Tumble Leaf

Tumble Leaf (Tumble Leaf) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Shiny Coins/Fig Finds a Shadow (Shiny Coins/Fig Finds a Shadow)
2. Fig Flies a Kite/Missing Muffin (Fig Flies a Kite/Missing Muffin)
3. Beat of the Drumsticks/Springy Surprise (Beat of the Drumsticks/Springy Surprise)
4. On a Roll!/Popcorn Picture Show (On a Roll!/Popcorn Picture Show)
5. Fig Blends In!/Twirling Top (Fig Blends In!/Twirling Top)
6. The Swimming Hole/Bucket of Mud (The Swimming Hole/Bucket of Mud)
7. Loopy Straw/Tumble Leaf Parade (Loopy Straw/Tumble Leaf Parade)
8. Icy Igloo/The Big Dig (Icy Igloo/The Big Dig)
9. Woohoo Kazoo!/Hide and Seek (Woohoo Kazoo!/Hide and Seek)
10. Fig's Speedy Sled/Parachute Play (Fig's Speedy Sled/Parachute Play)
11. The Lost Spyglass/Fig's Breakfast Surprise! (The Lost Spyglass/Fig's Breakfast Surprise!)
12. Bedtime Story/A Treasure Hunt (Bedtime Story/A Treasure Hunt)
13. Merry-Gear-Round/Pushy Pulley (Merry-Gear-Round/Pushy Pulley)
2. série
1. Magic Mirror/A Rainbow in My Room (Magic Mirror/A Rainbow in My Room)
2. Snowflake Dance/The Tinsel Tree Topper (Snowflake Dance/The Tinsel Tree Topper)
3. Gourd Gets Stuck/The Swing of Things (Gourd Gets Stuck/The Swing of Things)
4. Okra's Sweater/Stick's Meshroom Mansion (Okra's Sweater/Stick's Meshroom Mansion)
5. Stick Is Sick/Things That Go Gourd in the Night (Stick Is Sick/Things That Go Gourd in the Night)
6. Figamajig/Camping It Up (Figamajig/Camping It Up)
7. Mighty Mud Movers/Having a Ball (Mighty Mud Movers/Having a Ball)
8. Yak Wash/The Caterpillar Wing Ding (Yak Wash/The Caterpillar Wing Ding)
9. The Glow Below/Sub in a Bottle (The Glow Below/Sub in a Bottle)
10. Buckeye's Runaway House/Caboose on the Loose (Buckeye's Runaway House/Caboose on the Loose)
11. Clam-tastic Voyage/Double Vision (Clam-tastic Voyage/Double Vision)
12. Thinking Outside the Hoop/Fig's Hay-Maze-ing Wander (Thinking Outside the Hoop/Fig's Hay-Maze-ing Wander)
13. The Windy Hop/Captain's Cap (The Windy Hop/Captain's Cap)
3. série
1. Stick's Towering, Toppling Cake/Bambooboo (Stick's Towering, Toppling Cake/Bambooboo)
2. Rutabagels/Okra-Ball (Rutabagels/Okra-Ball)
3. Look Up and Play/To the Moon (Look Up and Play/To the Moon)
4. Spring-a-ling Surprise (Spring-a-ling Surprise)
5. Chase the Leaf/Knights of the Tumble Tale (Chase the Leaf/Knights of the Tumble Tale)
6. Maple's Mobile Mudpie Stand/Paper Plane Messages (Maple's Mobile Mudpie Stand/Paper Plane Messages)
7. Go with the Flow/Passing Fancy (Go with the Flow/Passing Fancy)
8. Quest for the Chest/Get a Grip (Quest for the Chest/Get a Grip)
9. Nothing in the Finding Place/Finding Play (Nothing in the Finding Place/Finding Play)
10. Cock-a-Doodle Day/Glow in the Dark Sleepover (Cock-a-Doodle Day/Glow in the Dark Sleepover)
11. Stick's Quiet Riot/Tappa Tappa Tap Shoes (Stick's Quiet Riot/Tappa Tappa Tap Shoes)
12. The Wheel Thing/Twine Line (The Wheel Thing/Twine Line)
13. The Nature of Friendship/The Ship Shop (The Nature of Friendship/The Ship Shop)