Ninjago (Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu) — 1. série
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0. série
1. Way of the Ninja (Way of the Ninja)
2. The Golden Weapon (The Golden Weapon)
3. King of Shadows (King of Shadows)
4. Weapons of Destiny (Weapons of Destiny)
1. série
1. Rise of the Snakes (Rise of the Snakes)
2. Home (Home)
3. Snakebit (Snakebit)
4. Never Trust a Snake (Never Trust a Snake)
5. Can of Worms (Can of Worms)
6. The Snake King (The Snake King)
7. Tick Tock (Tick Tock)
8. Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Once Bitten, Twice Shy)
9. The Royal Blacksmiths (The Royal Blacksmiths)
10. The Green Ninja (The Green Ninja)
11. All of Nothing (All of Nothing)
12. The Rise of the Great Devourer (The Rise of the Great Devourer)
13. Day of the Great Devourer (Day of the Great Devourer)
2. série
1. Darkness Shall Rise (Darkness Shall Rise)
2. Pirates vs. Ninja (Pirates vs. Ninja)
3. Double Trouble (Double Trouble)
4. Ninjaball Run (Ninjaball Run)
5. Child's Play (Child's Play)
6. Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Wrong Place, Wrong Time)
7. The Stone Army (The Stone Army)
8. The Day Ninjago Stood Still (The Day Ninjago Stood Still)
9. The Last Voyage (The Last Voyage)
10. Island of Darkness (Island of Darkness)
11. The Last Hope (The Last Hope)
12. Return of the Overlord (Return of the Overlord)
13. Rise of the Spinjitzu Master (Rise of the Spinjitzu Master)
3. série
1. The Surge (The Surge)
2. The Art of the Silent Fist (The Art of the Silent Fist)
3. Blackout (Blackout)
4. The Curse of the Golden Master (The Curse of the Golden Master)
5. Enter the Digiverse (Enter the Digiverse)
6. Codename: Arcturus (Codename: Arcturus)
7. The Void (The Void)
8. The Titanium Ninja (The Titanium Ninja)
4. série
1. The Invitation (The Invitation)
2. Only One Can Remain (Only One Can Remain)
3. Versus (Versus)
4. Ninja Roll (Ninja Roll)
5. Spy for a Spy (Spy for a Spy)
6. Spellbound (Spellbound)
7. The Forgotten Element (The Forgotten Element)
8. The Day of the Dragon (The Day of the Dragon)
9. The Greatest Fear of All (The Greatest Fear of All)
10. The Corridor of Elders (The Corridor of Elders)
5. série
1. Winds of Change (Winds of Change) 12. 7. 2017
2. Ghost Story (Ghost Story) 13. 7. 2017
3. Stix and Stones (Stix and Stones) 14. 7. 2017
4. The Temple on Haunted Hill (The Temple on Haunted Hill) 15. 7. 2017
5. Peak-a-Boo (Peak-a-Boo) 16. 7. 2017
6. Kingdom Come (Kingdom Come) 17. 7. 2017
7. The Crooked Path (The Crooked Path) 18. 7. 2017
8. Grave Danger (Grave Danger) 19. 7. 2017
9. Curse World, Part I (Curse World, Part I) 20. 7. 2017
10. Curse World, Part II (Curse World, Part II) 30. 9. 2016
6. série
1. Infamous (Infamous)
2. Public Enemy Number One (Public Enemy Number One)
3. Enkrypted (Enkrypted)
4. Misfortune Rising (Misfortune Rising)
5. On a Wish and a Prayer (On a Wish and a Prayer)
6. My Dinner with Nadakhan (My Dinner with Nadakhan)
7. Wishmasters (Wishmasters)
7. série
1. On a Wish and a Prayer (On a Wish and a Prayer)
2. Infamous (Infamous)
3. Enkrypted (Enkrypted)
4. Misfortune Rising (Misfortune Rising)
5. My Dinner with Nadakhan (My Dinner with Nadakhan)
6. Wishmasters (Wishmasters)
7. The Last Resort (The Last Resort)
8. Operation Land Ho! (Operation Land Ho!)
9. The Way Back (The Way Back)
10. Public Enemy Number One (Public Enemy Number One)