The Ranch

The Ranch (Ranch, The) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Back Where I Come From (Back Where I Come From)
2. Some People Change (Some People Change)
3. The Boys of Fall (The Boys of Fall)
4. Got a Little Crazy (Got a Little Crazy)
5. American Kids (American Kids)
6. Better as a Memory (Better as a Memory)
7. I Can't Go There (I Can't Go There)
8. Til It's Gone (Til It's Gone)
9. There Goes My Life (There Goes My Life)
10. Down the Road (Down the Road)
11. Gone as a Girl Can Get (Gone as a Girl Can Get)
12. Living and Living Well (Living and Living Well)
13. Sittin' on the Fence (Sittin' on the Fence)
14. Let's Fall to Pieces Together (Let's Fall to Pieces Together)
15. I Know She Still Loves Me (I Know She Still Loves Me)
16. Easy Come, Easy Go (Easy Come, Easy Go)
17. I've Come to Expect It from You (I've Come to Expect It from You)
18. The Cowboy Rides Away (The Cowboy Rides Away)
19. Leavin' Been Comin' (For a Long, Long Time) (Leavin' Been Comin' (For a Long, Long Time))
20. Merry Christmas (Wherever You Are) (Merry Christmas (Wherever You Are))
2. série
1. My Next Thirty Years (My Next Thirty Years)
2. Things Change (Things Change)
3. Take Me Away from Here (Take Me Away from Here)
4. She'll Have You Back (She'll Have You Back)
5. My Best Friend (My Best Friend)
6. Find Out Who Your Friends Are (Find Out Who Your Friends Are)
7. One of Those Nights (One of Those Nights)
8. I Didn't Ask and She Didn't Say (I Didn't Ask and She Didn't Say)
9. Last Dollar (Fly Away) (Last Dollar (Fly Away))
10. Can't Be Really Gone (Can't Be Really Gone)
11. TBA (TBA)