15/Love (15/Love)
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1. série
1. Studentia Jockulus (Studentia Jockulus)
2. The Princess and the Clown (The Princess and the Clown)
3. The French Deception (The French Deception)
4. Midnight Snack Club (Midnight Snack Club)
5. Reckoning (Reckoning)
6. Memphre Blues (Memphre Blues)
7. Scourge of the Frankenrival (Scourge of the Frankenrival)
8. Mixed Up Doubles (Mixed Up Doubles)
9. 30/Love (30/Love)
10. Very Superstitious (Very Superstitious)
11. The Big Adjustment (The Big Adjustment)
12. Squib Inc. (Squib Inc.)
13. Curve Balls: Part 1 (Curve Balls: Part 1)
14. Renewal (Renewal)
15. The Powers That Be (The Powers That Be)
16. The Choice (The Choice)
17. Seedy Reputation (Seedy Reputation)
18. Racket Strings and Vanity Mirrors (Racket Strings and Vanity Mirrors)
19. Love Letters (Love Letters)
20. King Pong (King Pong)
21. Picture Perfect (Picture Perfect)
22. Justin Time (Justin Time)
23. Eurocrush (Eurocrush)
24. Ghost of a Chance (Ghost of a Chance)
25. Cascade (Cascade)
26. The Final Cut (The Final Cut)
2. série
1. Return of the King (Return of the King)
2. Fixed Doubles (Fixed Doubles)
3. Every Dog Has Its Day (Every Dog Has Its Day)
4. Fortunate Son (Fortunate Son)
5. Break Point (Break Point)
6. The Real Dirt (The Real Dirt)
7. Anger Management (Anger Management)
8. Lord of the Fries (Lord of the Fries)
9. About a Girl (About a Girl)
10. The Trial (The Trial)
11. The Agent Game (The Agent Game)
12. Comfort Zones (Comfort Zones)
13. Highway 101 (Highway 101)
14. Volley of the Dolls (Volley of the Dolls)
3. série
1. You Can't Go Home (You Can't Go Home)
2. Odd Couples (Odd Couples)
3. Playing with Matches (Playing with Matches)
4. Slow Burn (Slow Burn)
5. Foul Play (Foul Play)
6. Between a Brock and a Hard Place (Between a Brock and a Hard Place)
7. Roadtrip (Roadtrip)
8. Over the Line (Over the Line)
9. Except It Happened Like This (Except It Happened Like This)
10. War Is an Ugly Thing (War Is an Ugly Thing)
11. With Friends Like These (With Friends Like These)
12. Lucas in the Sky (Lucas in the Sky)
13. Man Without an Ace (Man Without an Ace)
14. Charity of Fire (Charity of Fire)