Urban Legends

Urban Legends (Urban Legends)
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1. série
1. Cheating Death (Cheating Death)
2. Mixed Up in Crime (Mixed Up in Crime)
3. It Seemed Like a Clever Idea (It Seemed Like a Clever Idea)
4. No Excuse for Stupidity (No Excuse for Stupidity)
5. Fickle Finger of Fate (Fickle Finger of Fate)
6. What a Way to Go (What a Way to Go)
7. When Animals Think (When Animals Think)
8. Neighbors (Neighbors)
9. Mail Mix Ups (Mail Mix Ups)
10. The Stuff of Nightmares (The Stuff of Nightmares)
11. Good and Evil (Good and Evil)
12. Marriage and Affairs (Marriage and Affairs)
13. Episode #1.13 (Episode #1.13)
14. The Dark Side (The Dark Side)
15. The Human Body (The Human Body)
16. Weird Woundings (Weird Woundings)
2. série
1. Bad Medicine (Bad Medicine)
2. Twisted Fate (Twisted Fate)
3. Auto-Geddon (Auto-Geddon)
4. Love Hurts (Love Hurts)
5. Beyond Belief (Beyond Belief)
6. Bad Sports (Bad Sports)
7. 2009 Immaculate Deceptions (2009 Immaculate Deceptions)
8. Upstairs, Downstairs (Upstairs, Downstairs)
9. One Wedding, Two Funerals (One Wedding, Two Funerals)
10. Lost & Found (Lost & Found)
11. Bad Calls (Bad Calls)
12. Big Mistakes (Big Mistakes)
13. Family Affairs (Family Affairs)
14. Three Degrees of Separation (Three Degrees of Separation)
15. Welcome Home? (Welcome Home?)
3. série
1. Best Laid Plans (Best Laid Plans)
2. Stranger Than Fiction (Stranger Than Fiction)
3. Expect the Unexpected (Expect the Unexpected)
4. Stolen Dreams (Stolen Dreams)
5. More Than Meets the Eye (More Than Meets the Eye)
6. Heads or Tails (Heads or Tails)
7. Reap What You Sow (Reap What You Sow)
8. Love and War (Love and War)
9. lose Calls (lose Calls)
10. nder Wraps (nder Wraps)
11. Blink of an Eye (Blink of an Eye)
12. Missing Pieces (Missing Pieces)
13. The Terrible Truth (The Terrible Truth)
14. Out of the Blue (Out of the Blue)
15. Skeletons in the Closet (Skeletons in the Closet)