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The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear

(The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear)

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Self - Historian of Islamist Movement
Self - Head of Office of Soviet Affairs CIA 1976-87
Self - Political Philosopher
Self - Institute of Islamic Political Thought
Self - Interrogator Interior Ministry 1958-87
Self - General Commander Afghan Arabs - Northern Afghanistan 1984-89
Self - Cousin of Ayman Zawahiri
Self - CIA Field Officer - Afghanistan 1985-89
Self - Senior Member Federalist Society
Self - Author 'Al Qaeda'
Self - Arms Control and Disarmament Agency 1977-80
Self - Islamist Historian
Self - Head of Counter-terrorism CIA 1988-90
Self - Professor of Law - Georgetown University
Self - Author 'The Hunting of the President'
Self - Director International Centre for Security Analysis - Kings College
Self - Senior Member of the Muslim Brotherhoo
Self - Political Scientist
Self - General Secretary Soviet Communist Party
Self - Founder Member of Islamic Jihad
Self - Reporter - The Detroit News
Self - Algerian Minister for Human Rights 1991-92
Self - Intelligence Specialist - New York Times
Self - Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Self - Journalist and Former Neoconservative
Self - Straussian Philosopher - Harvard University
Self - Defence Lawyer Lackawanna Trial
Self - National Security Archive - Washington
Self - Nuclear Scientist and Radiation Risk Expert
Self - Pupil of Leo Strauss 1949
Self - Defence Lawyer Embassy Bombings Trial
Self - Defence Lawyer Detroit Sleeper Cell Trial
Self - Religious Activist - Republican Party
Self - Adviser to the Reagan White House 1981-84
Self - Soviet Spokesman in the United States 1987