Kriminální oddělení

Kriminální oddělení (Police Story) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Slow Boy (Slow Boy)
2. Dangerous Games (Dangerous Games)
3. Requiem for an Informer (Requiem for an Informer)
4. The Ten Year Honeymoon (The Ten Year Honeymoon)
5. The Violent Homecoming (The Violent Homecoming)
6. The Ho Chi Minh Trail (The Ho Chi Minh Trail)
7. Collision Course (Collision Course)
8. Death on Credit (Death on Credit)
9. The Big Walk (The Big Walk)
10. Man on a Rack (Man on a Rack)
11. Line of Fire (Line of Fire)
12. Chain of Command (Chain of Command)
13. Countdown: Part 1 (Countdown: Part 1)
14. Countdown: Part 2 (Countdown: Part 2)
15. Cop in the Middle (Cop in the Middle)
16. The Ripper (The Ripper)
17. Country Boy (Country Boy)
18. The Hunters (The Hunters)
19. Wyatt Earp Syndrome (Wyatt Earp Syndrome)
20. Fingerprint (Fingerprint)
21. Chief (Chief)
22. The Gamble (The Gamble)
2. série
1. A Dangerous Age (A Dangerous Age)
2. Requiem for C.Z. Smith (Requiem for C.Z. Smith)
3. Robbery: 48 Hours (Robbery: 48 Hours)
4. Fathers and Sons (Fathers and Sons)
5. World Full of Hurt (World Full of Hurt)
6. Glamour Boy (Glamour Boy)
7. Across the Line (Across the Line)
8. Wolf (Wolf)
9. Love, Mabel (Love, Mabel)
10. Explosion (Explosion)
11. Captain Hook (Captain Hook)
12. Incident in the Kill Zone (Incident in the Kill Zone)
13. Headhunter (Headhunter)
14. Year of the Dragon: Part 1 (Year of the Dragon: Part 1)
15. Year of the Dragon: Part 2 (Year of the Dragon: Part 2)
16. To Steal a Million (To Steal a Million)
17. Sniper (Sniper)
18. The Execution (The Execution)
19. The Man in the Shadows (The Man in the Shadows)
20. War Games (War Games)
21. The Witness (The Witness)
22. The Return of Joe Forrester (The Return of Joe Forrester)
3. série
1. Officer Needs Help (Officer Needs Help)
2. The Cutting Edge (The Cutting Edge)
3. A Community of Victims (A Community of Victims)
4. Losing Game (Losing Game)
5. The Cut Man Caper (The Cut Man Caper)
6. Face for a Shadow (Face for a Shadow)
7. Test of Brotherhood (Test of Brotherhood)
8. The Empty Weapon (The Empty Weapon)
9. Little Boy Lost (Little Boy Lost)
10. Vice: 24 Hours (Vice: 24 Hours)
11. Breaking Point (Breaking Point)
12. Company Man (Company Man)
13. Spanish Class (Spanish Class)
14. Odyssey of Death: Part 1 (Odyssey of Death: Part 1)
15. Odyssey of Death: Part 2 (Odyssey of Death: Part 2)
16. The Other Side of the Fence (The Other Side of the Fence)
17. 50 Cents-First Half Hour, $1.75 All Day (50 Cents-First Half Hour, $1.75 All Day)
18. Firebird (Firebird)
19. The Long Ball (The Long Ball)
20. Eamon Kinsella Royce (Eamon Kinsella Royce)
21. Officer Dooly (Officer Dooly)
22. Open City (Open City)
4. série
1. Payment Deferred (Payment Deferred)
2. Bought and Paid For (Bought and Paid For)
3. Two Frogs on a Mongoose (Two Frogs on a Mongoose)
4. The Other Side of the Badge (The Other Side of the Badge)
5. Three Days to Thirty (Three Days to Thirty)
6. Trash Detail, Front and Center (Trash Detail, Front and Center)
7. Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving)
8. Monster Manor (Monster Manor)
9. Oxford Gray (Oxford Gray)
10. The Jar: Part 1 (The Jar: Part 1)
11. The Jar: Part 2 (The Jar: Part 2)
12. Trial Board (Trial Board)
13. Spitfire (Spitfire)
14. Nightmare on a Sunday Morning (Nightmare on a Sunday Morning)
15. The Malflores (The Malflores)
16. The Blue Fog (The Blue Fog)
17. Hard Rock Brown (Hard Rock Brown)
18. End of the Line (End of the Line)
19. One of Our Cops Is Crazy (One of Our Cops Is Crazy)
20. Ice Time (Ice Time)
21. The Six Foot Stretch (The Six Foot Stretch)
22. Prime Rib (Prime Rib)
5. série
1. Trigger Point (Trigger Point)
2. Stigma (Stigma)
3. River of Promises (River of Promises)
4. Day of Terror... Night of Fear (Day of Terror... Night of Fear)
5. The Broken Badge (The Broken Badge)
6. No Margin for Error (No Margin for Error)
7. A Chance to Live (A Chance to Live)