Welcome Back, Kotter

Welcome Back, Kotter (Welcome Back, Kotter)
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1. série
1. The Great Debate (The Great Debate)
2. Basket Case (Basket Case)
3. Welcome Back / Pilot (Welcome Back / Pilot)
4. Whodunit? (Whodunit?)
5. The Election (The Election)
6. No More Mr. Nice Guy (No More Mr. Nice Guy)
7. Classroom Marriage (Classroom Marriage)
8. One of Our Sweathogs Is Missing (One of Our Sweathogs Is Missing)
9. Mr. Kotter, Teacher (Mr. Kotter, Teacher)
10. The Reunion (The Reunion)
11. Barbarino's Girl (Barbarino's Girl)
12. California Dreamin' (California Dreamin')
13. Arrividerci, Arnold (Arrividerci, Arnold)
14. The Longest Weekend (The Longest Weekend)
15. The Sit-In (The Sit-In)
16. Follow the Leader: Part 1 (Follow the Leader: Part 1)
17. Follow the Leader: Part 2 (Follow the Leader: Part 2)
18. Dr. Epstein, I Presume (Dr. Epstein, I Presume)
19. One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest (One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
20. The Telethon (The Telethon)
21. Kotter Makes Good (Kotter Makes Good)
22. Father Vinnie (Father Vinnie)
2. série
1. Career Day (Career Day)
2. Inherit the Halibut (Inherit the Halibut)
3. Sweatside Story (Sweatside Story)
4. The Fight (The Fight)
5. The Museum (The Museum)
6. Gabe Under Pressure (Gabe Under Pressure)
7. Sweathog, Nebraska Style (Sweathog, Nebraska Style)
8. Sadie Hawkins Day (Sadie Hawkins Day)
9. Hello Ms. Chips (Hello Ms. Chips)
10. Horshack vs. Carvelli (Horshack vs. Carvelli)
11. Sweathog Clinic for the Cure of Smoking (Sweathog Clinic for the Cure of Smoking)
12. Hark, the Sweatkings (Hark, the Sweatkings)
13. A Love Story (A Love Story)
14. Caruso's Way (Caruso's Way)
15. Sweatgate Scandal (Sweatgate Scandal)
16. Kotter and Son (Kotter and Son)
17. Chicken a la Kotter (Chicken a la Kotter)
18. Has Anyone Seen Arnold? (Has Anyone Seen Arnold?)
19. There Goes Number 5 (There Goes Number 5)
20. The Littlest Sweathog (The Littlest Sweathog)
21. Radio Free Freddie (Radio Free Freddie)
22. I'm Having Their Baby (I'm Having Their Baby)
23. I Wonder Who's Kissing Gabe Now (I Wonder Who's Kissing Gabe Now)
3. série
1. Sweathog Back-to-School Special (Sweathog Back-to-School Special)
2. And Baby Makes Four: Part 1 (And Baby Makes Four: Part 1)
3. And Baby Makes Four: Part 2 (And Baby Makes Four: Part 2)
4. And Baby Makes Four: Part 3 (And Baby Makes Four: Part 3)
5. Brother, Can You Spare a Million? (Brother, Can You Spare a Million?)
6. Just Testing (Just Testing)
7. The Deprogramming of Arnold Horshack (The Deprogramming of Arnold Horshack)
8. What a Move (What a Move)
9. A Novel Idea (A Novel Idea)
10. Barbarino in Love: Part 1 (Barbarino in Love: Part 1)
11. Barbarino in Love: Part 2 (Barbarino in Love: Part 2)
12. Kotter for Vice Principal (Kotter for Vice Principal)
13. Swine and Punishment (Swine and Punishment)
14. Epstein's Madonna (Epstein's Madonna)
15. A Sweathog Christmas Special (A Sweathog Christmas Special)
16. Sweatwork (Sweatwork)
17. Meet Your New Teacher: Batteries Not Included (Meet Your New Teacher: Batteries Not Included)
18. Angie (Angie)
19. Epstein's Term Paper (Epstein's Term Paper)
20. There's No Business: Part 1 (There's No Business: Part 1)
21. There's No Business: Part 2 (There's No Business: Part 2)
22. What Goes Up (What Goes Up)
23. Goodbye, Mr. Kripps (Goodbye, Mr. Kripps)
24. Horshack and the Madame X (Horshack and the Madame X)
25. The Kiss (The Kiss)
26. The Return of Hotsy Totsy (The Return of Hotsy Totsy)
27. Class Encounters of the Carvelli Kind (Class Encounters of the Carvelli Kind)
4. série
1. The Drop-Ins: Part 1 (The Drop-Ins: Part 1)
2. The Drop-Ins: Part 2 (The Drop-Ins: Part 2)
3. Don't Come Up and See Me Sometime (Don't Come Up and See Me Sometime)
4. Once Upon a Ledge (Once Upon a Ledge)
5. The Sweatmobile (The Sweatmobile)
6. Beau's Jest (Beau's Jest)
7. Barbarino's Boo-Boo (Barbarino's Boo-Boo)
8. X-Rated Education (X-Rated Education)
9. The Barbarino Blues (The Barbarino Blues)
10. Washington's Clone (Washington's Clone)
11. Frog Day Afternoon (Frog Day Afternoon)
12. A Little Fright Music (A Little Fright Music)
13. A Winter's Coat Tale (A Winter's Coat Tale)
14. Bride and Gloom (Bride and Gloom)
15. Barbarino's Baby (Barbarino's Baby)
16. The Goodbye Guy (The Goodbye Guy)
17. Come Back, Little Arnold (Come Back, Little Arnold)
18. The Sweat Smell of Success (The Sweat Smell of Success)
19. The Gang Show (The Gang Show)
20. Oo, Oo, I Do: Part 1 (Oo, Oo, I Do: Part 1)
21. Oo, Oo, I Do: Part 2 (Oo, Oo, I Do: Part 2)
22. I'm Okay, But You're Not (I'm Okay, But You're Not)
23. The Breadwinners (The Breadwinners)