Wanted: Dead or Alive

Wanted: Dead or Alive (Wanted: Dead or Alive)
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1. série
1. The Martin Poster (The Martin Poster)
2. Fatal Memory (Fatal Memory)
3. The Bounty (The Bounty)
4. Dead End (Dead End)
5. Passing of Shawnee Bill (Passing of Shawnee Bill)
6. The Giveaway Gun (The Giveaway Gun)
7. Ransom for a Nun (Ransom for a Nun)
8. Miracle at Pot Hole (Miracle at Pot Hole)
9. The Fourth Headstone (The Fourth Headstone)
10. Til Death Do Us Part (Til Death Do Us Part)
11. The Favor (The Favor)
12. Ricochet (Ricochet)
13. Sheriff of Red Rock (Sheriff of Red Rock)
14. Die by the Gun (Die by the Gun)
15. Rawhide Breed (Rawhide Breed)
16. Eight Cent Reward (Eight Cent Reward)
17. Drop to Drink (Drop to Drink)
18. Rope Law (Rope Law)
19. Six-Up to Bannach (Six-Up to Bannach)
20. The Spurs (The Spurs)
21. Reunion for a Revenge (Reunion for a Revenge)
22. Competition (Competition)
23. Call Your Shot (Call Your Shot)
24. Secret Ballot (Secret Ballot)
25. The Corner (The Corner)
26. Eager Man (Eager Man)
27. The Legend (The Legend)
28. Railroaded (Railroaded)
29. Double Fee (Double Fee)
30. The Kovack Affair (The Kovack Affair)
31. Bounty for a Bride (Bounty for a Bride)
32. Crossroads (Crossroads)
33. Angels of Vengeance (Angels of Vengeance)
34. Littlest Client (Littlest Client)
35. The Conquerors (The Conquerors)
36. Amos Carter (Amos Carter)
2. série
1. Montana Kid (Montana Kid)
2. The Healing Woman (The Healing Woman)
3. The Matchmaker (The Matchmaker)
4. Breakout (Breakout)
5. Estralita (Estralita)
6. The Hostage (The Hostage)
7. The Empty Cell (The Empty Cell)
8. Bad Gun (Bad Gun)
9. The Tyrant (The Tyrant)
10. Reckless (Reckless)
11. Desert Seed (Desert Seed)
12. Twelve Hours to Crazy Horse (Twelve Hours to Crazy Horse)
13. No Trail Back (No Trail Back)
14. Man on Horseback (Man on Horseback)
15. Chain Gang (Chain Gang)
16. Vanishing Act (Vanishing Act)
17. Mental Lapse (Mental Lapse)
18. Angela (Angela)
19. The Monster (The Monster)
20. Most Beautiful Woman (Most Beautiful Woman)
21. Jason (Jason)
22. The Partners (The Partners)
23. Tolliver Bender (Tolliver Bender)
24. A House Divided (A House Divided)
25. Triple Vise (Triple Vise)
26. Black Belt (Black Belt)
27. The Pariah (The Pariah)
28. Vendetta (Vendetta)
29. Death Divided by Three (Death Divided by Three)
30. The Inheritance (The Inheritance)
31. Prison Trail (Prison Trail)
3. série
1. The Trial (The Trial)
2. The Cure (The Cure)
3. Journey for Josh (Journey for Josh)
4. The Looters (The Looters)
5. The Twain Shall Meet (The Twain Shall Meet)
6. The Showdown (The Showdown)
7. Surprise Witness (Surprise Witness)
8. To the Victor (To the Victor)
9. Criss Cross (Criss Cross)
10. The Medicine Man (The Medicine Man)
11. One Mother Too Many (One Mother Too Many)
12. The Choice (The Choice)
13. Three for One (Three for One)
14. Witch Woman (Witch Woman)
15. Baa-Baa (Baa-Baa)
16. The Last Retreat (The Last Retreat)
17. Bounty on Josh (Bounty on Josh)
18. Hero in the Dust (Hero in the Dust)
19. Epitaph (Epitaph)
20. The Voice of Silence (The Voice of Silence)
21. El Gato (El Gato)
22. Detour (Detour)
23. Monday Morning (Monday Morning)
24. The Long Search (The Long Search)
25. Dead Reckoning (Dead Reckoning)
26. Barney's Bounty (Barney's Bounty)