The Rifleman

The Rifleman (Rifleman, The)
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1. série
1. The Sharpshooter (The Sharpshooter)
2. Home Ranch (Home Ranch)
3. End of a Young Gun (End of a Young Gun)
4. The Marshal (The Marshal)
5. The Brother-in-Law (The Brother-in-Law)
6. Eight Hours to Die (Eight Hours to Die)
7. Duel of Honor (Duel of Honor)
8. The Safe Guard (The Safe Guard)
9. The Sister (The Sister)
10. New Orleans Menace (New Orleans Menace)
11. The Apprentice Sheriff (The Apprentice Sheriff)
12. Young Englishman (Young Englishman)
13. The Angry Gun (The Angry Gun)
14. The Gaucho (The Gaucho)
15. The Pet (The Pet)
16. The Sheridan Story (The Sheridan Story)
17. The Retired Gun (The Retired Gun)
18. The Photographer (The Photographer)
19. Shivaree (Shivaree)
20. The Deadeye Kid (The Deadeye Kid)
21. The Indian (The Indian)
22. The Boarding House (The Boarding House)
23. The Second Witness (The Second Witness)
24. The Trade (The Trade)
25. One Went to Denver (One Went to Denver)
26. The Deadly Wait (The Deadly Wait)
27. The Wrong Man (The Wrong Man)
28. The Challenge (The Challenge)
29. The Hawk (The Hawk)
30. Three Legged Terror (Three Legged Terror)
31. The Angry Man (The Angry Man)
32. The Woman (The Woman)
33. The Money Gun (The Money Gun)
34. A Matter of Faith (A Matter of Faith)
35. Blood Brother (Blood Brother)
36. Stranger at Night (Stranger at Night)
37. The Raid (The Raid)
38. Outlaw's Inheritance (Outlaw's Inheritance)
39. Boomerang (Boomerang)
40. The Mind Reader (The Mind Reader)
2. série
1. The Patsy (The Patsy)
2. Bloodlines (Bloodlines)
3. The Blowout (The Blowout)
4. Obituary (Obituary)
5. Tension (Tension)
6. Eddie's Daughter (Eddie's Daughter)
7. Panic (Panic)
8. Ordeal (Ordeal)
9. The Spiked Rifle (The Spiked Rifle)
10. Letter of the Law (Letter of the Law)
11. The Legacy (The Legacy)
12. The Baby Sitter (The Baby Sitter)
13. The Coward (The Coward)
14. Surveyors (Surveyors)
15. Day of the Hunter (Day of the Hunter)
16. Mail Order Groom (Mail Order Groom)
17. A Case of Identity (A Case of Identity)
18. The Visitor (The Visitor)
19. Hero (Hero)
20. The Horse Traders (The Horse Traders)
21. The Spoiler (The Spoiler)
22. Heller (Heller)
23. The Grasshopper (The Grasshopper)
24. A Time for Singing (A Time for Singing)
25. The Deserter (The Deserter)
26. The Vision (The Vision)
27. The Lariat (The Lariat)
28. Smoke Screen (Smoke Screen)
29. Shotgun Man (Shotgun Man)
30. Sins of the Father (Sins of the Father)
31. The Prodigal (The Prodigal)
32. The Fourflusher (The Fourflusher)
33. The Jailbird (The Jailbird)
34. Meeting at Midnight (Meeting at Midnight)
35. Nora (Nora)
36. The Hangman (The Hangman)
3. série
1. Trail of Hate (Trail of Hate)
2. Woman from Hog Ridge (Woman from Hog Ridge)
3. Seven (Seven)
4. The Pitchman (The Pitchman)
5. Strange Town (Strange Town)
6. Baranca (Baranca)
7. The Martinet (The Martinet)
8. Miss Milly (Miss Milly)
9. Dead Cold Cash (Dead Cold Cash)
10. The Schoolmaster (The Schoolmaster)
11. The Promoter (The Promoter)
12. The Illustrator (The Illustrator)
13. The Silent Knife (The Silent Knife)
14. Miss Bertie (Miss Bertie)
15. Six Years and a Day (Six Years and a Day)
16. Flowers by the Door (Flowers by the Door)
17. Long Trek (Long Trek)
18. The Actress (The Actress)
19. Face of Yesterday (Face of Yesterday)
20. The Wyoming Story (The Wyoming Story)
21. The Wyoming Story (The Wyoming Story)
22. Closer Than a Brother (Closer Than a Brother)
23. The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town (The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town)
24. Dark Day at North Fork (Dark Day at North Fork)
25. The Prisoner (The Prisoner)
26. Assault (Assault)
27. Short Rope for a Tall Man (Short Rope for a Tall Man)
28. The Clarence Bibs Story (The Clarence Bibs Story)
29. The Score Is Even (The Score Is Even)
30. The Mescalero Curse (The Mescalero Curse)
31. Stopover (Stopover)
32. The Lonesome Bride (The Lonesome Bride)
33. Death Trap (Death Trap)
34. The Queue (The Queue)
4. série
1. The Vaqueros (The Vaqueros)
2. First Wages (First Wages)
3. Sheer Terror (Sheer Terror)
4. The Stand-In (The Stand-In)
5. The Journey Back (The Journey Back)
6. The Decision (The Decision)
7. Knight Errant (Knight Errant)
8. Honest Abe (Honest Abe)
9. The Long Goodbye (The Long Goodbye)
10. The Shattered Idol (The Shattered Idol)
11. Long Gun from Tucson (Long Gun from Tucson)
12. The High Country (The High Country)
13. A Friend in Need (A Friend in Need)
14. Skull (Skull)
15. The Princess (The Princess)
16. Gunfire (Gunfire)
17. The Quiet Fear (The Quiet Fear)
18. Sporting Chance (Sporting Chance)
19. A Young Man's Fancy (A Young Man's Fancy)
20. The Man from Salinas (The Man from Salinas)
21. Two Ounces of Tin (Two Ounces of Tin)
22. Deadly Image (Deadly Image)
23. The Debt (The Debt)
24. Tinhorn (Tinhorn)
25. None So Blind (None So Blind)
26. Jealous Man (Jealous Man)
27. Guilty Conscience (Guilty Conscience)
28. Day of Reckoning (Day of Reckoning)
29. The Day a Town Slept (The Day a Town Slept)
30. Milly's Brother (Milly's Brother)
31. Outlaw's Shoes (Outlaw's Shoes)
32. The Executioner (The Executioner)
5. série
1. Waste Part I (Waste Part I)
2. Waste Part II (Waste Part II)
3. Lou Mallory (Lou Mallory)
4. Quiet Night, Deadly Night (Quiet Night, Deadly Night)
5. Death Never Rides Alone (Death Never Rides Alone)
6. I Take This Woman (I Take This Woman)
7. The Assailants (The Assailants)
8. Mark's Rifle (Mark's Rifle)
9. The Most Amazing Man (The Most Amazing Man)
10. Squeeze Play (Squeeze Play)
11. Gun Shy (Gun Shy)
12. The Anvil Chorus (The Anvil Chorus)
13. Conflict (Conflict)
14. Incident at Line Shack Six (Incident at Line Shack Six)
15. Suspicion (Suspicion)
16. The Sidewinder (The Sidewinder)
17. The Sixteenth Cousin (The Sixteenth Cousin)
18. Hostages to Fortune (Hostages to Fortune)
19. And the Devil Makes Five (And the Devil Makes Five)
20. End of the Hunt (End of the Hunt)
21. The Bullet (The Bullet)
22. Requiem at Mission Springs (Requiem at Mission Springs)
23. The Guest (The Guest)
24. Old Man Running (Old Man Running)
25. Which Way'd They Go? (Which Way'd They Go?)
26. Old Tony (Old Tony)