The Zack Files

The Zack Files (Zack Files, The)
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1. série
1. The Library of No Return (The Library of No Return)
2. You Don't Say (You Don't Say)
3. It's a Wonderful School (It's a Wonderful School)
4. Quiet Please, I'm Reading Your Mind (Quiet Please, I'm Reading Your Mind)
5. Sock World (Sock World)
6. Total Rewind (Total Rewind)
7. Loose Lips: A Dog's Story (Loose Lips: A Dog's Story)
8. Crypt Seeker (Crypt Seeker)
9. Misfortune Cookie (Misfortune Cookie)
10. Run Zack Run (Run Zack Run)
11. Deja Vudoo (Deja Vudoo)
12. But I'm Too Young to Be My Dad (But I'm Too Young to Be My Dad)
13. Photo Double (Photo Double)
14. One Bad Seed (One Bad Seed)
15. Fiber! (Fiber!)
16. Anchovy of Doom (Anchovy of Doom)
17. Exit, Stage Fright (Exit, Stage Fright)
18. Talented Mr. Talisman (Talented Mr. Talisman)
19. This Is Your Conscience Calling (This Is Your Conscience Calling)
20. The Switch (The Switch)
21. The Bottom Line (The Bottom Line)
22. Sparkin' (Sparkin')
23. Gone (Gone)
24. It's a Jungle in There (It's a Jungle in There)
25. A Place of My Own (A Place of My Own)
26. Dinner with Grandpa (Dinner with Grandpa)
2. série
1. Blast from the Past (Blast from the Past)
2. Searching for Zack Greenburg (Searching for Zack Greenburg)
3. The Terrible Truth (The Terrible Truth)
4. Groovin' (Groovin')
5. What's Eating Zack Greenburg (What's Eating Zack Greenburg)
6. In Your Dreams (In Your Dreams)
7. Captain Sonic (Captain Sonic)
8. Zack Zero (Zack Zero)
9. Zack Girl (Zack Girl)
10. Dead Men Do Wear Plaid (Dead Men Do Wear Plaid)
11. The Frog Prince (The Frog Prince)
12. Things to Do at Horace Hyde When You're Dead (Things to Do at Horace Hyde When You're Dead)
13. Bionic Zack (Bionic Zack)
14. Attack of the Zack - Uum (Attack of the Zack - Uum)
15. Once and Future Zack (Once and Future Zack)
16. Kleptomanizack (Kleptomanizack)
17. Zack Times Two (Zack Times Two)
18. Pop (Pop)
19. Zack and White (Zack and White)
20. Little Big Zack (Little Big Zack)
21. The Eyes of Gwen Killerby (The Eyes of Gwen Killerby)
22. Zack Greenburg's Day Off (Zack Greenburg's Day Off)
23. Almost Famous Almost (Almost Famous Almost)
24. The Zack Show (The Zack Show)
25. Who Did You Say I Was? (Who Did You Say I Was?)
26. Zackeo and Juliet (Zackeo and Juliet)