Akvária (Tanked)
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1. série
1. Brett Takes a Dive (Brett Takes a Dive)
2. Swimming with the Sharks (Swimming with the Sharks)
3. Rules of Engagement (Rules of Engagement)
4. Be Cool (Be Cool)
5. Good Karma (Good Karma)
6. Tricks of the Trade (Tricks of the Trade)
2. série
1. Fish Out of Water (Fish Out of Water)
2. Old School vs. New School (Old School vs. New School)
3. Serenity Now (Serenity Now)
4. Roll with It (Roll with It)
5. Tanks for the Memories (Tanks for the Memories)
6. Polar Opposites (Polar Opposites)
7. Most Challenging Tanks (Most Challenging Tanks)
8. Where the Wild Things Are (Where the Wild Things Are)
3. série
1. We're Gonna Need a Bigger Tank (We're Gonna Need a Bigger Tank)
2. For Love of Game or Money (For Love of Game or Money)
3. Flying High and Sinking Deep (Flying High and Sinking Deep)
4. Nuclear Family (Nuclear Family)
5. Love Is an Illusion (Love Is an Illusion)
6. On the Road Again (On the Road Again)
4. série
1. Pranks and Dranks! (Pranks and Dranks!)
2. Learn to Love or Love to Learn (Learn to Love or Love to Learn)
3. Groovy Sarcophagus, Man (Groovy Sarcophagus, Man)
4. Tip of the Hat to the Devils (Tip of the Hat to the Devils)
5. Spin the Bottles (Spin the Bottles)
6. A Guiding Light to Fitness (A Guiding Light to Fitness)
7. Nigiri and the NBA (Nigiri and the NBA)
8. Fermenting Donuts (Fermenting Donuts)
9. A Healthy Dose of ATM (A Healthy Dose of ATM)
10. Jurassic Campground (Jurassic Campground)
11. Popcorn on the High Seas (Popcorn on the High Seas)
5. série
1. Sweet Memories (Sweet Memories)
2. Just What the Doctor Ordered (Just What the Doctor Ordered)
3. Smiling Is the Best Medicine (Smiling Is the Best Medicine)
4. Lifestyles of the Fish & Famous (Lifestyles of the Fish & Famous)
5. Brace Yourself for Employee of the Month (Brace Yourself for Employee of the Month)
6. Tricks and Trees (Tricks and Trees)
6. série
1. Rock 'n Roll Eruption! (Rock 'n Roll Eruption!)
2. Legal Vending Machine (Legal Vending Machine)
3. Tracy and His Octopus (Tracy and His Octopus)
4. Crazy Client Requests (Crazy Client Requests)
5. Betty White's Got an App for That (Betty White's Got an App for That)
6. Tanked for the Holidays (Tanked for the Holidays)
7. série
1. Hoff the Charts (Hoff the Charts)
2. Penn & Teller Monkey Magic (Penn & Teller Monkey Magic)
3. Sherri Shepherd on the Rocks (Sherri Shepherd on the Rocks)
4. Bill Engvall: Here's Your Tank! (Bill Engvall: Here's Your Tank!)
5. Tanks N' Roses (Tanks N' Roses)
6. Boyz Ii Men To Atm (Boyz Ii Men To Atm)
7. NBA Wizardry (NBA Wizardry)
8. Chicago Bull Boom Box (Chicago Bull Boom Box)
9. Shaq-a-Tank! (Shaq-a-Tank!)
10. Holiday Madness (Holiday Madness)
11. Flashback To The First (Flashback To The First)
8. série
1. 100 Episodes Strong! (100 Episodes Strong!)
2. Johnny Damon is Expecting the Unexpected (Johnny Damon is Expecting the Unexpected)
3. Nick Carter Wants His Tank That Way (Nick Carter Wants His Tank That Way)
4. Prince Fielder's Big Hit (Prince Fielder's Big Hit)
5. 2 Chainz, 1 Tank (2 Chainz, 1 Tank)
6. Prince Royce's Royal Tank (Prince Royce's Royal Tank)
7. Imaginarium Aquarium (Imaginarium Aquarium)
8. Bellagio Makeover (Bellagio Makeover)
9. Party Rockin' Tank (Party Rockin' Tank)
10. Internet Tank Sensation (Internet Tank Sensation)
11. Fish Flop Hip Hop (Fish Flop Hip Hop)
12. Fish City, Kid (Fish City, Kid)
9. série
1. Fish Flop Hip Hop (Fish Flop Hip Hop)
2. Fish City, Kid (Fish City, Kid)
3. Real Aquariums of Beverly Hills (Real Aquariums of Beverly Hills)
4. Dj Of Dragons (Dj Of Dragons)
5. Country Superstar Surprise! (Country Superstar Surprise!)
6. Nacho Average Fish Tanks (Nacho Average Fish Tanks)
7. Going For The Gold (Going For The Gold)
8. The Miami Heat Is On! (The Miami Heat Is On!)
9. Thumbs Up! (Thumbs Up!)
10. Tanks for the help! (Tanks for the help!)
10. série
2. Jimmy Butler (Jimmy Butler)
3. Fish Out of Water (Fish Out of Water)
4. My Tank From Hell: Nightmare Tanks (My Tank From Hell: Nightmare Tanks)
5. Tanks Again For The Help (Tanks Again For The Help)
6. Tank Of Jericho (Tank Of Jericho)
7. Kevin Smith's Tortally Awesome Tank (Kevin Smith's Tortally Awesome Tank)
8. Shark Byte (Shark Byte)
9. Alyssa's Charmed Tank (Alyssa's Charmed Tank)
10. Sweet Tank O' Mine (Sweet Tank O' Mine)
11. Ty Dolla's Fresh Tank (Ty Dolla's Fresh Tank)
12. série
6. Ty Dolla's Fresh Tank (Ty Dolla's Fresh Tank)
7. Panama City Beach Tank (Panama City Beach Tank)
8. Wyclef's Tank is Ready, or Not? (Wyclef's Tank is Ready, or Not?)
9. Spin Cycle Spec-Tank-ular! (Spin Cycle Spec-Tank-ular!)
10. Extreme Pond Off! Wayde Vs. Brett (Extreme Pond Off! Wayde Vs. Brett)
11. Antonio Brown's Touchdown Tank (Antonio Brown's Touchdown Tank)
12. San Francisco Giants Tank (San Francisco Giants Tank)
13. Dwight Howard's Slamming Snake Tank (Dwight Howard's Slamming Snake Tank)
40. série
11. Antonio Brown's Touchdown Tank (Antonio Brown's Touchdown Tank)