Tutenstein (Tutenstein)
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1. série
1. The Awakening (The Awakening)
2. The Curse of the Pharaoh (The Curse of the Pharaoh)
3. Clash of the Shabitis (Clash of the Shabitis)
4. I Did it My Way (I Did it My Way)
5. The Boat of Millions of Years (The Boat of Millions of Years)
6. The Powerful One (The Powerful One)
7. There's Something About Natasha (There's Something About Natasha)
8. The King of Memphis (The King of Memphis)
9. Roommates (Roommates)
10. Ghostbusted (Ghostbusted)
11. Near Dead Experience (Near Dead Experience)
12. The Unsafety Zone (The Unsafety Zone)
13. Happy Coronation Day, Tutenstein (Happy Coronation Day, Tutenstein)
2. série
1. Old Man Tut (Old Man Tut)
2. Cleo's Catastrophe (Cleo's Catastrophe)
3. The Shadow Gobbler (The Shadow Gobbler)
4. Tut Jr. (Tut Jr.)
5. Something Sphinx (Something Sphinx)
6. The Supreme Tut (The Supreme Tut)
7. The Day of the Undead (The Day of the Undead)
8. Friends (Friends)
9. Green-Eyed Mummy (Green-Eyed Mummy)
10. Queen for a Day (Queen for a Day)
11. Procras-Tut-nation (Procras-Tut-nation)
12. Behdety Late Than Never (Behdety Late Than Never)
13. Walter the Brain (Walter the Brain)
3. série
1. The Comeback Kid (The Comeback Kid)
2. Rest in Pieces (Rest in Pieces)
3. Irresistible You (Irresistible You)
4. Sleepless in Sarcophagus (Sleepless in Sarcophagus)
5. The Truth Hurts (The Truth Hurts)
6. Was Not Was (Was Not Was)
7. Tut the Defender (Tut the Defender)
8. Spells and Sleepovers (Spells and Sleepovers)
9. Fearless (Fearless)
10. UnPharaoh (UnPharaoh)
11. Into the Past (Into the Past)
12. Tut's Little Problem (Tut's Little Problem)
13. Keep Your Wandering Eye to Yourself (Keep Your Wandering Eye to Yourself)