The Troop

The Troop (Troop, The)
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1. série
1. Welcome to the Jungle (Welcome to the Jungle)
2. Do the Worm (Do the Worm)
3. Forest Grump (Forest Grump)
4. There Is No I in Monster Hunter (There Is No I in Monster Hunter)
5. Pajama Game... of Death (Pajama Game... of Death)
6. Taming of the Cube (Taming of the Cube)
7. No More Master Nice Guy (No More Master Nice Guy)
8. The Great Punkin (The Great Punkin)
9. Tentacle Face (Tentacle Face)
10. Lost in Translation (Lost in Translation)
11. The Good, the Bad and the Ickie Doll (The Good, the Bad and the Ickie Doll)
12. The Substitute (The Substitute)
13. Unpleasantville (Unpleasantville)
14. My Gus Is Back, and You're Gonna Be in Trouble (My Gus Is Back, and You're Gonna Be in Trouble)
15. Speed (Speed)
16. I, Monster (I, Monster)
17. Like a Moth to the Spotlight (Like a Moth to the Spotlight)
18. Vampsters (Vampsters)
19. Snarked Up (Snarked Up)
20. Bitty Baby Dragon (Bitty Baby Dragon)
21. Wrath of the Wraith (Wrath of the Wraith)
22. Hayley and Felix on the Side (Hayley and Felix on the Side)
23. Double Felix (Double Felix)
24. Who Is Dr.Cranius? (Who Is Dr.Cranius?)
25. Batteries Not Included (Batteries Not Included)
26. Next Stop: Lakewood (Next Stop: Lakewood)
2. série
1. The Triangle (The Triangle)
2. The Monster Within (The Monster Within)
3. It's in the Game (It's in the Game)
4. Mirrors (Mirrors)
5. Oh, Brother (Oh, Brother)
6. Through the Looking Glass (Through the Looking Glass)
7. Start Me Up (Start Me Up)
8. Prisoner of Lakewood (Prisoner of Lakewood)
9. Doom Hound (Doom Hound)
10. A Sniff Too Far (A Sniff Too Far)
11. Eris Returns (Eris Returns)
12. Road Trip (Road Trip)
13. This Bird You Cannot Change (This Bird You Cannot Change)
14. Ice Hassles (Ice Hassles)