)
14. Cathy Leaves Home: But Not Really (Cathy Leaves Home: But Not Really)
15. The History Paper Caper (The History Paper Caper)
16. A Very Phone-y Situation (A Very Phone-y Situation)
17. Ross Runs Away, But Not Far (Ross Runs Away, But Not Far)
18. Poppo's Birthday (Poppo's Birthday)
19. Anywhere I Hang My Horn Is Home (Anywhere I Hang My Horn Is Home)
20. The Greatest Speaker in the Whole Wide World (The Greatest Speaker in the Whole Wide World)
21. Big Sister Is Watching (Big Sister Is Watching)
22. Patty Leads a Dog's Life (Patty Leads a Dog's Life)
23. Too Young and Foolish to Go Steady (Too Young and Foolish to Go Steady)
24. Patty the Diplomat (Patty the Diplomat)
25. Do You Trust Your Daughter? (Do You Trust Your Daughter?)
26. A Visit from Uncle Jed (A Visit from Uncle Jed)
27. Patty, the Psychic (Patty, the Psychic)
28. Don't Bank on It (Don't Bank on It)
29. Three Little Kittens (Three Little Kittens)
30. Fiancee for a Day (Fiancee for a Day)
31. The Invisible Boy (The Invisible Boy)
32. Do a Brother a Favor (Do a Brother a Favor)